Residents’ Information

Marshalls opens The grand opening is tomorrow, marking one of the long-awaited big name retailers’ débuts in the GWB Bus Station. Shopping there is more then retail therapy. Marshall supports Fresh Youth Initiatives, an organization that support children in WaHi. –5:56 p.m., September 20


Cooler weather The subway stations are still plenty warm but the weather is beginning to turn as the changes in seasons approaches. If you like to removes your window air conditioner, remember that city ordinances requires that a licensed professional do the job—for safety’s sake. A list of neighborhood pros is at the bottom of our About page. –10:14 a.m., September 17


Weekend picks The Hip Hop Hall of Fame awards are handed out tonight in Lower WaHi, where tomorrow you can take part in a commemoration of the Battle of Harlem Heights at a colonial mansion. On Sunday there’s a change of pace, with a monthly reading group meet up in Inwood. –7:37 a.m., September 15



Application Forms

Download the forms you need, posted here as pdf files. If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, please call our property manager, who can also send you any of these forms through the mail.

Automatic Payment
Never be late again with your maintenance fee. Sign up for automatic payment from your checking account. It’s ideal for travelers. There’s no cost, and with it you’ll never pay another late fee.
ACH Form Scan.PDF
PDF File [132.6 KB]
Bike Rack
Store your bicycle in the basement storage room. Please keep it locked to the rack. To get your rack, fill out this form. (It’s the same as the Storage Cage form, just check the Bike Rack box at the bottom.)
Pinehurst 447 Storage Lease.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [58.4 KB]
Decoration Agreement
If the improvement you’re planning is less extensive than a renovation but you’re still planning to use outside help to complete the job, you may be eligible to use the decoration agreement. It’s less extensive than the alteration agreement (below, under Renovations and Alterations). Before submitting a decoration agreement, please visit with the property manager.
Pinehurst 447 Decoration Agreement.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [223.3 KB]
House Rules
Our building is a community, as well as our home. Residents share the responsibility to ensure a safe and pleasant quality of life at reasonable cost. We count on each other to treat all areas of the building as our home, and to protect and respect the rights of all of the Residents to a safe and comfortable home. A set of guidelines helps us achieve these goals.
The House Rules are available here. Return the cover sheet to Argo.
Please keep yourself familiar with the information in this document, which is part of your Proprietary Lease.
Pinehurst 447 House Rules with Acknowled[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [605.9 KB]
Renovations and Alterations
Renovations fall into this category. Use this form to submit with your plans. If you believe your work is not extensive, please contact the property manager to see if you qualify to work under a decoration agreement (see above). Mail the completed form to Hedda at Argo, 50 West 17 Street, NYC 10011-5702.
Pinehurst 447 Alteration Agreement.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [19.6 KB]
Sale/Purchase of Apartment Shares
The purchaser should fill out this document to apply to transfer shares from the seller.
Pinehurst 10034_447_fwa purchase_applica[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [687.9 KB]
Storage Cage
If your apartment is too cluttered, store your overflowing belongings in a storage cage in the basement. To get your cage, fill out this document.
Pinehurst 447 Storage Lease.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [58.4 KB]
If you plan to sublet your apartment, your proposed subtenant needs to complete this document.
Pinehurst 10034_447 fwa sublease_applica[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [647.2 KB]

     The documents you will need for some other puposes are available from different web sites. Here are the most popular:


     The gym is under renovation. We hope to have it ready for use in the spring.



      Have a new best friend? The building welcomes most pets but requires proof of their immunizations and, for dogs, a city license. The house rules outline a pet owner’s responsibilities (at Section 24). If your pet is a pup and you need a dog license, find out how to file the paperwork here. The form needs to be notarized.


Getting in Touch

Have a question about the House Rules, or how to get a storage cage? Ask one of your directors. This year they are:

     Ted Kirschner—president

     Mindy Fox—vice president

     Riva Hocherman—vice president

     Jessica Bendiner—secretary

     Hannes Bülow—treasurer

They will be happy to help you.

     While you’re thinking of the building, help us keep your contact information current so you will receive official mail from the corporation and Argo without delay. If you have children moving out or roommates moving in, please tell us. Your information will not appear on this web site. If you do not want it to appear on our internal contact sheet, simply say so.

    The secretary is responsible for keeping our records current, so when you have updates please keep us in the loop. Email using or one of these addresses: For general questions To reach Bud Is where to send your updated contact details Reaches the webmaster
     You can also call Hedda at
Argo at (212) 896-8600 or, if you prefer paper, mail us at 447 Ft. Washington Avenue, No. 68, New York NY 10033.

Grilling in the Parks

Looking for a place to light up a grill? This map shows the safe spots in Fort Washington Park, Highbridge Park, and Inwood Hill Park.

     Grilling on the Pinehurst’s premises is prohibited by law — not to mention common sense.


Hurricanes, Tornadoes and Severe Weather

Severe weather is an uncommon but dangerous phenomenon. In the summer and early fall, hurricanes may threaten the northeast. Here’s the city’s readiness guide for hurricanes. If a hurricane is threatening the city, keep on top of this evacuation map.
     The late spring and summer can produce tornadoes. Before you hear of a tornado watch (which means that weather conditions could produce a tornado) or a tornado warning (which means a funnel cloud has been spotted, though it may not have touched the ground yet), please
review these safety precautions for you and your family.
     In short, go to the lowest level of the building, stay there until the all-clear sign has been given (by the
National Weather Service, typically), and have a first aid kit handy.

Laundry Room

Our laundry facilities are open to residents between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. You can refill your card in the laundry room.
     Hercules maintains the laundry machines, both the washers and dryers. With our dryers, to add five minutes you must do so when at least five minutes remain in the cycle. If there is less time, you will be given 30 minutes and charged for a full cycle.
     If a machine is malfunctioning, please call Hercules at (800) 526-5760 to inform them so they may repair it. Alternatively, you may send an
e-mail to, explaining the problem and asking for a refund if you lost money. Hercules will need to know:
    BUILDING NAME Pinehurst
    BUILDING ADDRESS 447 Fort Washington Avenue
    LAUNDRY ROOM LOCATION Basement; super required for access
    MACHINE MALFUNCTIONING Take note of the number on the machine, and if you’re asking for a refund, include your apartment number

Manhattan Maintenance Fees

Our third, mostly biannual look at maintenance fees in neighborhoods across Manhattan reviews rates in 2012 and compares them to those in 2006 and 2008. Download a copy of the report by clicking on the link below.

Manhattan Maintenance Fees, 2012
Adobe Acrobat document [212.7 KB]


Washington Heights is known for its noise. Luckily, Hudson Heights is a bit quieter. However, if you are bothered by loud music, a party, fireworks or other terrestrial sound, please call 311.
     Other noise comes from the skies. Aircraft fly over our neighborhood en route to LaGuardia Airport or on their way to points west.  

     Helicopters also fly nearby, and sometimes seems to hover. If these sounds are bothersome, please call the Economic Development Corporation at (212) 619-5000 with your concerns about helicopters, or for airplanes call (718) 533-5615 and press 3 for LaGuardia.


NYC Notify

The city has a way to keep you informed of emergency information as well as less-critical topics like parking changes. Sign up to receive notifications by e-mail, text, or phone messages. To stay informed, click here:


The Pinehurst is committed to recycling in accordance with New York City's goals. Most paper and plastic (but not all), glass and metal are recyclable in our bins in the garbage area.
     Compact fluorescent light bulbs require special recycling because their contents are hazardous. Also known as CFL’s, these bulbs are typically curly in shape. In our neighborhood the designated recycling spot is at the
Northern Manhattan Improvement Corporation offices at 76 Wadsworth Avenue (between 176th and 177th Streets). Open business hours.
     For more information on CFL recycling,
click here.

STAR Property Tax Rebate

The STAR rebate grants co-op owners (whose apartments are their primary residences) the same school tax relief that owners of real estate have received for years. It is not given automatically—you  must apply for it—but if you applied in the past you do not need to do so again.
     The annual deadline is February 15, both for your first application and for renewals.
     Details on eligibility are here. The numbers you may need for The Pinehurst are:
     LOT 87  
     BLOCK 2177

     BOROUGH 1


Subways and Transportation

A Train
Scheduled maintenance is posted
here by the MTA.

The Weekender

     Changes to subway service from Friday afternoon to Monday morning are posted here.

181 Street: Congested Corridors Project
     The city’s Department of Transportation has studied 181st Street to determine how to improve traffic flow of pedestrians, cyclists, and motor vehicles.
Download the study here, and decide for yourself if the improvements work.


Announcement Archive

Inwood rezoning Updating the building rules in Inwood could bring tall buildings—11 stories, 14 stories, or even taller. Progress or gentrification? Find out more and express your feelings Thursday evening at a public meeting in Inwood. –7:33 a.m., September 13


Election day Get out and vote! Polls are open until 9. Pinehurst residents cast their ballots at Holyrood Church, on Fort Washington at 179th. –7:35 a.m., September 12


Storm aid If you’ve lived here a while you can remember the havoc of Hurricane Sandy. If you’ve been in New York longer than that, you may remember how the city ground to a halt sixteen years ago tomorrow. Texas and Florida are coping with similar devastation and could use your help even if it’s a small donation to the Red Cross. –10:04 a.m., September 10


Weekend picks Get a spot to be in the live audience for MTV’s Wild ’N Out Live tonight in Lower WaHi. Meet Public Advocate Letitia James in Lower WaHi on Saturday. And close out your weekend with one of cinema’s comedy classics, City Lights, on the big screen at the United Palace. –7:49 a.m., September 8


Grilling spots The holiday looks a lot sunnier than today, so if you’re looking forward to grilling your lunch you’re in luck. Before heading out, check this list of grills available in Highbridge Park, Fort Washington Park and Inwood Hill Park. –5:42 p.m., September 3


Weekend picks It’s pj night for pre-schoolers at the library in Fort George. Clear out your closets and recycle those old clothes in Inwood on Saturday. Listen to parlor jazz—music performed in the musician’s home—on Sunday in Lower WaHi. –7:20 a.m., September 1


Composting bins The Pinehurst is now part of the citys program to collect organicc waste for recycling. You can put leftover food in the brown bins in the garbage area, along with food-soiled paper and unwanted plants. Full details are on the city’s web site. –7:31 a.m., August 30


Lowbrow but brilliant When Buuni Coffee’s customers decided to give the staff the day off for the café’s anniversary, it was a nice gesture. And it was noticed: New York magazine included the Uptowners’ goodwill in this week’s Approval Matrix, where the kind-heartedness may be considered a tough lowbrow but still appears on the brilliant half of the chart. 10:16 a.m., August 27


Weekend picks The Cloisters hosts a jazz evening amid its medieval halls tonight. Take a crash course in rowing, right, on Saturday in Swindler’s Cove. Decompress with outdoor yoga on Sunday in Roger Morris Park. 7:48 a.m., August 25


Heat advisory It’s going to get hot today, so the city is opening its cooling centers starting at 8 this morning. Nearby locations are posted on the Calendar page. 7:16 a.m., August 22


Low fliers Two aircraft, a Douglas DC-3 and a Beechcraft Bonanza A36TC, will fly by the George Washington Bridge and to the Verrazano Bridge on Monday. The flyover will take approximately 45 minutes and will start at either 7 a.m. or 6 p.m., depending on the weather. The aircraft will fly low, at approximately 600 to 1,100 feet. 3:03 p.m., August 20


Weekend picks Scout a location to watch Monday’s partial eclipse from one of Upper Manhattan’s many parks. The Isadora Duncan dance studio offers an outdoor performance, right, on Saturday in Fort Tryon Park. Readers meet up for their monthly discussion in Inwood on Sunday. 8:22 a.m., August 18


Weekend picks Jazz from the 1930s comes alive at the Cloisters tonight. Learn how to capture Inwood Hill Park scenes during the “golden hour” on Saturday in Inwood. Unwind with yoga on the lawn of Roger Morris Park on Sunday. 8:07 a.m., August 11


Housing prices While most homes on the market in Manhattan and Brooklyn have seen their prices drop, the neighborhoods with the fewest decreases are in Uptown: Inwood and Marble Hill. 7:46 a.m., August 8


Track club There’s a new athletic team in Inwood, the Chelsea Greyhounds Track Club, for kids looking to race. The club just returned from a competition at the University of Kansas, bringing  home two medals. 7:24 a.m., August 7


Weekend picks Try out your talent at an open mic tonight in Lower WaHi (or just watch). Take in an outdoor jazz concert on Saturday in Fort Tryon Park. Scare yourself out of the water at a screening of Jaws in Lowe WaHi on Sunday. 7:26 a.m., August 4


GWB backup After a fuel spill, the upper level of the New Jersey-bound lanes are clogged. Take an alternative route and expect delays for hours. 11:01 a.m., August 1


“A” Train advocacy If you want to join a group making its voice heard about Uptown commuting and the A in particular, here’s one choice. 11:01 a.m., July 30


Weekend picks Spend a Friday night on the town, in a tent in Inwood Hill Park, right. Make and enjoy your own ice cream, colonial-style, on Jumel Terrace tomorrow. Help with gardening work in Fort Tryon Park on Sunday. 8:07 a.m., July 28


Subway complaints Uptown residents met over the  weekend to share their frustrations with A Train delays and broken elevators. Missing was anyone from the MTA. 7:11 a.m., July 26


Inwood rezoned Did you know that Inwood’s zoning is already 50 years old? It’s bound for an update, and the process has been going on for two years. Here’s an update. 5:12 p.m., July 23


Weekend picks Kids can explore their identities through creative artwork today in Inwood. Watch a staged reading of King Lear tomorrow in Inwood Hill Park. Relax with outdoor yoga in Roger Morris Park on Sunday. 7:21 a.m., July 21


Heat advisory It’s going to be hot again, with the high in the mid-90s tomorrow. The city will open cooling centers for those who need a break from the heat, and this time the list is ready. Nearby center are on our calendar page. 8:10 p.m., July 19


“A” Train Disruptions after this morning’s track fire are over, but expect more construction work (see next item). 1:36 p.m., July 17

• Night owls will need to continue their new routes home for the next week as the A and C Trains will continue to shut down nightly at 10. Service will resume at 5 a.m. This affects Monday through Friday nights. Details from the MTA here2:01 p.m., July 16


Weekend picks Push your feet to their limit at a dance-a-thon tonight in J. Hood Wright Park. Then rest those dogs Saturday night at an Inwood Back Porch concert (yes, it’s really on a porch; there it is in the photo). Join a book discussion Sunday at an Inwood bar. 7:34 a.m., July 14


Cooling centers With the temperature predicted to reach the 90s tomorrow, the city is opening its neighborhood cooling centers for those who need a break from the heat. The list has not yet been published, but the city plans to posted by 8 tomorrow morning. 8:59 p.m., July 12


Noisy Fourth It was nearly impossible to get away from the sound of fireworks last week, as the 405 noise complaints from Upper Manhattan showed. Even though that was a 21 percent decrease in complaints from last year, the pops prompted at least one of your neighbors to post a lament on Twitter. 12:12 p.m., July 9


Duel postponed Black powder and rain don’t mix. Tomorrow’s reenactment of the duel between Alex Hamilton and Aaron Burr has been postponed. The new date hasn’t been set yet. 8:09 p.m., July 7


Weekend picks Take you kids to a pajama party in Fort Tryon Park tonight, where they can catch fireflies. Watch a reenactment of the famous and fatal duel between Aaron Bur and Alexander Hamilton in Roger Morris Park on Saturday. Keep the Independence Day spirit going by sitting down for a meal that recreates President Washington’s cabinet dinner in Lower WaHi on Sunday. –6:59 a.m., July 7


Uptown investment The city is giving $1.2 million to the WaHi BID, NoMAA, Friends of Inwood Hill Park and others. More here. –7:08 a.m., July 6


Rockets’ red glare With the Fourth just around the corner, we’re hearing lots of fireworks even though they are particularly dangerous in the city, not to mention illegal. If you hear fireworks being shot nearby, call 911. And to see what a prohibted fireworks display looks like, watch The Incredibly Spectacular Dyckman Fireworks Co., a video, right, made in Inwood in 2014. –2:01 p.m., July 2


Weekend picks Europe’s oldest boys’ choir, right, performs tonight in Fort Tryon Park. Recycle your old clothes and pick up some fresh-from-the-farm produce tomorrow in Inwood. Enjoy acoustic music and Cuban rum on Sunday in Roger Morris Park. –7:11 a.m., June 30


GWB delay A collision is causing extensive traffic delays on the upper level of the New Jersey-bound GWB. Consider alternate routes and allow for additional travel time. –6:05 a.m., June 30


Train schedules The MTA reports that the A Train has been running normally since late yesterday morning, and the C is back in service. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. –6:36 a.m., June 29


“A” Train After yesterday’s derailment between 125th and 135th, plan for longer trips:

• A Trains are running local between 59 Street–Columbus Circle and 168th Street in both directions.
• A Trains are running express from Canal Street to 59th Street–Columbus Circle.
• C Train service is suspended.

Expect delays. –8:04 a.m., June 28


Dog run Do you take your pet to Sir William’s Dog Run in Fort Tryon Park? If so, both of you will be happy to find new wood chips there. You’re invited to help spread the chips around with the shovels already there. –9:12 p.m., June 25


Weekend picks Two graphic artists open their show in Inwood tonight with a reception that features live jazz. The famed Higher Ground Festival (right) features new works tomorrow in Fort Tryon Park, where on Sunday you can help maintain the park’s plantings. –7:04 a.m., June 23


Summer starts Today is the first day of summer, according to the calendar, which is as good a reminder as any to change the batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detector. Need help? Ask Bud. –7:27 a.m., June 21

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