Covid-19 Information

New Yorkers are required to wear a face covering outdoors if social distancing is not an option.

Mural thanking nurses near Columbia/ Presbyterian, by M. Tony Peralta.

• The building support group has put together a survey to find out how we can help you — or how you can help your neighbors. You can get one contactless outside Apt. 63 or fill it out online.

• Please limit passengers in the elevator to one family at a time and limit laundry room usage to one person at a time (details below, under Laundry Room).

• If it turns out you have the symptoms of Covid-19, inform John at Argo, and notify the Resident Manager before you leave the building or return, so he can isolate you in the elevator. Refer to the Board’s March 15 letter for procedures in the building.

• Want to help? On the Events page we’ve started a list of ways you can reach out.



Se requiere que los neoyorquinos usen un rostro que cubra el exterior
si el distanciamiento social no es una opción.


    El grupo de apoyo del edificio ha realizado una encuesta para averiguar cómo podemos ayudarlo, o cómo puede ayudar a sus vecinos. Puede obtener uno sin contacto fuera de Apt. 63 o complételo en línea.

   Limite a los pasajeros en el elevador a una familia a la vez y limite el uso del cuarto de lavado a una persona a la vez (detalles a continuación, debajo del Laundry Room).

   ¿Quiero ayudar? En la página Events, hemos comenzado una lista de formas en que puede comunicarse.

   Si resulta que tiene los síntomas de Covid-19, informe a John en Argo y notifique Bud antes de abandonar el edificio o regresar, para que pueda aislarlo en el elevador. Consulte la carta del 15 de marzo de la Junta para conocer los procedimientos en el edificio.



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Residents’ Updates

Inwood ballfields Plans to improve baseball diamonds 1, 2, and 4 in Inwood Hill Park are moving ahead. The $7.3 million upgrade should be done by January.

Inwood diamantes Los planes para mejorar los diamantes de béisbol 1, 2 y 4 en Inwood Hill Park están avanzando. La actualización de $7.3 millones debería realizarse para enero. —8:04 a.m., May 31


Weekend activities Two F-18 jets will fly low over the Hudson this afternoon between 1 and 2 heading to West Point and back. Cover your ears: they will fly at about 2,500 feet. Get some socially distanced fresh air on the High Bridge tomorrow. The online comics class continues on Sunday.

Actividades de fin de semana Dos aviones F-18  volarán a baja altura sobre el Hudson esta tarde entre 1 y 2 en dirección a West Point y de regreso. Cúbrete las orejas: volarán a unos 2,500 pies. Obtenga un poco de aire fresco socialmente distanciado en High Bridge mañana. La clase de cómics en línea continúa el domingo. —7:57 a.m., May 29

Register to vote Tomorrow is the deadline to register to vote in New York’s primary election in June. Here’s the link. Already registered? Get a mail-in ballot by calling (866) 868-3692.

Regístrese para votar Mañana es la fecha límite para registrarse para votar en las elecciones primarias de Nueva York en junio. Aquí está el enlace. ¿Ya registrado? Obtenga una boleta por correo llamando al (866) 868-3692. —1:27 p.m., May 28


Board seats Shareholders will elect directors to serve the corporation at their annual meeting on June 15. To get on the ballot, contact John at Argo or visit with a director.

Asientos de la junta Los accionistas elegirán directores para servir a la corporación en su reunión anual el 15 de junio. Para participar en la boleta electoral, comuníquese con John en Argo o visite a un director. —7:45 a.m., May 27


Elm disease Fort Tryon Park’s 48 historic American elm trees are in jeopardy of getting infected with Dutch elm disease. Your gift to help inoculate these century-old trees will be doubled: a parks lover is matching $10,000 in individual donations made by Father's Day. Donate here.

Enfermedad del olmo Los 48 olmos históricos de Fort Tryon Park están en peligro de infectarse con la enfermedad holandesa del olmo. Su donación para ayudar a inocular estos árboles centenarios se duplicará: un amante de los parques está igualando $ 10,000 en donaciones individuales hechas por el Día del Padre. Done aquí. —7:51 a.m., May 26

Application Forms

Download the forms you need, posted here as pdf files. If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, please call our property manager, who can also send you any of these forms through the mail.

Automatic Payment
Never be late again with your maintenance fee. Sign up for automatic payment from your checking account. It’s ideal for travelers. There’s no cost, and with it you’ll never pay another late fee.
ACH Form Scan.PDF
PDF File [132.6 KB]
Bike Rack
Store your bicycle in the basement storage room. Please keep it locked to the rack. To get your rack, fill out this form. (It’s the same as the Storage Cage form, just check the Bike Rack box at the bottom.)
Pinehurst 447 Storage Lease.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [58.4 KB]
Decoration Agreement
If the improvement you’re planning is less extensive than a renovation but you’re still planning to use outside help to complete the job, you may be eligible to use the decoration agreement. It’s less extensive than the alteration agreement (below, under Renovations and Alterations). Before submitting a decoration agreement, please visit with the property manager.
Pinehurst 447 Decoration Agreement.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [223.3 KB]
Renovations and Alterations
Renovations fall into this category. Use this form to submit with your plans. If you believe your work is not extensive, please contact the property manager to see if you qualify to work under a decoration agreement (see above). Mail the completed form to Hedda at Argo, 50 West 17 Street, NYC 10011-5702.
Pinehurst 447 Alteration Agreement.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [19.6 KB]
Sale/Purchase of Apartment Shares
The purchaser should fill out this document to apply to transfer shares from the seller.
Pinehurst 10034_447_fwa purchase_applica[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [687.9 KB]
Storage Cage
If your apartment is too cluttered, store your overflowing belongings in a storage cage in the basement. To get your cage, fill out this document.
Pinehurst 447 Storage Lease.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [58.4 KB]
If you plan to sublet your apartment, your proposed subtenant needs to complete this document.
Pinehurst 10034_447 fwa sublease_applica[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [647.2 KB]

     The documents you will need for some other puposes are available from different web sites. Here are the most popular:


     The gym is under renovation. We hope to have it ready for use in the spring.



      Have a new best friend? The building welcomes most pets but requires proof of their immunizations and, for dogs, a city license. The house rules outline a pet owner’s responsibilities (at Section 24). If your pet is a pup and you need a dog license, find out how to file the paperwork here. The form needs to be notarized.

Contacting Us

Have a question about the House Rules, or how to get a storage cage? Ask one of your directors. This year they are:

     Riva Hocherman—president

     Jennifer Peng—vice president

     Leslie Thrope—vice president

     Jessica Bendiner—secretary

     Hannes Bülow—treasurer

They will be happy to help you.

     While you’re thinking of the building, help us keep your contact information current so you will receive official mail from the corporation and Argo without delay. If you have children moving out or roommates moving in, please tell us. Your information will not appear on this web site. If you do not want it to appear on our internal contact sheet, simply say so.

    The secretary is responsible for keeping our records current, so when you have updates please keep us in the loop. Email using or one of these addresses: For general questions To reach Bud Is where to send your updated contact details Reaches the webmaster
     You can also call John at
Argo at (212) 896-8600 or, if you prefer paper, send a letter to us at 447 Ft. Washington Avenue, No. 68, New York NY 10033.

General Data Protection Regulation Info

Visitors to this website from the European Union have the protection of GDPR 2016/679 which on May 26, 2016, went into effect.

     Data collected from on are stored on the servers of Ionos, the web hosting service used by 447 Ft. Washington Owners’ Corporation doing business as The Pinehurst. The Controller is the webmaster, who may be reached at, and the Controller’s Representative is the property manager, John Caceci, who may be reached at (212) 896-8600 or at Argo Real Estate, 50 W 17 St, New York NY 10011. The Data Protection Officer is the president of the corporation, Riva Hocherman, who may be reached at

     The data we collect are those submitted voluntarily by shareholders to promote notices of sale of their apartments. There is no requirement to submit any information at any time. We store personal data for the duration that an apartment is for sale; once it is sold we delete it within four weeks of being notified of the sale. If a shareholder revokes permission for us to store personal information we shall delete it within two weeks of the shareholder’s notification.

     We use Google Analytics to review users’ visits to our site. Information from Google is available to us only in the aggragate; we have no access to any information about any individual visitor.

     An individual subject to GDPR 2016/679 has the right to request from the Controller access to and rectification or erasure of personal data or restriction of processing concerning the data subject or to object to processing as well as the right to data portability. Such an individual also has the right to make a complaint the supervising authority, which is The Board of Directors. It may be reached at or at 447 Fort Washington Ave, Apt 68, New York NY 10033.

Grilling in the Parks

Looking for a place to light up a grill? This map shows the safe spots in Fort Washington Park, Highbridge Park, and Inwood Hill Park.

     Grilling on the Pinehurst’s balconies and fire escapes is prohibited by law — not to mention common sense.

House Rules

Our building is a community, as well as our home. Residents share the responsibility to ensure a safe and pleasant quality of life at reasonable cost.  We count on each other to treat all areas of the building as our home, and to protect and respect the rights of all of the Residents to a safe and comfortable home. A set of guidelines helps us achieve these goals.

House Rules
The House Rules are available here. Return the cover sheet to Argo.
Please keep yourself familiar with the information in this document, which is part of your Proprietary Lease. The House Rules will be updated to include the Smoking Policy, which goes into effect on August 28. Until they are revised, shareholders who intend to sell or sublet must include the smoking policy in their sale or lease agreement. A copy of it is below, under “Smoking Policy.”
Pinehurst 447 House Rules with Acknowled[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [605.9 KB]

Hurricanes, Tornadoes and Severe Weather

Severe weather is an uncommon but dangerous phenomenon. In the summer and early fall, hurricanes may threaten the northeast. If a hurricane is threatening the city, keep on top of this evacuation map.
     The late spring and summer can produce tornadoes. Before you hear of a tornado watch (which means that weather conditions could produce a tornado) or a tornado warning (which means a funnel cloud has been spotted, though it may not have touched the ground yet), please
review these safety precautions for you and your family.
     In short, go to the lowest level of the building, stay away from windows and remain there until the all-clear sign has been given (by the
National Weather Service, typically), and have a first aid kit handy.

Laundry Room

Starting April 6, the laundry room has been open 24 hours a day except for cleaning between 9 and 9:30 a.m. and 3 and 3:30 p.m.

     We ask you to limit its use to one person at a time and to take your clean laundry back to your apartment to fold so the next person can get in sooner. While your laundry is washing or drying, leave your number on the white board, below, so if you forget your clothes the next person knows who to remind.

Help get the next laundry customer started sooner.
Para mantenernos a todos sanos, implementamos algunos procedimientos nuevos ayer para usar la lavandería.
    Tengamos solo una persona en la habitación a la vez; Si sale de la habitación mientras lava o seca la ropa, escriba su número de teléfono en la pizarra para que la próxima persona que tenga ropa que limpiar pueda llamarlo cuando termine la suya.
     Cuando la ropa esté lista, llévela a su departamento para doblarla.
     Abrimos las instalaciones de lavandería las 24 horas, excepto cuando la habitación se limpia por las mañanas de 9 a 9:30 y por las tardes de 3 a 3:30.

Our laundry facilities are open to residents between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. You can refill your card in the laundry room.
     Hercules maintains the laundry machines, both the washers and dryers. With our dryers, to add five minutes you must do so when at least five minutes remain in the cycle. If there is less time, you will be given 30 minutes and charged for a full cycle.
     If a machine is malfunctioning, please call Hercules at (800) 526-5760 to inform them so they may repair it. Alternatively, you may send an
e-mail to, explaining the problem and asking for a refund if you lost money. Hercules will need to know:
    BUILDING NAME Pinehurst
    BUILDING ADDRESS 447 Fort Washington Avenue
    LAUNDRY ROOM LOCATION Basement; super required for access
    MACHINE MALFUNCTIONING Take note of the number on the machine, and if you’re asking for a refund, include your apartment number

Manhattan Maintenance Fees

Our fourth look at maintenance fees across Manhattan neighborhoods is available on the On The Market page. The previous survey, the third, compares fees to those in 2006 and 2008. Want to compare? Download a copy of the 2012 report by clicking on the link below.

     If you’re specifically interested in Hudson Heights maintenance fees, we have that data too:

Maintenance fees in Hudson Heights, 2017
Manh Maint Hudson Heigts 2017.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [47.4 KB]
Manhattan Maintenance Fees, 2012
Adobe Acrobat document [212.7 KB]


Washington Heights is known for its noise. Luckily, Hudson Heights is a bit quieter. However, if you are bothered by loud music, a party, fireworks or other terrestrial sound, please call 311.
     Other noise comes from the skies. Aircraft fly over our neighborhood en route to LaGuardia Airport or on their way to points west.  

     Helicopters also fly nearby, and sometimes seems to hover. If these sounds are bothersome, please call the Economic Development Corporation at (212) 619-5000 with your concerns about helicopters, or for airplanes call (718) 533-5615 and press 3 for LaGuardia.

NYC Notify

The city has a way to keep you informed of emergency information as well as less-critical topics like parking changes. Sign up to receive notifications by e-mail, text, or phone messages. To stay informed, click here:

Package Security

Have you lost a box after it was delivered and before you picked it up? You’re not alone: 90,000 of them go missing in New York every day, and residents in some buildings are protecting themselves.

     Some tips:

• Once your package is delivered, pick it up! The longer you wait, the more likely it is to go missing.

• Have your package held at the post office, or sign up for informed delivery from the USPS.

• If you’re going to be out of town for more than a few days, the Post Office will hold your mail if you sign up for the free service.

• Take advantage of “Ship to Store” option when it’s available. Amazon offers a locker feature that allows you to pick up your package from a secure location, whether near home or work.

• Request signature confirmation for delivery.

• Never buzz in someone whose identity you can’t establish.

• When you see strangers in the building, a friendly “Hello” or “can I help you find someone?” will let them know the residents are paying attention to visitors.

• And if you see a package at a neighbor’s door, you could collect it and let them know you have it.

     A magazine for co-op apartments suggests being aware of restaurant delivery personnel. The Denver Police Department says one effective deterrent is simply asking a neighbor to accept a package for you.

     If you’re clever, you could try what a NASA engineer has up his sleeve for porch pirates, but it involves a lot of glitter and amassing a certain … scent.


The Pinehurst is committed to recycling in accordance with New York City's goals. Most paper and plastic (but not all), glass and metal are recyclable in our bins in the garbage area.
     Compact fluorescent light bulbs require special recycling because their contents are hazardous. Also known as CFL’s, these bulbs are typically curly in shape. In our neighborhood the designated recycling spot is at the
Northern Manhattan Improvement Corporation offices at 76 Wadsworth Avenue (between 176th and 177th Streets). Open business hours.
     For more information on CFL recycling,
click here.

Smoke Detectors

As of April 1, 2019, when you replace your smoke detectors, you need to upgrade to a 10-year sealed model. A new state law says that all new or replacement smoke detectors must be powered by the long-lasting battery or be hardwired to your electrical system. If you want to sell your apartment, you will need to upgrade your smoke detectors before the sale goes through.

Smoking Policy

In August 2017 Mayor DeBlasio signed legislation that requires all NYC cooperatives and condominiums to adopt formal smoking policies. The Board will be amending the House Rules to include this policy and any shareholders intending to sell or lease their apartment must also include it in their sale or lease agreement.

Smoking Policy
447 smoking Policy_August2018.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [180.7 KB]

STAR Property Tax Rebate

The STAR rebate grants co-op owners (whose apartments are their primary residences) the same school tax relief that owners of real estate have received for years.
     The credit is changing again this year. Some homeowners remain eligible to receive STAR as a property tax exemption, while others will receive the STAR personal income tax credit and will be sent a check by the state. The distinctions are made based on your income, with the lines drawn at incomes over and under $250,000.   
      If you once received the benefit but no longer do, read these instructions to find out if you qualify again. The credit is not given automatically—you  must apply for it—but if you applied in the past you may not need to do so again.
     This year the deadline is March 15, both for your first application and for renewals.
     Details on eligibility are here. The numbers you may need for The Pinehurst are:
     LOT 87  
     BLOCK 2177

     BOROUGH 1

Subways and Transportation

A Train
Scheduled maintenance is posted
here by the MTA.

The Weekender

     Changes to subway service from Friday afternoon to Monday morning are posted here.

181 Street: Congested Corridors Project
     The city’s Department of Transportation has studied 181st Street to determine how to improve traffic flow of pedestrians, cyclists, and motor vehicles.
Download the study here, and decide for yourself if the improvements work.


Announcement Archive

Summertime dance Share in the Memorial Day tradition by welcoming summer with the Daniel Gwirtzman Dance Company’s quintessential sunny weather dance, the celebrated Summertime Suite. This video is from the debut of the Hudson Heights company at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival in 2012.

Baile de verano Comparta la tradición del Día de los Caídos al dar la bienvenida al verano con el baile de clima soleado por excelencia de Daniel Gwirtzman Dance Company, la famosa Summertime Suite. Este video es del debut de la compañía Hudson Heights en el Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival en 2012. —9:45 a.m., May 24

Weekend activities The Inwood Film Festival continues its online screenings this afternoon. Aspiring filmmakers can enter the festival’s NYC Quarantine Film competition. Details here; the deadline is next Friday.

Fin de semana El Festival de Cine de Inwood continúa con sus proyecciones en línea esta tarde. Los aspirantes a cineastas pueden participar en el concurso de cine de cuarentena de Nueva York del festival. Detalles aquí; La fecha límite es el próximo viernes. —7:41 a.m., May 22

Shareholders’ meeting The annual corporate update will take place Monday night, June 15, at 7 on Zoom. Argo mailed you a letter with the link. We will try to email it to you or post it here.

Reunión de accionistas La actualización corporativa anual tendrá lugar el lunes por la noche, 15 de junio, a las 7 en Zoom. Argo te envió una carta con el enlace. Intentaremos enviárselo por correo electrónico o publicarlo aquí. —10:14 a.m., May 21

Park funding Long underfunded, parks are essential to the city but significant budget cuts will come with the deccreased tax collections. The result could erode the quality, beauty, and safety of parks, at a time when we are all relying so heavily upon them for relief and respite. Let your elected officials know how you feel, and consider a donation to your favorite park.

Financiación de parques Los parques son esenciales para la ciudad, pero se producirán recortes presupuestarios importantes con la disminución de las recaudaciones de impuestos. El resultado podría erosionar la calidad, belleza y seguridad de los parques. Hágales saber a sus funcionarios electos cómo se siente y considere una donación a su parque favorito. —7:37 a.m., May 20


Neighborhood tally In Uptown, Hudson Heights, along with Fort George and Inwood, are at the low end of infections and deaths in the pandemic. But the numbers are still too high. Stay safe: stay home or wear a mask when you go out.

El recuento de vecinos En Uptown, Hudson Heights, junto con Fort George e Inwood, se encuentran en el extremo inferior de las infecciones y muertes en la pandemia. Pero los números siguen siendo demasiado altos. Manténgase seguro: quédese en casa o use una máscara cuando salga. —8:42 a.m., May 19


Running water Keep an ear to your plumbing. That noise some of you heard today was a running toilet. We all share in paying the water bill, so if you notice something amiss, get in touch with Bud!

Agua corriente Mantenga un oído cerca de sus tuberías. Ese ruido que algunos de ustedes escucharon hoy era un inodoro en funcionamiento. Todos compartimos el pago de la factura del agua, así que si notas que algo anda mal, ¡ponte en contacto con Bud! —9:22 p.m., May 18


Car keys It’s time to get the streets cleaned, so alternate-side parking resumes today through Saturday, but it’s suspended on Thursday for the Solemnity of the Ascension.

Llaves de los autos Es hora de limpiar las calles, por lo que el estacionamiento en el lado alternativo se reanuda hoy hasta el sábado, pero está suspendido el jueves por la Solemnidad de la Ascensión. —7:54 a.m., May 18


Radiator grille A neighbor has a brand new one to give away (it doesn’t fit properly). It measures 40" tall by 39½" wide and 16¾" deep. Send us a message if you’re interested and we’ll put you in touch.

Rejilla del radiador Un vecino tiene uno nuevo para regalar (no encaja correctamente). Mide 40" de alto por 39½" de ancho y 16¾" de profundidad. Envíenos un mensaje si está interesado y lo pondremos en contacto. —9:02 a.m., May 17

Weekend picks The Inwood Film Festival returns today with an online screening. Follow along tomorrow on a hike — live — through Inwood Hill Park and its Native American history. The Bloom Reading Series features poetry at its return-from-hiatus meet-up on Sunday.

Selecciones de fin de semana El Festival de Cine de Inwood regresa hoy con una proyección en línea. Sigue mañana en una caminata, en vivo, por Inwood Hill Park y su historia de los nativos americanos. La serie de Lectura Bloom presenta poesía en su reunión de regreso del receso el domingo. —7:11 a.m., May 15

“A” Train work Crews will make repairs on the A line beginning tomorrow night at 9:45 and ending Monday morning at 5. There will be no A service between 168 and 207 Streets. Service is replaced by M4 buses, providing service on Fort Washington between 168 and 190 Streets.

“A” Train reparaciones Crews hará reparaciones en la línea A a partir de mañana a las 9:45 y termina el lunes a las 5 de la mañana. No habrá servicio A entre las Calles 168 y 207. El servicio es reemplazado por autobuses M4, que brindan servicio en Fort Washington entre las Calles 168 y 190. —7:56 p.m., May 14


Residents’ survey The building support group has put together a survey to find out how we can help you — or how you can help your neighbors. You can get one contactless outside Apt. 63 or fill it out online.

Encuesta de residentes El grupo de apoyo del edificio ha realizado una encuesta para averiguar cómo podemos ayudarlo, o cómo puede ayudar a sus vecinos. Puede obtener uno sin contacto fuera de Apt. 63 o complételo en línea. —9:22 a.m., May 14


In memory In these trying times, when we have so much uncertainty, some of us are experiencing great loss. How do you remember the best of a loved one? How would you wish to have them thought ot? The City, a local news site, would like to help you memorialize the New Yorkers we’ve lost to covid-19. Here’s how you can start a memory.

En la memoria En estos tiempos difíciles, cuando tenemos tanta incertidumbre, algunos de nosotros estamos experimentando una gran pérdida. ¿Cómo recuerdas lo mejor de un ser querido que has perdido? ¿Cómo le gustaría que pensaran en ellos? La Ciudad, un sitio de noticias local, quisiera ayudarlo a conmemorar a los neoyorquinos que perdimos por covid-19. Así es como puedes comenzar un recuerdo. —7:39 a.m., May 13

Patience & Fortitude The pair of lions outside the Public Library’s 42nd Street home has watched over the city since they were set upon their pedestals on in mid-May 1911. They’ve stood witness to history and remain steadfast symbols of strength and inspiration. Named Patience and Fortitude by Mayor Fiorello La Guardia in 1933, for the qualities that New Yorkers needed to get through the Great Depression, today the library celebrates their birthday. Send them a card here or take a quiz to see how well you know them.

Paciencia y fortaleza El par de leones fuera de la casa de la calle 42 de la Biblioteca Pública ha vigilado la ciudad desde que fueron colocados en sus pedestales a mediados de mayo de 1911. Han sido testigos de la historia y siguen siendo símbolos firmes de fuerza e inspiración. Nombrado Patience y Fortitude por el alcalde Fiorello La Guardia en 1933, por las cualidades que los neoyorquinos necesitaban para superar la Gran Depresión, hoy la biblioteca celebra su cumpleaños. Envíeles una tarjeta aquí o realice un cuestionario para ver qué tan bien los conoce. —9:50 a.m., May 11

Pitching in Your neighbors are organizing a building-wide support system. If you’re willing to help the effort, or if you would like some support yourself, check in with RoughAcres (Apt. 63) or Ariel (Apt. 57).

Eche una mano Sus vecinos están organizando un sistema de apoyo en todo el edificio. Si está dispuesto a ayudar en el esfuerzo, o si desea un poco de apoyo para usted, consulte con RoughAcres (Apt. 63) o Ariel (Apt. 57). —9:02 a.m., May 10

Weekend activities Your kids can enjoy a virtual tour of the city’s parks at noon today with the Urban Park Rangers, right. The Great and Glorious Army of the Bronx will mount its annual campaign to claim Marble Hill from Manhattan tomorrow. A make-your-own comic class for all ages continues (online) on Sunday.

Actividades de fin de semana Sus hijos pueden disfrutar de un recorrido virtual por los parques de la ciudad al mediodía de hoy con los Urban Park Rangers, a la derecha. El Gran y Glorioso Ejército del Bronx organizará su campaña anual para reclamar Marble Hill de Manhattan mañana. Los domingos continúa una clase de cómic para todas las edades (en línea). —7:33 a.m., May 8

Mask distribution Thanks for your interest in our free masks for kids and adults — they’re all gone for now. But the city is giving more away starting Saturday in Lower WaHi, Sunday in Inwood, and back in Lower WaHi on Monday. The schedule is with our event listings.

Distribución de máscaras Gracias por su interés en nuestras máscaras gratuitas para niños y adultos, todas se han ido por ahora. Pero la ciudad está dando más a partir del sábado en Lower WaHi, el domingo en Inwood, y de regreso en Lower WaHi el lunes. El horario es con nuestros listados de eventos. —9:02 p.m., May 7

Not so quiet, please! The NYPL made an album called Missing Sounds of New York to bring the noise we miss back to the city. Until we can experience the real sounds of the city again for ourselves listen to traffic or make your daily quarantini more fun by adding the sounds of a busy bar — complete with someone dropping a glass. It’s here.

¡No tan tranquilo, por favor! La NYPL hizo un álbum llamado Missing Sounds of New York para traer el ruido que extrañamos a la ciudad. Hasta que podamos experimentar los sonidos reales de la ciudad nuevamente para nosotros mismos, hagamos que sus cuarentenas diarias sean más divertidas agregando los sonidos de un bar concurrido, con alguien tirando un vaso. Es acqui. —7:57 a.m., May 6

Gym users Are you aching to get a workout in? If you’re ready to get back in the gym to get your heart pumping faster send a message to the board.

Usuarios de gimnasio ¿Te apetece entrenar? Si está listo para volver al gimnasio y acelerar su corazón, envíe un mensaje a la pizarra. —12:06 p.m., May 5


Highbridge mask distribution The city will hand out free face masks this morning from 10 to noon at the Highbridge Recreation Center in Lower WaHi on Amsterdam Avenue at 173rd Street.

Distribución de máscaras de Highbridge La ciudad repartirá máscaras faciales gratuitas esta mañana de 10 a mediodía en el Centro de Recreación de Highbridge en Lower WaHi en Amsterdam Avenue en 173rd Street. —7:57 a.m., May 5


Face masks Do you need a mask so you can go outside? Jennifer still has a few. She’s in Apt. 23. You can call or text her at (732) 618-7534. The masks have all been distributed.

Mascarillas ¿Necesita una mascarilla para poder salir? Jennifer todavía tiene algunos. Ella es en apto. 23. Puede llamarla o enviarle un mensaje de texto al (732) 618-7534. Nos hemos quedado sin máscaras gratuitas. —7:01 a.m., May 4


Board service Have you considered helping your neighbors as a director of the corporation? Elections are comng up in June. Ask a sitting director about the role, and take a look at how these new directors in other buildings found the job.

Servicio de junta ¿Ha considerado ayudar a sus vecinos como director de la corporación? Las elecciones comenzarán en junio. Pregúntele a un director en funciones sobre el papel y observe cómo estos nuevos directores en otros edificios encontraron el trabajo. —10:29 a.m., May 3


Park street closing Margaret Corbin Drive in Fort Tryon Park will be closed to vehicles starting today. Visitors will be able to walk on the street to make social distancing easier. In another change, the park will close nightly at 10.

El cierre de la calle del parque Margaret Corbin Drive en Fort Tryon Park estará cerrado a los vehículos a partir de hoy. Los visitantes podrán caminar en la calle para facilitar el distanciamiento social. En otro cambio, el parque cerrará todas las noches a las 10. —7:10 a.m., May 2

Weekend activities Have you noticed how Uptown is coming through with all sorts of new things for kids to do? We’re posting a bunch of them on our Kids’ Activities page, with diversions and subtly disguised learning for anyone from pre-school through high school, including an do-it-yourself version of Hamilton at home, right, thanks to Lin-Manuel Miranda. For the younger set we have coloring books featuring the Hispanic Society’s paintings, the Morris-Jumel Mansion’s architecture, and the treasures of Fort Tryon Park, right. And the public library has a trove of programs online for kids of any age (including you!). The list of resources is here.

Actividades de fin de semana ¿Ha notado cómo Uptown está llegando con todo tipo de cosas nuevas para que hagan los niños? Estamos publicando un montón de ellos en nuestra página de Actividades para niños, con diversiones y aprendizaje sutilmente disfrazado para cualquier persona desde preescolar hasta la escuela secundaria, incluida una versión de bricolaje de Hamilton en casa, arriba, gracias a Lin- Manuel Miranda. Para el conjunto más joven tenemos libros para colorear con las pinturas de la Sociedad Hispana, la arquitectura de la Mansión Morris-Jumel y los tesoros de Fort Tryon Park. Y la biblioteca pública tiene una gran cantidad de programas en línea para niños de cualquier edad (¡incluido usted!). La lista de recursos está aquí. —8:07 a.m., May 1

C Train resumes With local service returning today on the IND Line, the A Train will go back to running express (we hope).

Se reanuda el tren C Con el servicio local que regresa hoy en la línea IND, el tren A volverá a funcionar expresamente (esperamos). —6:57 a.m., April 29


Neighbor support If you’d like to pitch in to help the Pinehurst’s residents, and especially if you’re someone who could use a hand, get it touch with RoughAcres or Ariel. They’re setting up a neighbor support network.

Apoyo de nieghbor Si desea ayudar a los residentes de Pinehurst, y especialmente si es alguien que podría usar una mano, comuníquese con RoughAcres o Ariel. Están configurando una red de soporte vecina. —7:53 a.m., April 28


Grocery shopping Show your support for grocery workers: Shop only when you need to, wear a face covering, and keep at least 6 feet from others.

Compras en el supermercado Muestre su apoyo a los trabajadores del supermercado: Compre solo cuando lo necesite, use una cubierta para la cara y manténgase al menos a 6 pies de distancia de los demás. —2:22 p.m., April 26


Weekend activities Stretch to a yoga class streamed from Inwood Hill Park this morning. Do some gardening on Saturday. Learn how to create your own comics in a virtual class starting Sunday.

Actividades de fin de semana Estírese a una clase de yoga transmitida desde Inwood Hill Park esta mañana. Haz un poco de jardinería el sábado. Aprende a crear tus propios cómics en una clase virtual desde el domingo. —7:55 a.m., April 24


‘Heights’ rescheduled Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical fIlm In the Heights, which was to debut in seven weeks, has a new opening night: June 18, 2021.

Película reprogramó La película musical de Lin-Manuel Miranda In the Heights, que debutaría en siete semanas, tiene una nueva noche de estreno: 18 de junio de 2021. —7:32 a.m., April 23


Coral anniversary It’s the thirty-fifth birthday of 447 Ft. Washington Owners’ Corporation, incorporated on this day in 1985.

Aniversario de coral Es el trigésimo quinto cumpleaños de 447 Ft. Washington Owners’ Corporation, constituida este día en 1985. —7:25 a.m., April 22


Park memories How long have you been an Uptowner? Fort Tryon Park celebrates its eighty-fifth summer this year, and to mark the occasion the Fort Tryon Park Trust is putting together a memory book online so you can share your photos.

Recuerdos del parque ¿Cuánto tiempo has sido un Uptowner? Fort Tryon Park celebra su ochenta y cinco verano este año, y para conmemorar la ocasión, el Fort Tryon Park Trust está armando un libro de recuerdos en línea para que pueda compartir sus fotos. —7:53 a.m., April 20


With abandon Get your mind on something else. Filmed in an abandoned barn, No Trespassing, is Daniel Gwirtzman’s expression of freedom within limits. The Hudson Heights artist’s film, shot in one take, has been screened at  the American Dance Festival’s International Screendance Fesitval.

Sin limite Piensa en otra cosa. Filmado en un granero abandonado, No Traspasar, es la expresión de libertad de Daniel Gwirtzman dentro de los límites. La película del artista de Hudson Heights, filmada en una sola toma, se proyectó en el Festival Internacional de Danza de Pantalla del American Dance Festival. —9:49 a.m., April 19


311 calls The city’s 311 line is getting many more calls than usual. Get information and submit non-urgent requests at, using the 311 mobile app, or by calling 311 after 7 p.m. or during the weekend.

Llamadas al 311 La línea 311 de la ciudad recibe muchas más llamadas de lo habitual. Obtenga información y envíe solicitudes no urgentes en, utilizando la app 311 o llamando al 311 después de las 7 p.m. o durante el fin de semana. —8:17 a.m., April 18


Weekend activities Get out of your routine with yoga in the park today — viewed online. Tomorrow is Hudson Heights Henge, the day when the sun aligns with cross-streets west of Broadway between the GWB and Fort Tryon Park. On Sunday, go online to watch a live broadcast of chamber music from WaHi.

Actividades de fin de semana Salga de su rutina con el yoga en el parque hoy, visto en línea. Mañana es Hudson Heights Henge, el día en que el sol se alinea con las calles cruzadas al oeste de Broadway entre GWB y Fort Tryon Park. El domingo, conéctese para ver una transmisión en vivo de música de cámara de WaHi. —8:14 a.m., April 17


Package pickup Did you forget to pick up your online shopping? It’s in the cage, waiting for you!

Recoge tus paquetes ¿Olvidaste recoger tus compras en línea? ¡Está en la jaula, esperándote! —12:39 p.m., April 15


Free masks If you need an extra face mask, we have them. Jennifer, in Apt. 23, is giving away individually wrapped masks for adults and also has some for children aged 2–6. Call or text her at (732) 618-7534 to arrange contactless dropoff.

Máscaras gratuitas Si necesita una mascarilla adicional, las tenemos. Jennifer, en Apt. 23, regala máscaras envueltas individualmente para adultos y también tiene algunas para niños de 2 a 6 años. Llame o envíele un mensaje de texto al (732) 618-7534 para organizar la devolución sin contacto. —7:57 a.m., April 14


Uphill battle Get your mind on something else. The Daniel Gwirtzman Dance Company, whose home is here in Hudson Heights, updated a Greek myth. In this video, above, Sisyphus forever pushes a load uphill, a difficulty like those we face daily.

Batalla cuesta arriba Piensa en otra cosa. La Compañía de Danza Daniel Gwirtzman, cuyo hogar está aquí en Hudson Heights, actualizó un mito griego. En este video, Sísifo empuja para siempre una carga cuesta arriba, una dificultad como las que enfrentamos a diario. —7:46 a.m., April 13


Free masks If you need an extra face mask, Reg is leaving some outside his apartment, 64.

Máscaras gratis Si necesita una mascarilla adicional, Reg dejará algo fuera de su departamento, 64. —5:46 p.m., April 11


Holy Week Your kids can create their own procession thanks to the Hispanic Society, on Audubon Terrace. Happy Easter!

Santa Semana Sus hijos pueden crear su propia procesión gracias a la Hispanic Society, en Audubon Terrace. ¡Felices Pascuas! —12:12 p.m., April 11


Bubble hospital The soccer field at Columbia’s Baker Athletic Complex is being turned into a field hospital. The plastic dome, called the Bubble, will treat up to 288 patients with mild cases of covid-19 starting early next week.  —7:56 a.m., April 11


Park activities Who isn’t getting cabin fever? Take a virtual stroll through Astoria to see the trees in bloom this morning at 11:30. Or if you’re up to it, and have a face mask, help repair bike trails in High Bridge Park tomorrow. —8:17 a.m., April 10


Self-isolation sites Councilman Radriguez is suggesting that the city designate the Armory Track building and the United Palace Theatre as places where people who are infected with covid-19, but who cannot self-isolate at home can quarantine themselves. —8:08 a.m., April 9


Passover seder Our best wishes for a happy Passover meal tonight. —6:51 p.m., April 8


Laundry room rules To keep all of us healthy, we implemented some new procedures yesterday for using the laundry room. Para leer en español, desplácese hacia abajo hasta “Laundry Room.”

   Let’s have only one person in the room at a time; if you leave the room while your laundry is being washed or dried, write your phone number on the white board, above right, so the next person with clothes to clean can call you when yours are done.

    When your clothes are done, please take them to your apartment to fold.

    We’re opening the laundry facilities 24 hours a day except when the room is being cleaned in the mornings from 9 to 9:30 and in the afternoons from 3 to 3:30. —9:12 p.m., April 7


Volunteer call With city unemployment spiking 360 percent, the Community League of the Heights pantry in Lower WaHi now serves hungry families four times a week instead of only two. They have plenty of food, for now, but are short on volunteers. If you’re able, would you help? Send an email to or call (212) 795-4779. —8:37 a.m., April 7


Indie theater If you want to help New Yorkers but would rather stay in than go out (see next entry), here’s a way. Troupes like Up Theater need financial assistance if they’re going to weather this. Cancelling its spring play only made the strain more difficult. To support the Indie Theater Fund NYC, including Up, click here. —7:41 a.m., April 6


Uptown needs you If you’re healthy and willing to get out to make a difference, here’s a way:

     The Community League of the Heights pantry in Lower WaHi on 159th Street is in need of volunteers to help organize lines of food recipients, ensure social distancing, place packages on stoops for pick-up, pack bags of food, stock shelves and unload trucks. Volunteers will be provided with masks; safety measures will be strictly enforced.

     Closer to (our) home is the pantry run by the Jewish Community Council of Washington Heights-Inwood, in Hudson Heights at 121 Bennett Avenue (at 187th). They’re looking for volunteers and donations. —7:53 a.m., April 5


Neighborly aid If you want to support a Pinehurst neighbor, or if you need some support yourself, text Jennifer, in Apt. 23, at (732) 618-7534 with your name and apartment. She’s  volunteered to serve as a switchboard to connect residents.

   Si desea apoyar a un vecino de Pinehurst, o si necesita ayuda, envíe un mensaje de texto a Jennifer, en Apt. 23, al (732) 618-7534 con su nombre y número de apartamento. Ella se ofreció para servir como una centralita para conectar a los residentes.

     Since some of our neighbors don’t have access to texting and aren’t active on social media, Jennifer asks you to share her number with residents with a note under their doors. (You could also refer them to, which is updated daily). If you’ve already started helping, please share your good deeds! We want to acknowledge, support, and celebrate your good work. —12:49 p.m., April 4


Street dance At a time when we should stay indoors, the Daniel Gwirtzman Dance Company takes  you to the streets of Salvador da Bahia, Brazil, where the Hudson Heights troupe filmed Into The Streets, above.

En un momento en que deberíamos quedarnos adentro, la Compañía de Danza Daniel Gwirtzman lo lleva a las calles de Salvador de Bahía, Brasil, donde la compañía de Hudson Heights filmó Into The Streets, en la foto de arriba. —7:46 a.m., April 3


Lower WaHi cases Another reason to observe the On Pause rules: the most cases in a Manhattan Zip code are in Lower WaHi’s 10032, where 308 people have been diagnosed with covid-19, and five have died. The area runs from 153rd to 173rd Streets. Keep in mind that one of the first cases in the city came a month ago in Fort George, when Yeshiva closed its campus there after a student tested positve. —8:06 a.m., April 2


Playground closed The mayor closed the Jacob K. Javits Playground yesterday because parents weren’t practicing social distancing with their children. The playground, in Fort Tryon Park, reopened a few weeks ago after a $3.1 million renovation. —7:24 a.m., April 1


In good news, the Word Up Bookshop is hosting a virtual check-in tonight on Zoom. Say hi to your friends and Uptown book lovers! —7:23 a.m., April 1


City updates Be among the first to find out what the city announces. Sign up to receive notifications by e-mail, text, or phone messages. To stay informed, click here:  —7:48 a.m., March 31


Stay home The safest choice is to stay home. If you’re healthy, stay home to stay healthy. If you’re feeling sick, call (844) NYC-4NYC (that’s (844) 692-4692) for an initial screening with the Department of Health before going to an emergency room. The city’s ER’s are overwhelmed. In WaHi, the number of emergency room visits grew 314 percent over last year. Stay home, stay safe. —8:01 a.m., March 29


What’s open? Not much. The parks, of course, where you should keep your social distance, and where can can take a hike (last we heard) through Inwood Hill Park tomorow morning. Many restaurants are still cooking for your take-out meals and we’ve got a list here. —8:09 a.m., March 27


Covid scam The city reports that scammers are calling to set up testing. This is not the city calling. Directly contact your health care provider or call 311 for real information. —7:44 p.m., March 26


‘Heights’ postponed The film version of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s paean to Uptown will have its opening night pushed back. Originally set to debut on June 26, ‘In the Heights’ is one of the Warner Bros. movies which is now waiting for a new date. —8:46 a.m., March 26


Living indoors Getting used to living indoors will take some time. Kids who are missing school can use the NYPL’s free online tutoring. Adults can listen to an Inwood neighbor’s morning radio show. And if you venture out, squirt a dollop of hand sanitizer, right, on your hands before coming home. You won’t be surprised to hear that the permanent dispanser we ordered is unavailable for now.  —6:52 a.m., March 25


Stay safe The infection rate in New York City is five times higher than in the rest of the country. You can be the reason COVID-19 doesn’t reach your neighbors, family members or friends. Social distancing stops the spread and saves lives. —8:48 a.m., March 24


Solitary exercise Already getting cabin fever? Solitary exercise is permitted under New York On Pause, but if you aren’t a regular athlete here’s a video showing 101 exercises and stretches to do on a park bench. —6:24 a.m., March 23


New York On Pause The governor is ordering non-essential businesses closed starting tonight, and for anyone aged 70 or older to stay home except for solitary exercise and to get groceries or medicine. Would you consider knocking on your older neighbors’ doors to see if you can run an errand? They may not respond to your posts on social media in English. —9:05 a.m., March 22


Weekend picks It’s an unsual time, to say the least. A few outdoor activities will go on this weekend — at least at this point — so if you’re in the mood for a change of scenery consider bird watching in Fort Tryon Park or an archeological trek along the Croton Aqueduct in Lower WaHi, both on Saturday. There’s a trail restoration project in Fort Tryon Park planned for Sunday.

     If you’re heading to Hilltop Pharmacy, consider donating household goods to the exchange a nurse set up there above. And if you’re looking for a book to read, visit your neighbors in 61, or virtually peruse the shelves of the public library. It has a huge collection waiting for you online. —8:14 a.m., March 20


Vernal equinox Winter ends when spring begins today at eleven minutes before midnight. It’s a good reminder to change the batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detector, especially now that we want something useful to do indoors! —8:11 a.m., March 19


Your health & safety If you have the symptoms of Covid-19, please inform John at Argo, and notify the Resident Manager before you leave the building or return, so he can isolate you in the elevator. We are taking extra precautions to isolate any contact with the virus. Please refer to the letter from Argo, which you should have received today, for safety procedures in the building. —2:09 p.m., March 17


Helping your neighbors Some of our older residents may prefer to stay in their homes for now. Would you consider checking in with one of them? Maybe you could run an errand, but just saying hello would help. Here are some tips from the CDC to keep in mind, and a few scams to avoid. —7:42 a.m., March 17


Building security To keep our home safe for all of us, we ask you to refrain from buzzing in people you do not know or who you are not expecting. The vendors offering you a deal on power should not be knocking on your neighbors’ doors. Keeping out strangers will also reduce the number of packages that go missing. —8:57 a.m., March 16


Tax rebate deadline Today is the last day to file to receive your STAR property tax rebate. So scroll down to STAR Property Tax Rebate to find out what you need to do. —9:02 a.m., March 15


Price gouging The city asks that if you see price increases for items in short supply due to COVID-19, report them by calling 311 or visiting —6:34 p.m., March 14

Consumer complaints make a difference: the city has issued 550 violations and $275,000 in fines. “Price gouging” means charging more than 10 percent above the usual price. —8:54 a.m., March 19


Uptown cancellations Several more organizations announced today that they are closing events:
• New York Public Library: All branches closed until April. (Previously the branches were open but programs were on hiatus.)

• Morris-Jumel Mansion: Open but programs, including family day, are closed.

• Dyckman Farmhouse Museum: Open but programs are closed.

• Highbridge Recreation Center: The wildlife experience tomorrow is canceled.

• College sports are canceled.

• United Palace Theatre events are still open. —8:40 p.m., March 13

• Word Up Community Bookshop is closed until April. —6:51 a.m., March 14

• Up Theater’s opening night of A Barn Play is postponed to April 1. —7:48 p.m., March 14

Check the updated list on the WaHi Events page.


Weekend picks Our list is accurate as of this morning, but check with organizers before heading out to see if the event is still going on. Today you can learn about slavery in New York at an exhibition in Inwood. Colonial life for kids wasn’t all fun and games, as you can discover in Lower WaHi, right. Get out and help build bike trails in Highbridge Park on Sunday. —8:07 a.m., March 13


Open, closed More Uptown venues are announcing accommodations for the coronavirus. Events in the parks and at the United Palace are going on as scheduled. Programs at the Fort George and lnwood branches of the public library will be suspended starting tomorrow and through the end of the month, though the libraries will remain open. Here’s an excellent set of tips from the CDC for protecting yourself. —5:36 p.m., March 12


New director Leslie Thrope has agreed to take a seat on the board, filling the seat left when Ted stepped down. When you see her in the elevator, thank her for accepting the role. 7:53 a.m., March 12


Javits playground Fort Tryon Park’s newly reconstructed Jacob K. Javits Playground opened ths week. Go take a look at its new features and amazing views. The $3.1 mllion upgrade has a dynamic recreational area for all ages and abilities, with social seating, fitness equipment for tweens and adults, and a discovery play space for littler kids. 8:32 a.m., March 11


Tax rebate It’s time to finish reviewing your status for the STAR tax rebate. It’s available to owners of co-op apartments, and the rules changed this year. The application deadline is Sunday, so scroll down to STAR Property Tax Rebate to get started. —7:19 a.m., March 10


Film festival postponed The fifth annual lnwood Film Festival planned for this weekend will be rescheduled. Check back for other public health updates. —7:14 p.m., March 9


Yeshiva closure After an adjunct professor tested positive for Covid-18, Yeshiva University is closing its Wilf campus in Fort George this week,  and the Macs’ volleyball match on Thursday has been postponed. The good news is the professor had not been on campus for three weeks. At Columbia’s medical campus, some departments have cancelled classes until Wednesday. Here are some tips from the mayor’s office. —9:32 a.m., March 9


Spring ahead Tonight’s the night to adjust your watches, microwaves and sundials before going to bed. We set them ahead to begin daylight saving time. —4:41 p.m., March 7


Weekend picks Teens can test themselves against other teens at a fitness event in Lower WaHi this afternoon. The WaHi Jazz Festival is open and hosts a special concert for children on Saturday in Hudson Heights. Explore the universe from Inwood Hill Park with a telescope on Sunday night. —6:54 a.m., March 6


178th Street upgrade Improving pedestrian safety is one of the goals of changes along 178th between Fort Washington and Wadsworth Avenues. The Department of Transportation will share its plans tonight at 7 at the Community Board 12 meeting in Lower WaHi at 530 West 166th Street, on the sixth floor. —7:36 a.m., March 2


Grocery shopping Take a few nickels or a tote bag when you go to the store. Today’s the day that busnesses will start charging you 5¢ per plastic shopping bag. —11:12 a.m., March 1


Condo taxes Here’s another reason to be glad you live in a pre-war co-op instead of a modern condo: taxes. Some condos built in the early 2000s received a special tax break, and it’s expiring at the end of next year. That means their value will decrease as the tax goes up on about 5,000 apartments across town, including more than 1,200 on the Upper West Side. The change could be another reason co-op prices increase. —7:36 a.m., December 11

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