Residents’ Information

Weekend picks Pour yourself a drink this afternoon and enjoy a string ensemble’s live performance from inside the Met. Take part in the music of the Black experience in America, right, on Saturday. On Sunday evening, poets and novelists read from their writing in a Bloom Readings get-together. —8::31  a.m.,  January 22


Uptown townhouse Last week we reported that Fort George is the most affordable neighborhood in Manhattan. On Jumel Terrace, however, an 1899 townhouse with 4,486 square feet is on the market for $2.5 million. Want to place your bid? —8::16  a.m.,  January 21

Uptown townhouse Last week we reported that Fort George is the most affordable neighborhood in Manhattan. On Jumel Terrace, however, an 1899 townhouse with 4,486 square feet is on the market for $2.5 million. Want to place your bid? —8::16  a.m.,  January 21

Fidget spinners Feeling a little anxious to see if 45 actually yields to 46? Or maybe this whole pandemic thing has you at loose ends. Whatever the reason, if your fingers are fidgety, Reg has just the thing. He’s giving away brand-new, un-spun fidget spinners, and he has enough for you and three friends. —8::51  a.m.,  January 19


Walk-up tests No appointment needed for a free Covid test today in Hudson Heights. Dr. Karen Thornton will oversee a mobile testing van from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at 720 West 181st Street, between Broadway and Bennett Avenue. —7:46 a.m., January 17

Armory vaccinations Just days after Patch asked Mayor DeBlasio why there are no Covid vaccination centers in the hardest-hit neighborhoods of Manhattan, Gov. Cuomo and Community Board 12 helped Columbia/Presbyterian set one up at the Fort Washington Armory. Make your appointment here. —8:03 a.m., January 16

Covid-19 Information

The Uptown Covid infection rate is finally going in the right direction. Ten days after the 10033 and 10034 Zip codes both posted seven-day averages over 10 percent, the two Zip codes have fallen back under the double-digit mark. We’re far from being in the clear, however. Stay safe!

Mural thanking nurses near Columbia/ Presbyterian, by M. Tony Peralta.

     If you have Covid-19 symptoms or think you’ve been exposed, don’t wait, separate. Call 212-COVID19 to get connected to a free hotel room.

     You can get Covid test results within 24 hours, and sometimes on the same day, at COVID Express in Lower WaHi at 600 West 168th Street. Testing is free and available by appointment only,

     You can now find out if you have developed antibodies that protect you from Covid-19 at a testing site in Lower WaHi, at Gregorio Luperon High School for Science and Mathematics, on 165th Street and Amsterdam Avenue. The appointment is free.

     Please limit passengers in the elevator to one family at a time and limit laundry room usage to one person at a time (details below, under Laundry Room).

     • If it turns out you have the symptoms of Covid-19, inform John at Argo, and notify the Resident Manager before you leave the building or return, so he can isolate you in the elevator.


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  • The Pinehurst (Monday, January 04 21 09:01 am EST)

    Happy 2021! Finally. Let’s resolve to wear masks consistently and get vaccinated.

Application Forms

Download the forms you need, posted here as pdf files. If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, please call our property manager, who can also send you any of these forms through the mail.

Automatic Payment
Never be late again with your maintenance fee. Sign up for automatic payment from your checking account. It’s ideal for travelers. There’s no cost, and with it you’ll never pay another late fee.
ACH Form Scan.PDF
PDF File [132.6 KB]
Bike Rack
Store your bicycle in the basement storage room. Please keep it locked to the rack. To get your rack, fill out this form. (It’s the same as the Storage Cage form, just check the Bike Rack box at the bottom.)
Pinehurst 447 Storage Lease.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [58.4 KB]
Decoration Agreement
If the improvement you’re planning is less extensive than a renovation but you’re still planning to use outside help to complete the job, you may be eligible to use the decoration agreement. It’s less extensive than the alteration agreement (below, under Renovations and Alterations). Before submitting a decoration agreement, please visit with the property manager.
Pinehurst 447 Decoration Agreement.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [223.3 KB]
Renovations and Alterations
Renovations fall into this category. Use this form to submit with your plans. If you believe your work is not extensive, please contact the property manager to see if you qualify to work under a decoration agreement (see above). Mail the completed form to Hedda at Argo, 50 West 17 Street, NYC 10011-5702.
Pinehurst 447 Alteration Agreement.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [19.6 KB]
Sale/Purchase of Apartment Shares
The purchaser should fill out this document to apply to transfer shares from the seller.
Pinehurst 10034_447_fwa purchase_applica[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [687.9 KB]
Storage Cage
If your apartment is too cluttered, store your overflowing belongings in a storage cage in the basement. To get your cage, fill out this document.
Pinehurst 447 Storage Lease.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [58.4 KB]
If you plan to sublet your apartment, your proposed subtenant needs to complete this document.
Pinehurst 10034_447 fwa sublease_applica[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [647.2 KB]

     The documents you will need for some other puposes are available from different web sites. Here are the most popular:


     The gym is under renovation. We hope to have it ready for use in the spring.



      Have a new best friend? The building welcomes most pets but requires proof of their immunizations and, for dogs, a city license. The house rules outline a pet owner’s responsibilities (at Section 24). If your pet is a pup and you need a dog license, find out how to file the paperwork here. The form needs to be notarized.

Contacting Us

Have a question about the House Rules, or how to get a storage cage? Ask one of your directors. This year they are:

     Jennifer Peng, president

     Riva Hocherman, vice president

     Leslie Thrope, vice president

     Jessica Bendiner, secretary

     Rogier de Boer-Phelan, treasurer

They will be happy to help you.

     While you’re thinking of the building, help us keep your contact information current so you will receive official mail from the corporation and Argo without delay. If you have children moving out or roommates moving in, please tell us. Your information will not appear on this web site. If you do not want it to appear on our internal contact sheet, simply say so.

    The secretary is responsible for keeping our records current, so when you have updates please keep us in the loop. Email using or one of these addresses: For general questions To reach Bud Is where to send your updated contact details Reaches the webmaster
     You can also call John at
Argo at (212) 896-8600 or, if you prefer paper, send a letter to us at 447 Ft. Washington Avenue, No. 68, New York NY 10033.


Electronics Recycling and Disposal

     Discarded electronics make up the largest growth in household hazardous waste in NYC, but you can recycle them instead.

     We have a collection unit in the basement, where you can drop off your unusable items. They will be collected by the city and either repurposed or safely dismantled.

     The city will collect these electronics:

  • Televisions (including cathode ray tubes)
  • Computer peripherals, including any permanently attached cable or wiring
  • Monitors, laptops
  • Electronic keyboards
  • Electronic mice and other pointing devices
  • Fax machines, document scanners, and printers that are meant for use with a computer and weigh less than 100 lbs.
  • TV peripherals, including any permanently attached cable or wiring
  • VCRs
  • Digital video recorders
  • DVD players
  • Digital converter boxes
  • Cable or satellite receivers
  • Electronic or video game consoles
  • Small-scale servers
  • Portable devices, including any permanently attached cable or wiring
  • Portable digital music players

General Data Protection Regulation Info

Visitors to this website from the European Union have the protection of GDPR 2016/679 which on May 26, 2016, went into effect.

     Data collected from on are stored on the servers of Ionos, the web hosting service used by 447 Ft. Washington Owners’ Corporation doing business as The Pinehurst. The Controller is the webmaster, who may be reached at, and the Controller’s Representative is the property manager, John Caceci, who may be reached at (212) 896-8600 or at Argo Real Estate, 50 W 17 St, New York NY 10011. The Data Protection Officer is the president of the corporation, Jennifer Peng, who may be reached at

     The data we collect are those submitted voluntarily by shareholders to promote notices of sale of their apartments. There is no requirement to submit any information at any time. We store personal data for the duration that an apartment is for sale; once it is sold we delete it within four weeks of being notified of the sale. If a shareholder revokes permission for us to store personal information we shall delete it within two weeks of the shareholder’s notification.

     We use Google Analytics to review users’ visits to our site. Information from Google is available to us only in the aggragate; we have no access to any information about any individual visitor.

     An individual subject to GDPR 2016/679 has the right to request from the Controller access to and rectification or erasure of personal data or restriction of processing concerning the data subject or to object to processing as well as the right to data portability. Such an individual also has the right to make a complaint the supervising authority, which is The Board of Directors. It may be reached at or at 447 Fort Washington Ave, Apt 68, New York NY 10033.


Grilling in the Parks

Looking for a place to light up a grill? This map shows the safe spots in Fort Washington Park, Highbridge Park, and Inwood Hill Park.

     Grilling on the Pinehurst’s balconies and fire escapes is prohibited by law — not to mention common sense.


House Rules

Our building is a community, as well as our home. Residents share the responsibility to ensure a safe and pleasant quality of life at reasonable cost.  We count on each other to treat all areas of the building as our home, and to protect and respect the rights of all of the Residents to a safe and comfortable home. A set of guidelines helps us achieve these goals.

House Rules
The House Rules are available here. Return the cover sheet to Argo.
Please keep yourself familiar with the information in this document, which is part of your Proprietary Lease. The House Rules will be updated to include the Smoking Policy, which goes into effect on August 28. Until they are revised, shareholders who intend to sell or sublet must include the smoking policy in their sale or lease agreement. A copy of it is below, under “Smoking Policy.”
Pinehurst 447 House Rules with Acknowled[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [605.9 KB]

Hurricanes, Tornadoes, and Severe Weather

Severe weather is an uncommon but dangerous phenomenon. In the summer and early fall, hurricanes may threaten the northeast. If a hurricane is threatening the city, keep on top of this evacuation map.

     Hurricanes are rare but their effects are not. Have a plan in case the weather turns severe.
     The late spring and summer can produce tornadoes. Before you hear of a tornado watch (which means that weather conditions could produce a tornado) or a tornado warning (which means a funnel cloud has been spotted, though it may not have touched the ground yet), please
review these safety precautions for you and your family.
     In short, go to the lowest level of the building, stay away from windows and remain there until the all-clear sign has been given (by the
National Weather Service, typically), and have a first aid kit handy.


Laundry Room

Pay for your laundry with your smart phone. Hercules has an app that connects to the washers and dryers so you don’t have to keep track of a card anymore.

     Download the Hercules CyclePay App from the Apple Store or Google Play for your IOS or Andriod phone. Full instructions on its use are in the chart on the right, which you can doawnload in the pdf below. It’s also posted in the laundry room.

Hurcules CyclePay App
Adobe Acrobat document [1.5 MB]

     Starting April 6, the laundry room has been open 24 hours a day except for cleaning between 9 and 9:30 a.m. and 3 and 3:30 p.m.

     We ask you to limit its use to one person at a time and to take your clean laundry back to your apartment to fold so the next person can get in sooner. While your laundry is washing or drying, leave your number on the white board, below, so if you forget your clothes the next person knows who to remind.

Help get the next laundry customer started sooner.
     Para mantenernos a todos sanos, implementamos algunos procedimientos nuevos ayer para usar la lavandería.
    Tengamos solo una persona en la habitación a la vez; Si sale de la habitación mientras lava o seca la ropa, escriba su número de teléfono en la pizarra para que la próxima persona que tenga ropa que limpiar pueda llamarlo cuando termine la suya.
     Cuando la ropa esté lista, llévela a su departamento para doblarla.
     Abrimos las instalaciones de lavandería las 24 horas, excepto cuando la habitación se limpia por las mañanas de 9 a 9:30 y por las tardes de 3 a 3:30.

Our laundry facilities are open to residents between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. You can refill your card in the laundry room.
     Hercules maintains the laundry machines, both the washers and dryers. With our dryers, to add five minutes you must do so when at least five minutes remain in the cycle. If there is less time, you will be given 30 minutes and charged for a full cycle.
     If a machine is malfunctioning, please call Hercules at (800) 526-5760 to inform them so they may repair it. Alternatively, you may send an
e-mail to, explaining the problem and asking for a refund if you lost money. Hercules will need to know:
    BUILDING NAME Pinehurst
    BUILDING ADDRESS 447 Fort Washington Avenue
    LAUNDRY ROOM LOCATION Basement; super required for access
    MACHINE MALFUNCTIONING Take note of the number on the machine, and if you’re asking for a refund, include your apartment number


Maintenance Fee Statements

We welcome you to switch to paperless billing for your monthly maintenance fee.

     If you’ve signed up and chose not to receive paper statement but they’re still arriving, we have a solution. Just send an email to John and he’ll get it straightened out.


Manhattan Maintenance Fees

Our fourth look at maintenance fees across Manhattan neighborhoods is available on the On The Market page. The previous survey, the third, compares fees to those in 2006 and 2008. Want to compare? Download a copy of the 2012 report by clicking on the link below.

     If you’re specifically interested in Hudson Heights maintenance fees, we have that data too:

Maintenance fees in Hudson Heights, 2017
Manh Maint Hudson Heigts 2017.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [47.4 KB]
Manhattan Maintenance Fees, 2012
Adobe Acrobat document [212.7 KB]


Washington Heights is known for its noise. Luckily, Hudson Heights is a bit quieter. However, if you are bothered by loud music, a party, fireworks or other terrestrial sound, please call 311.
     Other noise comes from the skies. Aircraft fly over our neighborhood en route to LaGuardia Airport or on their way to points west.  

     Helicopters also fly nearby, and sometimes seems to hover. If these sounds are bothersome, please call the Economic Development Corporation at (212) 619-5000 with your concerns about helicopters, or for airplanes call (718) 533-5615 and press 3 for LaGuardia.

     In late 2020 a group of Uptowners formed a task force on noise. The idea came up at a meeting of Community Board 12, which may end up working with the group.


NYC Notify

The city has a way to keep you informed of emergency information as well as less-critical topics like parking changes. Sign up to receive notifications by e-mail, text, or phone messages. To stay informed, click here:


Package Security

Have you lost a box after it was delivered and before you picked it up? You’re not alone: 90,000 of them go missing in New York every day, and residents in some buildings are protecting themselves.

     Some tips:

• Once your package is delivered, pick it up! The longer you wait, the more likely it is to go missing. And when lots of residents leave their packages uncollected, the space fills up and someone’s package has to be left outside the door, where thieves can prey on it.

• Have your package held at the post office, or sign up for informed delivery from the USPS.

• If you’re going to be out of town for more than a few days, the Post Office will hold your mail if you sign up for the free service.

• Take advantage of “Ship to Store” option when it’s available. Amazon offers a locker feature that allows you to pick up your package from a secure location, whether near home or work.

• Request signature confirmation for delivery.

• Never buzz in someone whose identity you can’t establish.

• When you see strangers in the building, a friendly “Hello” or “can I help you find someone?” will let them know the residents are paying attention to visitors.

• And if you see a package at a neighbor’s door, you could collect it and let them know you have it.

     A magazine for co-op apartments suggests being aware of restaurant delivery personnel. The Denver Police Department says one effective deterrent is simply asking a neighbor to accept a package for you.

     If you’re clever, you could try what a NASA engineer has up his sleeve for porch pirates, but it involves a lot of glitter and amassing a certain … scent.



The Pinehurst is committed to recycling in accordance with New York City's goals. Most paper and plastic (but not all), glass and metal are recyclable in our bins in the garbage area.
     Compact fluorescent light bulbs require special recycling because their contents are hazardous. Also known as CFL’s, these bulbs are typically curly in shape. During the pandemic, the ctiy’s drop-off sites, including the one closest to us in Fort George, are closed and will remain so until June. In the meantime, take your CFL bulbs to a retailer that accepts them, such as Home Depot.
     For more information on CFL recycling,
click here.

     As we live through the pandemic and are dealing with a substantially larger volume of garbage, we are already spending more to manage our refuse. Your assistance will help us keep a lid on costs.

  1. Flatten your boxes when you put them in the recycling area. The picture at right, in October, shows what we want to avoid.
  2. Do not put your recycling in plastic bags. That includes plastic recycling. You can throw it all directly in the bin, which contains special bags that the city accepts.
     Keep in mind: The rules are mandated by the Department of Sanitation. So if we don't do it, Bud will have to spend more of his time on your recycling. If he doesn’t, we pay fines — which come from your maintenance fee. Find the zen of breaking down your boxes. It will save you money, too.
     A medida que vivimos la pandemia y nos enfrentamos a un volumen de basura sustancialmente mayor, ya estamos gastando más para gestionar nuestra basura. Su ayuda nos ayudará a controlar los costos.
    1. Aplana tus cajas cuando las pongas en el área de reciclaje. La imagen arriba muestra lo que queremos evitar.
    2. No ponga su reciclaje en bolsas de plástico. Eso incluye el reciclaje de plástico. Puedes tirarlo todo directamente a la papelera, que contiene bolsas especiales que acepta la ciudad.
    Las reglas son impuestas por el Departamento de Saneamiento. Entonces, si no lo hacemos, Bud habrá dedicado más tiempo a tu reciclaje. Si no lo hace, pagamos multas.

Smoke Detectors

When you replace your smoke detectors, you need to upgrade to a 10-year sealed model. A 2019 state law says that all new or replacement smoke detectors must be powered by the long-lasting battery or be hardwired to your electrical system. If you want to sell your apartment, you will need to upgrade your smoke detectors before the sale goes through.


Smoking Policy

In August 2017 Mayor DeBlasio signed legislation that requires all NYC cooperatives and condominiums to adopt formal smoking policies. The Board will be amending the House Rules to include this policy and any shareholders intending to sell or lease their apartment must also include it in their sale or lease agreement.

Smoking Policy
447 smoking Policy_August2018.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [180.7 KB]

STAR Property Tax Rebate

The STAR rebate grants co-op owners (whose apartments are their primary residences) the same school tax relief that owners of real estate have received for years.
     The credit is changing again this year. Some homeowners remain eligible to receive STAR as a property tax exemption, while others will receive the STAR personal income tax credit and will be sent a check by the state. The distinctions are made based on your income, with the lines drawn at incomes over and under $250,000.   
      If you once received the benefit but no longer do, read these instructions to find out if you qualify again. The credit is not given automatically—you  must apply for it—but if you applied in the past you may not need to do so again.
     This year the deadline is March 15, both for your first application and for renewals.
     Details on eligibility are here. The numbers you may need for The Pinehurst are:
     LOT 87  
     BLOCK 2177

     BOROUGH 1


Subways and Transportation

181 Street: Busway Pilot plan
Increasing the speed of transportation along 181st Street has been a goal of everyone for years. In January, the Department of Transportation presented its plan to Community Board 12. It includes changes to parking (and double parking!) and excludes from 181st Street traffic that isn’t a bus, truck, or emergency vehicle.
You can download the plan here.    
      A previous review from Department of Transportation’s of 181st Street is here.

Interactive Subway Map

     The famous map has been revised and moved online. It shows live updates of train locations, such as the one leaving 181st Street, right.


A Train
Scheduled maintenance is posted
here by the MTA.

The Weekender

     Changes to subway service from Friday afternoon to Monday morning are posted here.

Announcement Archive

Weekend picks Guide your child in an exploration of the little things in Fort Tryon Park this afternoon. Learn how an artist creates her installations on Saturday morning. Take a hike on Sunday to learn how Fort Tryon Park plants survive in the winter. —10:38 a.m., January 15


Uptown vaccinations At a news conference yesterday, Mayor DeBlasio addressed the absence of vaccination sites above Harlem. “There is a very intense focus on Upper Manhattan,” he said, but offered no plan to open a site in WaHi or Inwood. —8:35 a.m., January 14

Fort George prices You already know that the neighborhood to our east is the most affordable in Manhattan. A study by the Property Club acknowledges that though determines that it’s not in WaHi. Nonethless, here’s the list of the borough’s 50 cheapest neighborhoods. —9:57 a.m., January 13


Vaccine desert As Patch reports, even though Upper Manhattan has the highest rates of Covid-19 infection in Manhattan, none of the borough’s 23 vaccination sites are above 136th Street. View the map here. —10:52 a.m., January 12


Inwood fire aid That devastating fire in Inwood on Tuesday left 51 uptowners, including 16 children, without a home. You can help them by contributing to fund-raising efforts to assist the families. One organized by the Juan Pablo Duarte Foundation seeks to help the displaced families. Another is to support the mother of Indira Peralta. —11:09 a.m., January 10

Weekend picks Help out at Mulch Fest this morning in Inwood Hill Park, where volunteers, right, are chipping Christmas trees. Find out where the best spots are to watch bald eagles in Upper Manhattan tomorrow morning. Or stay warm by listening to a Hudson Heights group’s poetry reading on Sunday evening. —8:21 a.m., January 8


CitiBikes expanding This week the Department of Transportation proposed four new CitiBikes spots in Fort George. One is on Sherman Avenue at Thayer Street, another on Nagle Avenue at Hillside Avenue, and two on Elwood Street: one at Nagle and another at Broadway. More were pitched for Inwood. Community Board 12 is accepting neighborhood responses. —7:42 a.m., January 7

Infections jumping The rate of Covid tests coming back positive in our Zip code is now the fourth-highest in Manhattan. We’re at 10.12 percent, far above the rate considered even reasonably safe. In Upper Fort George and most of Inwood, the rate is even higher: 10.52 percent. Wear that mask and stay vigilant about social distancing! —7:48 a.m., January 5


Bilingual updates Back in April, when the pandemic was at its scariest, we added Spanish language translations of our residents’ updates here. It’s a fair amount of work, and our requests for feedback have gone unheeded. With the response minimal at best, today we’re discontinuing it.

Actualizaciones bilingües En abril, cuando la pandemia estaba en su punto más aterrador, agregamos aquí traducciones al español de las actualizaciones de nuestros residentes. Es una gran cantidad de trabajo y nuestras solicitudes de comentarios no han sido atendidas. Con la respuesta mínima en el mejor de los casos, hoy lo vamos a suspender. —8:57 a.m., January 4


Reduced retail Among other changes last year, Fort George and Hudson Heights saw the biggest decrease in Uptown of the number of chain stores: a drop of eight from 48 at the beginning of 2020. Love ’em or hate ’em, we also had the most chain stores and we still have more than Lower WaHi (36) and Inwood (37). 

Menor minorista reducido Entre otros cambios el año pasado, Fort George y Hudson Heights vieron la mayor disminución en Uptown de la cantidad de cadenas de tiendas: una caída de ocho de 48 a principios de 2020. Pero también tuvimos la mayor cantidad de cadenas de tiendas y todavía tenemos más que Lower WaHi (36) e Inwood (37). —10:10 a.m., January 3

Happy 2021! Get the year started off right with a 90-minute hike this afternoon through Manhattan’s only untouched forest, right. Then you can warm up with the one-man version of A Christmas Carol, filmed last year in Lower WaHi. There’s another organized hike on Sunday morning, in Fort Tryon Park, so burn some holiday calories!

¡Feliz 2021! Empiece bien el año con una caminata de 90 minutos esta tarde por el único bosque virgen de Manhattan, ¿verdad? Luego, puede calentar con la versión individual de A Christmas Carol, filmada el año pasado en Lower WaHi. Hay otra caminata organizada el domingo por la mañana, en Fort Tryon Park, ¡así que queme algunas calorías navideñas! —9:55 a.m., January 1

Get tested If you’re organized enough to have free time for a Covid test today, don’t delay: the testing site on 168th Street (see “Covid-19 Information,” above) is closing at 2 for the holiday and will be closed tomorrow.

Hágase la prueba Si desea obtener una prueba de Covid hoy, no se demore: el sitio de prueba en la calle 168 (consulte “Información de Covid-19,” arriba) cierra a las 2 para las vacaciones y será cerrado mañana. —10:03 a.m., December 31

Geese a-laying Did you receive any fowl today? Had your true love given you a half-dozen geese on this sixth day of Christmas, the bill would have been 35.7 percent higher than last year. But if your admirer had bought everything in the song “Twelve Days of Christmas,” the cost would have declined 58.5 compared to 2019. Which is another way of saying that the drop in WaHi apartment sale prices was comparatively low, at 27.9 percent. That’s steep, but better than the Lower East Side (–34.6%), Flatiron (–45%), Midtown West (–50.7%), and Hamilton Heights (–72.7%).

Poniendo gansos ¿Recibiste alguna ave hoy? Si su verdadero amor le hubiera dado media docena de gansos en este sexto día de Navidad, la factura habría sido un 35,7 por ciento más alta que el año pasado. Pero si su admirador hubiera comprado todo en la canción "Doce días de Navidad", el costo habría disminuido 58,5 en comparación con 2019. Lo cual es otra forma de decir que la caída en los precios de venta de apartamentos WaHi fue comparativamente baja, un 27,9 por ciento. Eso es empinado, pero mejor que el Lower East Side (–34,6%), Flatiron (–45%), Midtown West (–50,7%) y Hamilton Heights (–72,7%). —9:02 a.m., December 30

Covid infections The rate is getting worse. Here in Zip code 10033, including Fort George and part of Lower WaHi, 7.98 percent of people are infected, more than the rate for the city, which is 7 percent. In Inwood, it’s even higher: 8.53 percent. Scroll down to find out how to get tested for free and how to find out if you have coronavirus antibodies.

Infecciones por Covid La tasa está empeorando. Aquí, en el código postal 10033, incluido Fort George y parte de Lower WaHi, el 7,98 por ciento de las personas están infectadas, más que la tasa de la ciudad, que es del 7 por ciento. En Inwood, es incluso más alto: 8,53 por ciento. Desplácese hacia abajo para descubrir cómo hacerse la prueba gratis y cómo saber si tiene anticuerpos contra el coronavirus. —9:11 a.m., December 29


Christmas tree disposal When you’re ready to say goodbye to your (formerly) live Christmas tree, wreath, or roping, get one of the bags Bud placed in the basement by the window and put your greenery in it before you take it to the garbage area. (That keeps the needles from trailing behind you.) Or if you want to burn some calories, drag it to J. Hood Wright Park, where it will be turned into mulch for the city’s sidewalk trees.

Eliminación del árbol de Navidad Cuando esté listo para despedirse de su (anteriormente) árbol de Navidad vivo, corona o cuerda, obtenga una de las bolsas que Bud colocó en el sótano junto a la ventana y coloque su vegetación en ella antes de llevarla a la zona de basura. (Eso evita que las agujas se arrastren detrás de usted). O si desea quemar algunas calorías, arrástrelo hasta J. Hood Wright Park, donde se convertirá en abono. —2:13 p.m., December 28


Top books Have you kept up with your reading list? Catch up by using the public library’s grab-and-go service, available at the Washington Heights branch in Lower WaHi at 1000 St. Nicholas Avenue. Here are the top five books checked out from the public library this year:

Los mejores libros ¿Se ha mantenido al día con su lista de lectura? Póngase al día utilizando el servicio para llevar de la biblioteca pública, disponible en la sucursal de Washington Heights en Lower WaHi en 1000 St. Nicholas Avenue. Aquí están los cinco libros más importantes que se sacaron de la biblioteca pública este año: —11:08 a.m., December 27

1. The Vanishing Half, by Brit Bennett

2. White Fragility: Why It's So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism, by Robin DiAngelo

3. The Glass Hotel, by Emily St. John Mandel

4. Where the Crawdads Sing, by Delia Owens

5. The Dutch House, by Ann Patchett


Weekend picks Work off some of those calories on a hike exploring historic spots in Inwood Hill Park this afternoon. Schedule a tour of Manhattan’s oldest house on Sunday.

Fin de semana Elimine algunas de esas calorías en una caminata explorando lugares históricos en Inwood Hill Park esta tarde. Programe un recorrido por la casa más antigua de Manhattan el domingo. —8:22 a.m., December 26

Little hooves All Bud could find only little hoof prints in the snow … and a stray ribbon or two by the chinmey.

Pequeñas pezuñas Lo único que Bud pudo encontrar son pequeñas huellas de pezuñas en la nieve ... y una cinta suelta o dos en la barbilla. —12:33 a.m., December 25

Down of a thistle Such a clatter Bud is checking on reports from the sixth floor of noises on the roof. Have you heard them too?

Abajo de un cardo Tal estrépito Bud está comprobando los informes del sexto piso de ruidos en el tejado. ¿Los has escuchado también? —11:54 p.m., December 24


Trimming trees As Santa’s visit draws near, your live tree, wreath or roping needs a bit of water  to keep its needles from falling off—and to prevent it from becoming a fire hazard. Spray a bit of water on it and add some to the pan holding your tree, especially if you’re leaving town.

Poda de árboles A medida que se acerca la visita de Papá Noel, su árbol vivo, corona o cuerda necesita un poco de agua para evitar que las agujas se caigan y para evitar que se convierta en un peligro de incendio. Rocíe un poco de agua y agregue un poco a la bandeja que sostiene su árbol, especialmente si se va de la ciudad.

¿Disfrutas leyendo nuestras notas en español? En abril comenzamos a traducir nuestras notas. Hemos tenido poca respuesta a ellos, por lo que estamos planeando volver al inglés solo en el nuevo año. Si tiene interés en leerlos en español, háganoslo saber pronto. —9:31 a.m., December 22


Winter arrives In case you couldn’t tell by looking out your window, winter arried three hours ago. The changing of the season makes for an excellent reminder to change the batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detector. Need help? Ask Bud.

Llega el invierno El invierno llegó hace tres horas. El cambio de estación es un excelente recordatorio para cambiar las baterías de sus detectores de humo y detector de monóxido de carbono. ¿Necesitas ayuda? Pregúntale a Bud. —8:02 a.m., December 21


Park encounter Notice anything big, orange, and scary near Shorakkopoch Rock recently? Chances are it wasn’t an over-ripe jack o’lantern but a pumpkin spider. Also known as an orb-weaver spider, they’re usually nocturnal, but the good thing is they’re safe … to humans, anyway.

Encuentro en el parque ¿Has notado algo grande, naranja y aterrador cerca de Shorakkopoch Rock recientemente? Lo más probable es que no fuera una jack o'lantern demasiado madura, sino una araña calabaza. También conocida como araña tejedora de orbes, por lo general son nocturnas, pero lo bueno es que son seguras ... para los humanos, de todos modos. —10:57 a.m., December 20


Weekend picks Go sledding today! The Billings Lawn in Fort Tryon Park is a popular spot. Wintry weather is perfect for eagle-watching, so wear an extra layer Saturday morning and head to Inwood Hill Park. Then warm up on Sunday with stories and crafts from Reza and Josefina live online.

Fin de semana ¡Ve a montar en trineo hoy! El césped Billings en Fort Tryon Park es un lugar popular. El clima invernal es perfecto para observar águilas, así que use una capa adicional el sábado por la mañana y diríjase a Inwood Hill Park. Luego, calienta el domingo con historias y manualidades de Reza y Josefina en vivo en línea. —8:34 a.m., December 18

Snow day! Schools are closed, roads are closed, but how pretty it all looks. Have a cup of cocoa and when you see Bud, thank him for all that back-straining work of keeping our sidewalk clear.

¡Dia de nieve! Las escuelas están cerradas, las carreteras están cerradas, pero qué bonito se ve todo. Tómate una taza de chocolate y, cuando veas a Bud, agradécele por todo ese esfuerzo de mantener despejada nuestra acera. —8:37 a.m., December 17

Food banks Expand your holiday this year by donating to one of these Uptown organizations that provide meals and more to New Yorkers in need.

Bancos de alimentos Amplíe sus vacaciones este año donando a una de estas organizaciones de Uptown que ofrecen comidas y más a los neoyorquinos necesitados. —8:12 a.m., December 16

Dyckman Farmhouse Museum’s food kit project, in Inwood

Hudson Communty Project, through the YM & YWHA in Fort George

Washington Heights Ecumenical Food Pantry

The Neediest Cases Fund, through The New York Times


Winter storm A nor’easter is predicted tomorrow, so get out your boots and tread carefully over our tile floor which could get slippery with melting snow. One bonus of the weather: alternate-side parking is suspended both Wednesday and Thursday.

Tormenta de invierno Se predice una tormenta del nordeste para mañana, así que sáquese las botas y pise con cuidado nuestro piso de baldosas que podría volverse resbaladizo con la nieve derretida. Una ventaja del clima: el estacionamiento en el lado alternativo está suspendido tanto el miércoles como el jueves. —2:57 p.m., December 15


Package room Protect your deliveries by collecting your packages on the day they’re deliered. With the holidays around the corner, packages pile up and spill out, leaving them vulnerable to thieves. So if you’re expecting a package, check for it!

Sala de paquetes Proteja sus entregas recogiendo sus paquetes el día en que se entregan. Con las vacaciones a la vuelta de la esquina, los paquetes se acumulan y se derraman, dejándolos vulnerables a los ladrones. Si está esperando un paquete, ¡compruébelo! —11:01 a.m., December 13

Weekend picks An open mic for the younger set takes place virtually tonight. Take a festive drink to the thirty-first annual lighting of RING garden’s Christmas tree and menorah, right, tomorrow afternoon. Sit back to enjoy live parlor jazz webcast from Inwood on Sunday.

Fin de semana Prácticamente esta noche tiene lugar un micrófono abierto para los más jóvenes. Tome una bebida festiva en la iluminación anual del árbol de Navidad y la menorá de RING Garden, a la derecha, mañana por la tarde. Siéntese para disfrutar del webcast de jazz de salón en vivo de Inwood el domingo. —8:58 a.m., December 11

Infections increasing The good news is our Zip code now has only the fourth highest rate of Covid-19 infections in Upper Manhattan for the week ending Dec. 4. The bad news is Upper Manhattan has the Zip code with the highest rate in the borough: in 10040, which is Sherman Creek, upper Fort George, and Hudson Heights from Bennett Avenue east, the rate is 6.05 percent. In 10033 the rate is 4.66 percent, an increase of 16.79 percent over the previous week.

Aumento de infecciones Nuestro código postal ahora tiene solo la cuarta tasa más alta de infecciones por Covid-19 en el Alto Manhattan para la semana que finalizó el 4 de diciembre. Pero el Alto Manhattan tiene el código postal con la tasa más alta en el municipio: en 10040, que es Sherman Creek, Fort George y Hudson Heights de Bennett Avenue este, la tasa es del 6.05 por ciento. En 10033 la tasa es del 4,66 por ciento, un aumento del 16,79 por ciento con respecto a la semana anterior. —9:34 a.m., December 9


Renaming Bennett With the recent discovery of James Gordon Bennett’s racist and anti-abolitionist writings, should he remain the namesake of Bennett Park? The Community Board holds an open meeting tonight to discuss the question. You can join by Zoom.

Cambio el nombre Con el reciente descubrimiento de los escritos racistas y antiabolicionistas de James Gordon Bennett, ¿debería seguir siendo el mismo nombre de Bennett Park? La Junta de la Comunidad celebra una reunión abierta esta noche para discutir la cuestión. Puede unirse mediante Zoom. —8:08 a.m., December 8


Prices drop For the first time sice Property Shark has been keeping records (a decade or so?) no New York Zip code appears on its list of the ten priciest. Only one Manhattan Zip code, on the Upper West Side, saw an increase in the last year. Here’s the full list.

Bajan los precios Por primera vez, Sice Property Shark lleva registros (¿una década más o menos?) ningún código postal de Nueva York aparece en su lista de los diez más caros. Solo un código postal de Manhattan, en el Upper West Side, experimentó un aumento en el último año. Aquí está la lista completa. —8:11 a.m., December 7


“1” Train Starting today there is no 1 service at 181 Street Station. The MTA is completely replacing its elevators (they're over 80 years old!) that provide access to the station. The work is scheduled to last until next December.

El “1” Tren A partir de hoy no hay 1 servicio en la estación 181 Street. La MTA está reemplazando por completo sus ascensores (¡tienen más de 80 años!) Que brindan acceso a la estación. Está previsto que las obras duren hasta el próximo mes de diciembre. —11:08 a.m., December 6

Weekend picks Help set up the RING garden’s outdoor menorah this afternoon, or stream the lighting of the Dyckman Christmas tree this evening. Join in Pied Piper’s virtual gala tomorrow night. On Sunday afternoon take a hike in Inwood to learn about native trees, right.

Fin de semana Ayude a instalar la menorá al aire libre del jardín RING esta tarde o transmita la iluminación del árbol de Navidad Dyckman esta noche. Únase a la gala virtual de Pied Piper mañana por la noche. El domingo por la tarde, haga una caminata en Inwood para aprender sobre los árboles nativos, a la derecha. —7:35 a.m., December 4

Noise complaints Never known for its bucolic calm, New York is louder than ever. Or maybe people are just noticing it more now that we’re spending more time at home. Calls to 311 about fireworks more than doubled this year compared to 2019, and complaints about loud music from cars went up by nearly 145 percent. More stats are here. Calls to 311 help the city determine where to send its resources so eep dialing to make your voice heard.

Quejas de ruido Nunca conocida por su bucólica calma, Nueva York es más ruidosa que nunca. Las llamadas al 311 sobre fuegos artificiales se duplicaron con creces este año en comparación con 2019, y las quejas sobre la música alta de los automóviles aumentaron en casi un 145 por ciento. Más estadísticas están aquí. Las llamadas al 311 ayudan a la ciudad a determinar a dónde enviar sus recursos, así que siga marcando para que se escuche su voz. —7:17 a.m., December 3


Missing packages Did you notice two large boxes from Pottery Barn Kids on Friday? UPS delivered them in the afternoon. Lisa can’t find them so if you have any leads, please let her know.

Paquetes faltantes ¿Notó dos cajas grandes de Pottery Barn Kids el viernes? UPS los entregó por la tarde. Lisa no puede encontrarlos, así que si tienes alguna pista, avísala. —12:32 p.m., December 2


Infection rates The Zip codes of Upper Manhattan have four of the five highest rates of Covid-19 infection in Manhattan for the week ending Friday. In 10033, the rate increased to 4.22 percent, the highest in WaHi and Inwood. There were 71 new cases in 10033 diagnosed last week. Stay vigilant!

Tasas de infección Los códigos postales del Alto Manhattan tienen cuatro de las cinco tasas más altas de infección por Covid-19 en Manhattan durante la semana que finaliza el viernes. En 10033, la tasa aumentó a 4,22 por ciento, la más alta en WaHi e Inwood. Hubo 71 nuevos casos en 10033 diagnosticados la semana pasada. ¡Mantente alerta! —7:26 a.m., December 2


Giving Tuesday These neighborhood institutions asked us to share their appeals for your support of their Upper Manhattan missions as we pause to help non-profit ventures.
Martes de donaciones Estas instituciones del vecindario nos pidieron que compartamos sus llamamientos por su apoyo a sus misiones en el Alto Manhattan mientras hacemos una pausa para ayudar a empresas sin fines de lucro. —8:36 a.m., December 1

Dyckman Farmhouse Museum food bank

Fort Tryon Park Trust (your donation will be matched)

Hispanic Museum and Library

International Mountain Bicycling Association (they maintain the trails in Highbridge Park)

Morris-Jumel Mansion

Pied Piper Children’s Theatre

UP Theater’s Tuesday Schmuesday


Transit survey How has Covid-19 changed the way you commute? A group of Columbia scholars  who use data to understand travel patterns created this survey, which is open to all and takes about ten minutes to complete.

Encuesta de tránsito ¿Cómo ha cambiado Covid-19 la forma en que viaja? Un grupo de académicos de Columbia que utiliza datos para comprender los patrones de viaje creó esta encuesta, que está abierta a todos y tarda unos diez minutos en completarse. —7:13 a.m., November 30

Kids’ clothes Emily is passing along these clothes, so if you could use some let her know before she puts them in the donation bin and she will leave a bag on your door. These are the gently worn and have a lot more life in them. The shirts in the bottom row are size 3. The balance is 18–24 months.

Ropa de niños Emily le está pasando esta ropa, así que si puede usar alguna, avísele antes de que la ponga en el contenedor de donaciones y dejará una bolsa en su puerta. Estos son los que se usan con cuidado y tienen mucha más vida en ellos. Las camisetas de la fila inferior son de la talla 3. El saldo es de 18 a 24 meses. —8:21 a.m., November 28

Weekend picks Relax your mind with a special reading of the Song of Solomon tonight. Work off some pumpkin pie calories tomorrow on a hike through Inwood Hill Park. Help tidy Sir Williams’ Dog Run on Sunday morning in Fort Tryon Park.

Fin de semana Relaja tu mente con una lectura especial del Cantar de los Cantares esta noche. Elimine algunas calorías de pastel de calabaza mañana en una caminata por Inwood Hill Park. Ayude a ordenar el Dog Run de Sir Williams el domingo por la mañana en Fort Tryon Park. —9:02 a.m., November 27


Thanksgiving travel Visiting family and friends increases the chance of getting and spreading Covid-19. Know the latest New York State travel restrictions. Basically, if you traveled for more than 24 hours to any state except Vermont, Connecticut, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania, you must get a Covid-19 test before returning home and once back must quarantine for three days.

     Tuesday update: Free Covid tests are available until 1 this afternoon in Fort George at the George Washington Educational Campus, 549 Audubon Avenue near 187th Street. No appointment needed.

Viajes de Thanksgiving Visitar a familiares y amigos aumenta la posibilidad de contraer y transmitir Covid -19. Conozca las últimas restricciones de viaje del estado de Nueva York. Básicamente, si viajó durante más de 24 horas a cualquier estado excepto Vermont, Connecticut, Nueva Jersey o Pensilvania, debe hacerse una prueba de Covid-19 antes de regresar a casa y una vez de regreso debe estar en cuarentena durante tres días. —7:41 a.m., November 26

Yellow zone Yesterday the mayor declared that Hudson Heights and Fort George up to 187th Street are under restrictions that are fairly permissive. Businesses may remain open as long as they follow safety measures, restaurant dining rooms may seat up to four people per table, and outdoor activities must be smaller than 25 people.

Zona amarilla Ayer, el alcalde declaró que Hudson Heights y Fort George hasta la Calle 187 están sometidas a restricciones bastante permisivas. Los negocios pueden permanecer abiertos siempre que sigan las medidas de seguridad, los comedores de los restaurantes pueden tener capacidad para cuatro personas por mesa y las actividades al aire libre deben tener menos de 25 personas. —7:18 a.m., November 25

Inwood rezoning The city’s plan to allow large residential developments will move ahead after the Court of Appeals denied an appeal from Upper Manhattan residents to reconsider. The development would create new homes for thousands of people.

Rezonificación de Inwood El plan de la ciudad para permitir grandes desarrollos residenciales seguirá adelante después de que el Tribunal de Apelaciones rechazó una apelación de los residentes del Alto Manhattan para reconsiderar. El desarrollo crearía nuevos hogares para miles de personas.

—7:41 a.m., November 24

Infections rising The rate of positive infections of Covid-19 in our Zip code has reached 4.2 percent, making it the second-highest in all Manhattan for the week endIng Nov. 17. The highest rate is in Inwood, in 10040. Stay indoors as much as possible and consider checking with elderly and ill neighbors.  You can get Covid test results within 24 hours at COVID Express in Lower WaHi at 600 West 168th Street. Testing is free and available by appointment only,

Aumento de las infecciones La tasa de infecciones positivas de Covid-19 en nuestro código postal ha alcanzado el 4,2 por ciento, lo que la convierte en la segunda más alta de todo Manhattan durante el fin de semana del 17 de noviembre. La tasa más alta se encuentra en Inwood, en 10040. Quédese en interiores como tanto como sea posible y considere consultar con vecinos ancianos y enfermos. Puede obtener los resultados de las pruebas de Covid en 24 horas en COVID Express en Lower WaHi en 600 West 168th Street. Las pruebas son gratuitas y están disponibles solo con cita previa. —7:50 a.m., November 23

Life balance survey Have you returned to work but finding it challenging to balance your job and caregiving? How can your workplace adjust to serve your needs better balancing work and family? The city wants to help. Take this survey from the Comptroller’s office to share your thoughts.

Encuesta sobre el equilibrio de la vida ¿Ha vuelto al trabajo pero le resulta difícil equilibrar su trabajo y su cuidado? ¿Cómo se puede adaptar su lugar de trabajo para satisfacer sus necesidades, equilibrando mejor el trabajo y la familia? La ciudad quiere ayudar. Responda esta encuesta de la oficina de la Contraloría para compartir sus pensamientos. —10:33 a.m., November 22

Weekend picks The leader of the Jazz Power Institute give his own solo piano concert this evening, featuring music by Monk, Joplin, and some work of his own. Help Uptown’s private park — which is open to all — decorate for the holidays tomorrow morning. On Sunday afternoon you can hear from a Niccolo Pizarro, right, a cartoonist who illustrates the news in all its fast-moving craziness.

Fín de semana El líder del Jazz Power Institute ofrecerá su propio concierto de piano solo esta noche, con música de Monk, Joplin y algunos trabajos propios. Ayuda al parque privado de Uptown, que está abierto a todos, a decorar para las fiestas de mañana por la mañana. El domingo por la tarde se puede escuchar a Niccolo Pizarro, a derecho, un dibujante que ilustra la noticia. —7:48 a.m., November 20

Riverside Drive fire Emergency personnel are on the scene of a two alarm fire in a high-rise building at Riverside Drive and West 182 Street in Hudson Heights. Expect smoke, traffic delays, and emergency vehicles in the area.

Separately: Due to a broken-down vehicle, expect extensive southbound traffic delays in the area of the GWB. Consider alternate routes and allow for additional travel time.

Incendio de Riverside Drive El personal de emergencia se encuentra en la escena de un incendio de dos alarmas en un edificio en Riverside Drive y West 182 Street en Hudson Heights. Espere humo, retrasos en el tráfico y vehículos de emergencia en el área.

Por separado: debido a un vehículo averiado, se esperan grandes retrasos en el tráfico hacia el sur en el área del puente George Washington. Considere rutas alternativas y permita un tiempo de viaje adicional.—7:05 a.m., November 19


Traffic delay Due to a vehicle collision, expect extensive westbound traffic delays on the Trans- Manhattan Expressway at Fort Washington Avenue in Lower WaHi. Consider alternate routes and allow for additional travel time.

Retraso en el tráfico Debido a la colisión de un vehículo, se esperan retrasos en el tráfico en dirección oeste en la autopista Trans-Manhattan Expressway en Fort Washington Avenue en Lower WaHi. Considere rutas alternativas y permita un tiempo de viaje adicional. —11:44 a.m., November 18


Infections increase The coronavirus is infecting our neighborhood at an alarming rate. For the week ending Thursday, the infection rate in our Zip code reached 3.66 percent, an increase of 52.5 percent over the previous week’s rate. Worse still is the rate in 10040, which covers the upper portions of Fort George and Hudson Heights, and which now has the second-highest rate of all Zip codes in all five boroughs: 4.61 percent. That figure is 62.9 percent higher that the previous week’s.

Aumentan las infecciones El coronavirus está infectando nuestro barrio a un ritmo alarmante. Para la semana que terminó el jueves, la tasa de infección en nuestro código postal alcanzó el 3,66 por ciento, un aumento del 52,5 por ciento sobre la tasa de la semana anterior. Peor aún es la tasa en 10040, que cubre las partes superiores de Fort George y Hudson Heights, y que ahora tiene la segunda tasa más alta de todos los códigos postales en los cinco condados: 4.61 por ciento. Esa cifra es un 62,9 por ciento más alta que la de la semana anterior. —7:54 a.m., November 17


Health & safety New York City is at a turning point with Covid-19. While maintaining low levels of community transmission, we are now nearing a citywide percent positivity of 3 percent. Act now to stop the increase in cases and hospitalizations. The city recommends that you do not travel for the rest of the year, and that you do not gather with people outside your household even for the holidays.

     If you do travel, you must follow State guidelines for quarantining and/or testing upon return. Regardless of travel, all New Yorkers should be getting tested. To find locations to get tested for free: visit or call  212 - COVID19  or text COVID TEST to 855 - 48.

Su salud y seguridad La ciudad de Nueva York se encuentra en un punto de inflexión con Covid-19. Si bien mantenemos bajos niveles de transmisión comunitaria, ahora nos estamos acercando a un porcentaje de positividad en toda la ciudad del 3 por ciento. Actúe ahora para detener el aumento de casos y hospitalizaciones. La ciudad recomienda que no viaje durante el resto del año y que no se reúna con personas ajenas a su hogar ni siquiera durante las vacaciones.

     Si viaja, debe seguir las pautas estatales para la cuarentena y / o las pruebas al regresar. Independientemente del viaje, todos los neoyorquinos deberían hacerse la prueba. Para encontrar ubicaciones para hacerse la prueba gratis: visite o llame al 212 - COVID19 o envíe un mensaje de texto con COVID TEST al 855-48. —11:06 a.m., November 15

Weekend picks Discover the history of Fort Tryon Park this evening and the centuries of activity that happened there before Gov. Tryon was even born. On Saturday, make candles, right, the way the Morris and Jumel families did. A graphic novelist tells their story of the personal and political on Sunday.

Fin de semana Descubra la historia de Fort Tryon Park esta noche y los siglos de actividad que ocurrieron allí antes del nacimiento del gobernador Tryon. El sábado, haga velas, como hacían las familias Morris y Jumel. Un novelista gráfico cuenta su historia de lo personal y político el domingo. —7:58 a.m., November 13

Urgent contact If you need help in your apartment and you need it right away, call Bud. If he can’t respond place your next call to Argo’s 24-hour help line. The staff is always ready to help you with safety and maintenance needs, including plumbing: (212) 896-8600.

Contacto urgente Si necesita ayuda en su apartamento y la necesita de inmediato, llame a Bud. Si no puede responder, haga su próxima llamada a la línea de ayuda de Argo las 24 horas. El personal siempre está listo para ayudarlo con las necesidades de seguridad y mantenimiento, incluida la plomería: (212) 896-8600. —9:03 a.m., November 12


Covid rates They’re going up, and our neighborhood had Manhattan’s fourth-highest increase for the week ending Friday. The Zip code covering Hudson Heights and Fort George had a positivity rate of 2.4 percent, and just above us, in 10040, the rate was 2.83. The rate for all of the city is 2.36 percent, which includes hotspots in the Bronx and Staten Island. Take precautions!

Tarifas de Covid Las tasas de Covid están subiendo, y nuestro vecindario tuvo el cuarto aumento más alto de Manhattan para la semana que terminó el viernes. El código postal que cubre Hudson Heights y Fort George tiene una tasa de positividad del 2.4 por ciento, y justo por encima de nosotros, en 10040, la tasa fue 2.83. La tasa para toda la ciudad es del 2,36 por ciento, que incluye puntos de acceso en el Bronx y Staten Island. ¡Toma precauciones! —8:28 a.m., November 10

Gus’s ghouls What a night: All Hallow’s Eve. Thanks to a virus we couldn’t leave when kids in costumes were up for tricks but really just wanted their candy fix. Costumed (and masked) they rode to B and found creatures and beakers promising glee. It’s all over now — they’ve had their fix — but you can see it on our page of pics.

Mini monsters Disfruta de las fotos del espectáculo de Halloween que Gus creó para los niños con sus disfraces. —7:35 a.m., November 9

Going up Scheduled to be completed by February 2021, the elevator upgrades in 181 Street Station of the “A” Train will be complete by the end of the month. The next service upgrade: replacing those escalators, which have been in use (and frequently out of use) since the 1950s.

Subiendo Programado para completarse en febrero de 2021, las mejoras de los ascensores en la estación de la calle 181 del tren "A" se completarán a finales de mes. La próxima actualización del servicio: reemplazo de las escaleras mecánicas, que han estado en uso (y frecuentemente fuera de uso) desde la década de 1950. —1:20 p.m., November 8


Weekend picks An open mic for kids welcomes home-grown talent tonight on Zoom. Venture to Jumel Terrace in the hunt for paranormal activity on Saturday night. Find out on Sunday how a cartoonist is documenting her experiences in New York during the pandemic.

Fin de semana Un micrófono abierto para niños da la bienvenida a los talentos locales esta noche en Zoom. Aventúrate a Jumel Terrace en busca de actividad paranormal el sábado por la noche. Descubra el domingo cómo una caricaturista documenta sus experiencias en Nueva York durante la pandemia. —7:57 a.m., November 6


Covid increase Don’t let your guard down. Rates of Covid-19 infection are on the rise in all three WaHi Zip codes. Wear your mask and stay socially distant.

Aumento de Covid No bajes la guardia. Las tasas de infección por Covid-19 están aumentando en los tres códigos postales de WaHi. Use su máscara y manténgase socialmente distante. —7:21 a.m., November 5

Election day Get out and vote! Polls are open until tonight at 9. Pinehurst residents vote at Holyrood Church.

Día de las elecciones ¡Sal y vota! Las urnas están abiertas hasta esta noche a las 9. Los residentes de Pine-hurst votan en la Iglesia Holyrood. —6:57 a.m., November 3


Subway map After decades of reliable service, the MTA’s subway map has been updated. One change is to show space more accurately — so Manhattan isn’t squished east to west. Another is adding live updates to the online version so you can track your train in real time.

Mapa del metro Después de décadas de servicio confiable, el mapa del metro de la MTA se ha actualizado. Un cambio es mostrar el espacio con mayor precisión, de modo que Manhattan no esté aplastado de este a oeste. Otro es agregar actualizaciones en vivo a la versión en línea para que pueda rastrear su tren. —7:53 a.m., November 2

Home gear giveaway Jennifer P. is setting up a guest room and is offering up for free:
1. Queen-size box spring (pristine),
2. IKEA shoe entryway rack, and
3. rolling laundry cart (labeled neatly already with light/dark/handwash/dry clean if you're into the *very clear laundry expectations* life).

Sorteo de artículos para el hogar Jennifer P. está preparando una habitación de invitados y ofrece gratis:
1. somier de tamaño queen (impecable),
2. Estante de entrada para zapatos IKEA, y
3. carrito de lavandería con ruedas (etiquetado cuidadosamente con claro / oscuro / lavado a mano / limpieza en seco si te gustan las * expectativas muy claras de lavandería *). —10:14 a.m., November 1

Fall back No costume — or mask — needed for this task. Daylight Saving ends early on All Soul’s Day, so set your clocks and watches back an hour before bed on All Hallow’s Eve.

Cambio de tiempo No se necesita disfraz o máscara para esta tarea. El horario de verano termina temprano en el Día de los Muertos, así que retrase sus relojes una hora antes de acostarse en la Visperos de Todos los Santos. —12:13 p.m., October 31

Weekend picks Start your Halloween today with a virtual party for kids or a presentation of the human bones found at Isham Street and Tenth Avenue. On All Hallow’s Eve there’s a costume party at Bruce’s Garden, near Isham Park, in the morning, a trick-or-treat event in Lower WaHi in the afternoon, and a treat for our kids, right, in our catacombs (sign up here). Then on All Soul’s Day you can join in the opening of a memorial in Roger Morris Park to those who have died in the pandemic.

    Halloween not your thing? One of New York magazine’s weekend picks is Fantasyland, from the Daniel Gwirtzman Dance Company, online through Sunday.

Fin de semana Comience su Halloween hoy con una fiesta virtual para ninos o una presentación de los huesos humanos encontrados en Isham Street y Tenth Avenue. En All Hallow's Eve hay una fiesta de disfraces en Bruce's Garden, cerca de Isham Park, por la mañana, un evento de truco o trato en Lower WaHi por la tarde, y un regalo para nuestros hijos, arriba, en el sótano (enlace de registro abajo). Luego, en el Día de los Muertos, puede unirse a la inauguración de un monumento en Roger Morris Park para aquellos que han muerto en la pandemia. —7:59 a.m., October 30

Early voting Lines are long at Uptown’s polling place for voters who want to get a jump on election day. Waits at the Fort Washington Armory are lasting hours, so if you’re going take a book, some water and a snack. The voters’ entrance is at 216 Fort Washington Avenue and it’s open today from 10 to 6, tomorrow and Saturday from 10 to 7, and on Sunday from 7 to 4.

Votación anticipada Son argas en el lugar de votación de Uptown para los votantes que desean dar un salto el día de las elecciones. Las esperas en la Armería de Fort Washington duran horas, así que si vas a llevar un libro, un poco de agua y un bocadillo. La entrada de los votantes está en 216 Fort Washington Avenue y está abierta hoy de 10 a 6, mañana y sábado de 10 a 7, y el domingo de 7 a 4. —8:05 a.m., October 29


Bennett Park lawn Our nearest park is so popular that the grass in the middle never gets a chance to grow, so the city is considering a plan to replace it with artificial grass which is durable and easy to clean. Show your support for the improvement at a Parks meeting tomorrow on Zoom. Details and the sign-up link are here, under Thursday.

Césped del parque Bennett Nuestro parque más cercano es tan popular que el césped del medio nunca tiene la oportunidad de crecer, por lo que la ciudad está considerando un plan para reemplazarlo por césped artificial que sea duradero y fácil de limpiar. Muestre su apoyo a la mejora en una reunión de Parques en Zoom. Los detalles y el enlace de registro están aquí, en Thursday. —8:49 a.m., October 28

Weird walk The Board of Directors welcomes residents with children to experience a fun-filled Halloween walk-through in our basement! The walk-through will be open on Halloween and visits are by reservation only. Please reserve your time slot here. All those attending should 

wear a proper face covering at all times. The Board thanks Gus of Apartment B for the idea, design, and build!

Caminata extraña ¡La Junta Directiva da la bienvenida a los residentes con niños para que experimenten un recorrido de Halloween lleno de diversión en nuestro sótano! El recorrido estará abierto en Halloween y las visitas son solo con reserva. Por favor reserve su franja horaria aquí. Todos los asistentes deben usar una cubierta facial adecuada en todo momento. ¡La Junta agradece a Gus del Apartamento B por la idea, el diseño y la construcción! —8:34 a.m., October 27

Address labels Did you sign up for free labels from the NYPL? Check your mail: they’ve been arriving.

Etiquetas de dirección ¿Se registró para obtener etiquetas gratuitas de la NYPL? Revise su correo: han estado llegando. —8:09 a.m., October 26

Steam heat With chilly weather upon us, keep in mind that to heat your apartment your radiator must be dialled all the way open or all the way closed. Setting the knob in between will lead to rusting the radiator, and that leads to leaks. Questions? Ask Bud!

Calor de vapor Con el clima frío sobre nosotros, tenga en cuenta que para escuchar su apartamento, su radiador debe estar completamente abierto o completamente cerrado. Colocar la perilla en el medio conducirá a oxidar el radiador y eso provocará fugas. Preguntas? ¡Pregúntale a Bud! —10:24 a.m., October 25


Weekend picks The Dominican Film Festival returns for its ninth year in an all-virtual format. Today’s release tells the story of young man in a small border town. Tomorrow morning you can examine pre-Columbian artefacts unearthed in Upper Manhattan through the Dyckman Farmhouse Museum. Novelists and poets are the featured guests when the Bloom reading series resumes on Sunday evening.

Fin de semana El Festival de Cine Dominicano regresa por noveno año. El lanzamiento de hoy cuenta la historia de un joven en una pequeña ciudad fronteriza. Mañana por la mañana puede examinar los artefactos precolombinos desenterrados en el Alto Manhattan a través del Museo Dyckman Farmhouse. Los novelistas y poetas son los invitados destacados cuando la serie de lectura de Bloom se reanuda el domingo por la noche. —7:51 a.m., October 23

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