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Currently, two homes in The Pinehurst are on the market, both on the second floor. One is a two-bedroom with 1 renovated bathroom and modern kitchen. The other has three bedrooms, 1 ½ bathrooms, and has the original oak panelling in the dining room. All of which make this a good time to pay a visit to become familiar with the neighborhood, because competition among buyers in Uptown is fiercer than in the rest of Manhattan as demand only increases for co-ops and condos from Lower WaHi to Inwood.


     So if you haven’t visited Hudson Heights, you still need to decide which New York neighborhood is right for you. Here’s some information about ours.


     The New York Times mentioned Hudson Heights as a place to find a great apartment, and wrote up the neighborhood too. Its map of average co-op and condo prices in 2015 showed that ours is one of the most affordable areas of New York, less expensive than popular parts of Brooklyn.


     Why buy in The Pinehurst? For one thing, our high rate of live-in owners means that the building is maintained and improved by its residents, the people who live in it every day.


     For another, the Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy at New York University reports that real estate value in Washington Heights surpassed the city average after the recessions of 1980-89 and 1996–2006. Only seven other neighborhoods in the five boroughs can make that claim, and not all increased as much as WaHi: up 30 percent in the five years ending September 2017, beating the average increase in Manhattan by 1.5 percentage points. In the decade ending in 2006, prices here jumped 333 percent, and in the eighties by 241 percent.


     If you’re a renter now, you may save by owning your home instead of paying rent. Use this rent-or-own calculator to find out.


    Compared to other neighborhoods in Manhattan, our maintenance fees are below average to boot. So if you’re looking for a property that will return value, skip the Village, the Upper West Side and Murray Hill. Visit an open house at The Pinehurst and make your investment now.


     A home is more than an investment of money, of course. It’s also an investment in life, a place where you’ll know your neighbors and they’ll know you.


    We nurture a sense of community with parties in the lobby and trick-or-treating for the children at Halloween. Our garden is nurtured by residents’ green thumbs. Our web site keeps residents updated with building news, and the neighborhood checks in for weekly events; the Hudson Heights Gazette calls it the most useful website of cooperatives in the area.


     With more than three dozen apartments, storage space and a fitness center, we’re a popular destination for apartment buyers in Hudson Heights. We take part in our neighborhood, too, as members of the Hudson Heights Owners’ Coalition.

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