Residents’ Information

Giving Tuesday After black Friday, small business Saturday, and cyber Monday, set aside some time today to consider making a donation to one of these Uptown organizations that works all year to make our neighborhood the place we love to live.

     Daniel Gwirtzman Dance Company Uptown’s professional studio performs around the region

     Dyckman Farmhouse Museum Inwood’s history comes to life at Manhattan’s only farm

     Fort Tryon Park Trust All donations today are doubled

     Hispanic Society of America Preserves and promotes the culture of the Iberian peninsula

     Leadlights Ensemble Any donation will help these musicians

     Morris-Jumel Mansion The site of Washington’s cabinet dinner is the oldest house in town

     Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance Donations up to $100 are doubled today

     United Palace Help restore the Wonder Organ

Do you have a favorite non-profit you’d like to add to the list? Just let us know. And however you choose to support Uptown, thank you. —6:17 a.m., November 29


Masks not required We’ve ended our mask mandate for common areas in the building. You’re welcome to keep yours on if you prefer, but you do not need to require your guests, tradesmen, or others to don one in the halls, elevator, laundry room, or elsewhere. —7:14 a.m., November 28


Uptown dishes Did a pie particularly please your palate on Thanksgiving? Maybe there’s a favorite comfort food you enjoy above all others? If you’d like to share your recipe with other home chefs, the Dyckman Farmhouse Museum is putting together a cookbook to celebrate Uptown’s many traditions and cultures. Upload your recipe here. —8:26 a.m., November 27

Weekend picks Work off that extra slice of pumpkin pie with a brisk hike through the forests of Upper Manhattan this morning. Tomorrow is the final session of a kid’s comic book-writing workshop (so if you missed it, sign up for the next session, which starts in January). On Sunday you can learn about the history of the Native peoples, right, who lived here long before the settlers, during a walk through Inwood Hill Park. —8:38 a.m., November 25

Happy Thanksgiving We wish you a holiday filled with family. If you’re on the road, travel safely. If you’re staying in town, consider a Friday hike to burn off some calories. —2:04 p.m., November 23

Façade Repairs

Repairs to the building’s exterior are under way. The result will be a façade that is in compliance with Local Law 11.

     The work is being performed by Castcapa and Sullivan Engineering, whose crews will wear clothing identifying them so you know who is around the building and inside. The crew will be on site from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and will strive to avoid noisy work before 9. Our priority is to have the entire project completed before January (the end of the construction season).

     Before starting work, on August 11 Castcapa photographed the interiors of the external walls in about half of all apartments to document the their condition and to allow us to identify any damage caused by the work. The photographer returned on August 26 to document the walls in the twenty-four apartments that were not availabe on her first visit.

     Windows are covered by blue translucent film to prevent dirt and damage. If you damage the film, Castcapa will replace it once.

     Air conditioners are covered by a breathable filter (as in the photo). The filter won’t interfere with the normal use of your A/C. You can expect your units will be covered in active work areas for as long as scaffolds are in place. Once work is complete in an area, Castcapa will remove the filter fabric and plastic protection so that your A/C units and windows can be cleaned.

     Do you have know your way around revenue streams and investing? To repeat the call made at the shareholders’ meeting in June: Residents with financial expertise are still invited to get involved and join a Local Law 11 financing subcommittee.
     Please keep in mind that Castcapa’s workers will not answer residents’ questions about the project, which is Castcapa’s policy. All questions should be addressed to John at Argo, Pedro, or to the board.


Covid-19 Information

We put an end to our mask policy in November. You are no longer required to wear one in the building’s common areas, nor are your guests or tradesmen. Remain vigilant, however, and if you are more comfortable wearing one please do.

     If it turns out you have the symptoms of Covid-19, inform John at Argo and notify Doniel before you leave the building or return, so he can isolate you in the elevator.

     Let’s all keep the building safe.

     Make sure to get your flu shot and updated Covid-19 booster before getting together for the holidays:

     Last month Uptown’s Covid infection rates were among the lowest in Manhattan. Yet by November 4 Lower WaHi’s is among the highest. First, some relatively good news: In Hudson Hieghts and Fort George, the rate reached 8.94 percent, up from 7.77 percent for the week ending October 16. That’s still lower than many neighborhoods. But the rate is much higher in Lower WaHi, where the rate is 12.54 percent; in mid-October it was 7.62 percent. Only Murray Hill, Chelsea, and the Lower East Side have higher infection rates.

     In-home vaccinations for those ages 75 years and older, and anyone with disabilitiess, are available by registering for a shot at or by calling (877) 829-4692.


Application Forms

Download the forms you need, posted here as pdf files. If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, please call our property manager, who can also send you any of these forms through the mail.

Automatic Payment
Never be late again with your maintenance fee. Sign up for automatic payment from your checking account. It’s ideal for travelers. There’s no cost, and with it you’ll never pay another late fee.
ACH Form Scan.PDF
PDF File [132.6 KB]
Bike Rack
Store your bicycle in the basement storage room. Please keep it locked to the rack. To get your rack, fill out this form. (It’s the same as the Storage Cage form, just check the Bike Rack box at the bottom.)
Pinehurst 447 Storage Lease.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [58.4 KB]
Decoration Agreement
If the improvement you’re planning is less extensive than a renovation but you’re still planning to use outside help to complete the job, you may be eligible to use the decoration agreement. It’s less extensive than the alteration agreement (below, under Renovations and Alterations). Before submitting a decoration agreement, please visit with the property manager.
Pinehurst 447 Decoration Agreement.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [223.3 KB]
Renovations and Alterations
Renovations fall into this category. Use this form to submit with your plans. If you believe your work is not extensive, please contact the property manager to see if you qualify to work under a decoration agreement (see above). Mail the completed form to Hedda at Argo, 50 West 17 Street, NYC 10011-5702.
Pinehurst 447 Alteration Agreement.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [19.6 KB]
Sale/Purchase of Apartment Shares
The purchaser should fill out this document to apply to transfer shares from the seller.
Pinehurst 10034_447_fwa purchase_applica[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [687.9 KB]
Storage Cage
If your apartment is too cluttered, store your overflowing belongings in a storage cage in the basement. To get your cage, fill out this document.
Pinehurst 447 Storage Lease.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [58.4 KB]
If you plan to sublet your apartment, your proposed subtenant needs to complete this document.
Pinehurst 10034_447 fwa sublease_applica[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [647.2 KB]

     The documents you will need for some other puposes are available from different web sites. Here are the most popular:


     The gym is closed during the pandemic.



      Have a new best friend? The building welcomes most pets but requires proof of their immunizations and, for dogs, a city license. The house rules outline a pet owner’s responsibilities (at Section 24). If your pet is a pup and you need a dog license, find out how to file the paperwork here. The form needs to be notarized.

Contacting Us

Have a question about the House Rules, or how to get a storage cage? Ask one of your directors. This year they are:

   Riva Hocherman, president

    Alicia Meléndez, secretary 
    Nilou Safinya, treasurer
    Allison Hiroto, vice President
    Jennifer Peng, vice President

Contact them at or just say hi in the elevator or at the mailboxes. They will be happy to help you.

     Doniel Butler our temporary superintendent. You can reach him by calling (that’s Pedro’s old line) or sending an email to

     While you’re thinking of the building, help us keep your contact information current so you will receive official mail from the corporation and Argo without delay. If you have children moving out or roommates moving in, please tell us. Your information will not appear on this web site. If you do not want it to appear on our internal contact sheet, simply say so.

    The secretary is responsible for keeping our records current, so when you have updates please keep us in the loop by sending them to or one of these addresses: For general questions To reach the super To update your contact details Reaches the webmaster
     You may also call the property manager, John
Duff, at (212) 896-8600, and mail correspondence to us at 447 Ft. Washington Avenue, No. 68, New York NY 10033.


Delivery Security and Package Pirates

Have you lost a box after it was delivered and before you picked it up? You’re not alone: 90,000 of them go missing in New York every day, and residents in some buildings are protecting themselves.

     It’s terribly frustrating to have a delivery go missing despite our best efforts. If it happens to you, please follow these steps:


1. Ensure delivery confirmation with the delivery service (USPS, UPS, Amazon, etc.).

2. File a police report with the 32nd Precinct at (212) 690-6311.

3. Notify management of your missing package.

4. The police will contact management to obtain surveillance video. As per the House Rules, security camera footage is not provided to residents.


     To keep your delivery from being stolen, follow suggestions from the Wirecutter, or try some of the tips we’ve collected to protect your goods. There’s no guarantee they will work, but any of them will help keep your package yours.

• Once your package is delivered, pick it up! The longer you wait, the more likely it is to go missing. And when lots of residents leave their packages uncollected, the space fills up and someone’s package has to be left outside the door, where thieves can prey on it.


• Have your package held at the post office, or sign up for informed delivery from the USPS.


• If you’re going to be out of town for more than a few days, the Post Office will hold your mail if you

sign up for the free service.


• Take advantage of “Ship to Store” option when it’s available. Amazon offers a locker feature that allows you to pick up your package from a secure location, whether near home or work.


• Request signature confirmation for delivery.


• Never buzz in someone whose identity you can’t establish.


• When you see strangers in the building, a friendly “Hello” or “can I help you find someone?” will let them know the residents are paying attention to visitors.


• And if you see a package at a neighbor’s door, you could collect it and let them know you have it.


     A magazine for co-op apartments suggests being aware of restaurant delivery personnel. The Denver Police Department says one effective deterrent is simply asking a neighbor to accept a package for you.

     If you’re clever, you could try what a NASA engineer has up his sleeve for porch pirates, but it involves a lot of glitter and amassing a certain … scent.



 To help you keep crawly interlopers out of your apartment and the building, we hope you’ll schedule an appointment with our exterminator. Please let Doniel know you’d like to take advantage of the service.



Gas Meter Reading and Inspections

The state mandates inspections of gas meters and piping to keep you and your neighbors safe. If your meter (it’s probably in your kitchen) has not been inspected, call (800) 643-1289 weekdays between 7:30 a.m. and 3 p.m. or send an e-mail to

     Alternatively, if yours has in fact been inspected and you’re still being asked to set up a time, take a picture of the inspection sticker and email it to the same address.

     ConEd bills you for the natural gas you use, typically for your range. Your gas meter is probably in your kitchen and looks like the one on the right. ConEd determines your gas bill by looking at those little dials to find out how much gas you used, and for accurate billing prefers to read your meter monthly.

     If you’re home when the gas meter reader knocks on your door, just let him in and he’ll be done in less than a minute. If you miss him more than once, you may receive a letter from ConEd asking for access to your apartment to read your meter. To schedule a visit go to

     Oh, those meters in the basement across from the elevator? They’re for electricity.


General Data Protection Regulation Info

Visitors to this website from the European Union have the protection of GDPR 2016/679 which on May 26, 2016, went into effect.

     Data collected from on are stored on the servers of Ionos, the web hosting service used by 447 Ft. Washington Owners’ Corporation doing business as The Pinehurst. The Controller is the webmaster, who may be reached at, and the Controller’s Representative is the property manager, Tarshia Champagne, who may be reached at (212) 896-8600 or at Argo Real Estate, 50 W 17 St, New York NY 10011. The Data Protection Officer is the president of the corporation, Riva Hocherman, who may be reached at

     The data we collect are those submitted voluntarily by shareholders to promote notices of sale of their apartments. There is no requirement to submit any information at any time. We store personal data for the duration that an apartment is for sale; once it is sold we delete it within four weeks of being notified of the sale. If a shareholder revokes permission for us to store personal information we shall delete it within two weeks of the shareholder’s notification.

     We use Google Analytics to review users’ visits to our site. Information from Google is available to us only in the aggragate; we have no access to any information about any individual visitor.

     An individual subject to GDPR 2016/679 has the right to request from the Controller access to and rectification or erasure of personal data or restriction of processing concerning the data subject or to object to processing as well as the right to data portability. Such an individual also has the right to make a complaint the supervising authority, which is The Board of Directors. It may be reached at or at 447 Fort Washington Ave, Apt 68, New York NY 10033.


Grilling in the Parks

Looking for a place to light up a grill? This map shows the safe spots in Fort Washington Park, Highbridge Park, and Inwood Hill Park.

     Grilling on the Pinehurst’s balconies and fire escapes is prohibited by law — not to mention common sense.


Hazardous Waste: Paint, Pesticides, CFC’s

After sprucing up your walls you probably have more paint than you can use for touch-ups. To dispose of them in the trash, let the paint dray out—just be sure you keep a window open. Once the paint is dry you can put it in the trash.

     If it’s latex paint (and it’s still wet), you can take up to five gallons to one of the city’s hazardous waste collection points. You can also drop off pesticides, electronics, motor oil and the like. The city also runs occasional Solvents, Automotive, Flammable, Electronics disposal events that are closer to home, but last only a day.


House Rules

Our building is a community, as well as our home. Residents share the responsibility to ensure a safe and pleasant quality of life at reasonable cost.  We count on each other to treat all areas of the building as our home, and to protect and respect the rights of all of the Residents to a safe and comfortable home. A set of guidelines helps us achieve these goals.

House Rules
The House Rules are available here. Return the cover sheet to Argo.
Please keep yourself familiar with the information in this document, which is part of your Proprietary Lease. The House Rules will be updated to include the Smoking Policy, which goes into effect on August 28. Until they are revised, shareholders who intend to sell or sublet must include the smoking policy in their sale or lease agreement. A copy of it is below, under “Smoking Policy.”
Pinehurst 447 House Rules with Acknowled[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [605.9 KB]

Hurricanes, Tornadoes, and Severe Weather

Severe weather is an uncommon but dangerous phenomenon. In the summer and early fall, hurricanes may threaten the northeast. If a hurricane is threatening the city, keep on top of this evacuation map.

     Hurricanes are rare but their effects are not. Have a plan in case the weather turns severe.
     The late spring and summer can produce tornadoes. Before you hear of a tornado watch (which means that weather conditions could produce a tornado) or a tornado warning (which means a funnel cloud has been spotted, though it may not have touched the ground yet), please
review these safety precautions for you and your family.
     In short, go to the lowest level of the building, stay away from windows and remain there until the all-clear sign has been given (by the
National Weather Service, typically), and have a first aid kit handy.


Laundry Room

Pay for your laundry with your smart phone. Hercules has an app that connects to the washers and dryers so you don’t have to keep track of a card anymore.

     Download the Hercules CyclePay App from the Apple Store or Google Play for your IOS or Andriod phone. Full instructions on its use are in the chart on the right, which you can doawnload in the pdf below. It’s also posted in the laundry room.

Hurcules CyclePay App
Adobe Acrobat document [1.5 MB]

     The laundry room is open daily from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.

     To help keep us safe during the pandemic, we ask you to limit its use to two people or families at a time and to take your clean laundry back to your apartment to fold so the next person can get in sooner.

     Para mantenernos a todos sanos, implementamos algunos procedimientos nuevos ayer para usar la lavandería. La lavandería está abierta todos los días de 7 a.m. a 11 p.m. Le pedimos que limite su uso a dos personas o familias a la vez y que lleve su ropa limpia a su apartamento para doblarla para que la próxima persona pueda entrar antes.

     When you load the machines, it’s easy to feel you need to use more detergent than is necessary. That’s beacause modern cleaning products, including cleaning boosters and fabric softeners, are formulated to require less than in years past. When you put in too much, the washers cannot rinse it all out, leaving chemicals in your clothes—and leaving scents in the washers that your neighbors may not care for. Check the instructions on your detergent, boosters, and fabric softeners, and use only what’s recommended.

     Hercules maintains the laundry machines, both the washers and dryers. With our dryers, to add five minutes you must do so when at least five minutes remain in the cycle. If there is less time, you will be given 30 minutes and charged for a full cycle.
     If a machine is malfunctioning, please call Hercules at (800) 526-5760 to inform them so they may repair it. Alternatively, you may send an
e-mail to, explaining the problem and asking for a refund if you lost money. Hercules will need to know:
    BUILDING NAME Pinehurst
    BUILDING ADDRESS 447 Fort Washington Avenue
    LAUNDRY ROOM LOCATION Basement; super required for access
    MACHINE MALFUNCTIONING Take note of the number on the machine, and if you’re asking for a refund, include your apartment number


Maintenance Fee Statements

We welcome you to switch to paperless billing for your monthly maintenance fee.

     If you’ve signed up and chose not to receive paper statement but they’re still arriving, we have a solution. Just send an email to Aileena and she’ll get it straightened out.


Manhattan Maintenance Fees

Our fourth look at maintenance fees across Manhattan neighborhoods is available on the On The Market page. The previous survey, the third, compares fees to those in 2006 and 2008. Want to compare? Download a copy of the 2012 report by clicking on the link below.

     If you’re specifically interested in Hudson Heights maintenance fees, we have that data too:

Maintenance fees in Hudson Heights, 2017
Manh Maint Hudson Heigts 2017.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [47.4 KB]
Manhattan Maintenance Fees, 2012
Adobe Acrobat document [212.7 KB]


Washington Heights is known for its noise. Luckily, Hudson Heights is a bit quieter. However, if you are bothered by loud music, a party, fireworks or other terrestrial sound, please call 311.
     Other noise comes from the skies. Aircraft fly over our neighborhood en route to LaGuardia Airport or on their way to points west.  

     Helicopters also fly nearby, and sometimes seems to hover. If these sounds are bothersome, please call the Economic Development Corporation at (212) 619-5000 with your concerns about helicopters, or for airplanes call (718) 533-5615 and press 3 for LaGuardia.

     In late 2020 a group of Uptowners formed a task force on noise. In the spring of 2021, Council Member Mark Levine came out with a ten-point proposal to address it. One Uptown group, Respectful Decibels, seeks your comments.


NYC Notify

The city has a way to keep you informed of emergency information as well as less-critical topics like parking changes. Sign up to receive notifications by e-mail, text, or phone messages. To stay informed, click here:


Recycling: Electronics

     Discarded electronics make up the largest growth in household hazardous waste in NYC, but you can recycle them instead.

     We have a collection unit in the basement, where you can drop off your unusable items. They will be collected by the city and either repurposed or safely dismantled.

     Your efforts make a real difference. In 2021 we recycled 880 pounds of digital detritus, and since we’ve been enrolled in the city’s e-cycling program, we’ve kept 6,447 pounds of it from landfills.

     The city will collect these electronics:

  • Televisions (including cathode ray tubes)
  • Computer peripherals, including any permanently attached cable or wiring
  • Monitors, laptops
  • Electronic keyboards
  • Electronic mice and other pointing devices
  • Fax machines, document scanners, and printers that are meant for use with a computer and weigh less than 100 lbs.
  • TV peripherals, including any permanently attached cable or wiring
  • VCRs
  • Digital video recorders
  • DVD players
  • Digital converter boxes
  • Cable or satellite receivers
  • Electronic or video game consoles
  • Small-scale servers
  • Portable devices, including any permanently attached cable or wiring
  • Portable digital music players

     Can’t find what you have to get rid of? Look here.

Recycling: Glass, Metal, Paper, Plastic

The Pinehurst is committed to recycling in accordance with New York City's goals. Most paper and plastic (but not all), glass and metal are recyclable in our bins in the garbage area.
     Compact fluorescent light bulbs require special recycling because their contents are hazardous. Also known as CFL’s, these bulbs are typically curly in shape. During the pandemic, the ctiy’s drop-off sites, including the one closest to us in Fort George, are closed and will remain so until July 10, but when they do the only one in Manhattan will be at 74 Pike Slip, between Cherry and South Streets, under the Manhattan Bridge. As an alternative, take your CFL bulbs to a retailer that accepts them, such as Home Depot.
     For more information on CFL recycling,
click here. And for nearly anything else, look here.    

     As we live through the pandemic and are dealing with a substantially larger volume of garbage, we are already spending more to manage our refuse. Your assistance will help us keep a lid on costs.

  1. Flatten your boxes when you put them in the recycling area. The recent picture at right shows what we want to avoid.
  2. Do not put your recycling in plastic bags. That includes plastic recycling. You can throw it all directly in the bin, which contains special bags that the city accepts.
     Keep in mind: The rules are mandated by the Department of Sanitation. So if we don't do it, Pedro will have to spend more of his time on your recycling. If he doesn’t, we pay fines — which come from your maintenance fee. So find the zen of breaking down your boxes. It will save you money, too.
     A medida que vivimos la pandemia y nos enfrentamos a un volumen de basura sustancialmente mayor, ya estamos gastando más para gestionar nuestra basura. Su ayuda nos ayudará a controlar los costos.
    1. Aplana tus cajas cuando las pongas en el área de reciclaje. La imagen arriba muestra lo que queremos evitar.
    2. No ponga su reciclaje en bolsas de plástico. Eso incluye el reciclaje de plástico. Puedes tirarlo todo directamente a la papelera, que contiene bolsas especiales que acepta la ciudad.
    Las reglas son impuestas por el Departamento de Saneamiento. Entonces, si no lo hacemos, Pedro habrá dedicado más tiempo a tu reciclaje. Si no lo hace, pagamos multas.

Smoke Detectors

When you replace your smoke detectors, you need to upgrade to a 10-year sealed model. A 2019 state law says that all new or replacement smoke detectors must be powered by the long-lasting battery or be hardwired to your electrical system. If you want to sell your apartment, you will need to upgrade your smoke detectors before the sale goes through.


Smoking Policy

In August 2017 Mayor DeBlasio signed legislation that requires all NYC cooperatives and condominiums to adopt formal smoking policies. The Board will be amending the House Rules to include this policy and any shareholders intending to sell or lease their apartment must also include it in their sale or lease agreement.

Smoking Policy
447 smoking Policy_August2018.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [180.7 KB]

STAR Property Tax Rebate

The STAR rebate grants co-op owners (whose apartments are their primary residences) the same school tax relief that owners of real estate have received for years.
     The credit has changed. Some homeowners remain eligible to receive STAR as a property tax exemption, while others will receive the STAR personal income tax credit and will be sent a check by the state. The distinctions are made based on your income, with the lines drawn at incomes over and under $250,000.   
      If you once received the benefit but no longer do, read these instructions to find out if you qualify again. The credit is not given automatically—you  must apply for it—but if you applied in the past you may not need to do so again. So register for the credit as soon as you become an owner.
     Details on eligibility are here. The numbers you may need for The Pinehurst are:
     LOT 87  
     BLOCK 2177

     BOROUGH 1


Subways and Transportation

181 Street Escalators

You’ll have to take the elevators at the 120-foot-deep 181st Street station if you don’t want to use the stairs. All three escalators are out of service until February so they can be replaced. Why all three at once? Each is powered by the same machine, so when the machine is off, so are the escalators. More than 9,000 people use the station a day, so expect longer elevator lines. The work started in May.

Interactive Subway Map

     The famous map has been revised and moved online. It shows live updates of train locations, such as the one leaving 181st Street, right.


A Train
Scheduled maintenance is posted here
by the MTA.


181 Street: Busway
     Increasing commuters’ travel along 181st Street has been a goal of everyone for years, and with the busway plan speeds have increase by 30 percent and more. In summer 2022, the Department of Transportation made permanent its pilot plan to restrict on 181st Street traffic that isn’t a bus, truck, or emergency vehicle—unless you’re turning at the next intersection.

      Traffic is restricted from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily. Download the department’s presentation to Community Board 12 in July 2022:

181st Street Busway Plan, June 2022
Adobe Acrobat document [1.6 MB]

      A previous review from Department of Transportation’s of 181st Street is here.

Announcement Archive

Missing package Did you notice a delivery from Old Navy in the bin yesterday? Molly’s looking for it. —7:25 a.m., November 22


Elevator repair Argo has contacted a repair crew yesterday to fix the elevator. We know it’s an inconvenience to go without it, and thank you for your patience. —7:23 a.m., November 21


Heights murals Celebrating the success of In the Heights and living in the Heights, the Columbia Medical Center unveiled two murals inspired by the musical. The artist, Danny Peguero, joined Lin-Manuel Miranda last week for the ceremony. —9:05 a.m., November 20

Weekend picks Kids who like poetry and who would rather be outdoors will enjoy the workshop this afternoon in Fort Tryon Park. Tomorrow two college sports tems pass the baton when the Lions close their football season in the afternoon and the Macs open their basketball season at night. Classical guitarists from Australia perform a set at The Lounge, right, in Hudson Heights on Sunday evenong. —7:14 a.m., November 18

Elevator door When you have a concern about the elevator, please speak with Doniel, a board member, or contact John at Argo. Do not attempt to fix the elevator yourself! It’s getting stuck on the second floor after someone attempted to adjust the door. Home-made fixes may void our warranty, so please seek professional help. —7:41 a.m., November 16


Uptown goals After leading the Macs on their unprecedented winning streak, making the Fort George basketball team the top in the nation, Ryan Turell became the first Orthodox Jew to play in an NBA game. The native Californian was drafted by the Motor City Cruise. —6:32 a.m., November 15


Charter school There won’t be a new charter school at Fort Washington Collegiate Church after its congregation voted against housing it. A petition opposing the school had gathered more than 600 signatures. —7:04 a.m., November 14


Asylum seekers Come to the Riverside-Inwood Neighborhood Garden today to jot a note of encouragement to Central American asylum seekers, showing how New Yorkers treat newcomers in a way vastly different from Texans. Today fom noon to 1:30 in the RING garden in Inwood at the conffluence of Broadway, Riverside Drive, and Dyckman Street. —7:18 a.m., November 13

Weekend picks Middle schoolers who’d like help with their high school application essays can get it today from Uptown Writers in an online workshop. Sample the city’s best chilis at a competition in Inwood tomorrow afternoon, right, from restaurants across town. Take a guided hike through the last of autumn’s colors in Highbridge Park on Sunday morning. —7:21 a.m., November 11

Dog safety The construction on Cabrini Boulevard above 181st Street is stirring up the rats. If you’re a dog owner, consider avoiding the area because poison pellets are scattered about to kills the rats—but they can smell like peanut butter to dogs and they are lethal. —7:40 a.m., November 10


Covid spike Well, that didn’t last long. Last month Uptown’s Covid infection rates were among the lowest in Manhattan. As of Friday, Lower WaHi’s is among the highest. First, some relatively good news: In Hudson Hieghts and Fort George, the rate reached 8.94 percent, up from 7.77 percent for the week ending October 16. That’s still lower than many neighborhoods. But the rate is much higher in Lower WaHi, where the rate is 12.54 percent; in mid-October it was 7.62 percent. Only Murray Hill, Chelsea, and the Lower East Side have higher infection rates. —7:38 a.m., November 9


Election day Get out and vote! Need help with the ballot questions? Here’s some guidance. Then head to Fort Washington Collegiate Church to cast your votes by 9 tonight. —7:17 a.m., November 8


Eastern standard Did you get an extra hour of sleep? Daylight saving ended this morning, so we’re back on standard time. —8:06 a.m., November 6

Weekend picks The WaHi Jazz Festival opens tonight in Hudson Heights. Organized by Jazz WaHi, right, performances continue through the weekend. A staged reading on the after-effects of the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision takes place in Inwood on Saturday night. Did you know that Handel and Hendrix lived in the same London house? They may not have been roommates but they shared a passion for music. Expand your repertoire at a Sunday evening concert that pairs Baroque and rock in Hudson Heights. 7:48 a.m., November 4

High chair Are you in the market for one, or know someone who is? Sara is giving hers away. It’s as tall as a counter, includes two trays, a small seat pad and a booster seat. —7:35 a.m., November 3


Laundry carts You’re welcome to use a laundry cart to make it easier to get those stacks of clean clothes back to your dresser. Just please take a few minutes when you’re done to return it so your neighbor may use it too. —7:47 a.m., November 2


Greatest pumpkin Mark All Hallow’s Day with a stroll through a festival of jack o’ lanterns this evening in Isham Park. You’ll get to vote on the most creative carving and enjoy treats, too—if you haven’t been over-sweetened already. —7:42 a.m., November 1


Trick or streets Keep your eyes open tonight as little goblins roam the neighborhood looking for rewards. In Fort George, 196th Street from Broadway to Ellwood Street, near the City College Academy of the Arts, will be closed to traffic for All Hallow’s Eve festivities. In Hudson Heights, the Halloween Parade resumes after the pandemic hiatus at 6:30.  —7:38 a.m., October 31


Temporary superintendent With Pedro’s departure, Doniel is acting is super for now. You can reach him with the same phone number, (646) 372-0092, and the same email address, Super@, that you’ve been using. —8:04 a.m., October 30

Weekend picks There are more Halloween events going on over the next few days than would fit in the wierd sisters‘ cauldron, both for kids and adults. Eyes of newts optional.

     Looking for something without pumpkins? The annual Greek festival of foods starts today in Fort George, offering amazing Mediterranian dishes all weekend. Kids can explore the helpful side of bugs in Fort Tryon Park on Saturday. Sit around a camp fire, right, and tell your favorite fireside tales on Sunday evening in the forest. —7:29 a.m., October 28

Elevator use We have a move-out going on today, so expect the elevator to be busy. Consider alternative routes and allow extra travel time. —7:11 a.m., October 27


Package bin Remember to check under the stairs to see if a package is waiting for you. Picking yours up makes space for more and reduces the chance it will go missing. —7:46 a.m., October 25


Steam heat The nights are getting cool and the boiler is on. Remember to keep your radiators turned all the way on (or all the way off). Do not use the knob as a thermostat! If you do, water will collect in the coils and rust the iron, leading to leaks and an expensive repair. —9:02 a.m., October 23


Cleaning day Put on some work clothes and join your neighbors this morning to give the hallways, lobby, stairs, and other spots a cleaning. The construction is dustier than anyone expected, isn’t it? Your help in sweeping, mopping, wiping, or anything else would be great! —9:34 a.m., October 22

Weekend picks Teens will be shocked and frightened at a scary haunted house that opens today in J. Hood Wright Park. The autumn festival at the Dyckman Farmhouse Museum, right, welcomes families with apple cider tomorrow afternoon and switches to a beer-tasting event in the evening. Learn some of the history of the oldest house still standing in Manhattan, the one where Washington held his famous cabinet dinner, on Suday in Roger Morris Park. —7:56 a.m., October 21

Covid decline For probably the first time since the pandemic began, the lowest rates of Covid infenction in Manhattan are in Uptown. Hamilton Heights leads the way, with only 6.32 percent of residents carrying the disease in the week ending Sunday. Next is Lower WaHi, with 7.62 percent, and Hudson Heights had only 7.77 percent. On the other hand, our rate is highter than at the end of August, when it was 7.51 percent. Keep those masks on! —7:23 a.m., October 20


Glass trash Throwing away a pane of glass? A broken glass bottle? Please put it in a container that will hold it, and if the container hides what’s inside, label it as glass (or broken glass). You’ll keep everyone safer, and reduce the chance someone will unknowingly smash it and create a mess—and a dangerous one at that. —6:32 a.m., October 18


Welcome, Doniel! Today is Doniel Butler’s first morning on the job, assisting Pedro as a porter to help keep the builing clean. He will work Monday through Friday mornings from 8 to noon. If you have questions, please visit with Pedro or a board member. —7:48 a.m., October 17


Dusting off Let’s pitch in to clean up the building a bit on Saturday morning. All of the construction dust is more than Pedro and Doniel can keep on top of while taking care of their usual duties. Target spots are the bannisters and the laudry room, but the more neighbors joining us the more areas we can clean up. Have an area you’d like to clean? Join us and we’ll work together. Rogier is organizing the elbow-grease crew, so let him know if you’ll be joining. —8:23 a.m., October 16

Weekend picks The Death of Classical music series returns tonight for its second underground performance since the pandemic. Sample wine & cheese before descending to the crypt of the Church of the Assumption in Lower WaHi. Get ready for Dia de Los Muertos, right, tomorrow afternoon with the Hispanic Society on Audubon Terrace. Take in Coco on Sunday at the United Palace and stick around for a conversation with the songwriters, hosted by Lin-Manuel Miranda. —8:53 a.m., October 14

New porter Beginning Monday, Doniel Butler will assist Pedro as a porter work on a temporary basis. He will work Monday through Friday mornings from 8 to noon. Doniel’s main task will be keeping the building clean and helping with garbage. —7:22 a.m., October 13


Charter school A group called Civic Builders plans to open a charter school inside Fort Washington Collegiate Church, and some neighbors started a petition asking that the project get canceled. They say it would compete with public schools and increase traffic. —7:47 a.m., October 12


Autumn arrangement A bountiful thank you to the neighbor who provided the seasonal cheer in the lobby. —7:16 a.m., October 11


Park paths The Parks Department recently completed a reconstruction of the Broadway pathway and promenade. Crews will next tackle segments of the park's eight-mile pathway network that are west of the drive. Expect temporary closures for a few weeks to the pedestrian walkways near Abby's Lawn, the Cloisters Lawn and areas adjacent to the Heather Garden. —7:25 a.m., October 10


Exterminator visits To help you keep crawly interlopers out of your apartment and the building, we hope you’ll schedule an appointment with our exterminator. Please let Pedro know you’d like to take advantage of the service. —9:06 a.m., October 9


GWB delays Coming back home? Thanks to a vehicle collision around 1 this afternoon, you can expect extensive eastbound traffic delays on the GWB. Consider alternative routes and allow for additional travel time. —1:14 p.m., October 8

Weekend picks Kids who are ready to explore the poetry in nature will want to meet at P.S. 187 this afternoon for an unusual exploration. The Mathew Westerby  Company, right, dances outdoors in Fort Tryon Park tomorrow. A performance of three virtuosi musicians elevates Uptown’s artistic standards on Sunday evening in Hudson Heights. —9:10 a.m., October 7

Avenue closure We share a name with it, and now we’re sharing construction. Starting today, the block of Pinehurst Avenue behind us will be closed to excavate the street to install a new tap, which will repair the water main and sewerage pipes. The good news is the street will be closed only from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekdays, with the work ending by October 12. —6:40 a.m., October 5


Rosh hashana Our best wishes for an easy fast. —4:27 p.m., October 4


Extra okra Like the little veggie? Reg has plenty extra for the asking. —7:05 a.m., October 4


Steam heat The nights are getting cool and the boiler is on. Remember to keep your radiators turned all the way on (or all the way off). Don’t use the knob as a thermostat! If you do, water will collect in the coils and rust the iron, leading to leaks and an expensive mess. —6:58 a.m., October 3


Missing package By any chance, did you come across a packing from OptumRx last week? It was addressed to Pat in Apt. 66 and it’s gone missing. —8:20 a.m., October 2


Sunday parking If the weather clears tomorrow, expect tens of thousands of visitors passing through Hudson Heights for the Medieval Festival. Parking will be limited: No parking on Cabrini Boulevard north of 190th Street, and Fort Tryon Park’s roadway and the Henry Hudson Parkway entry will be closed from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Sunday. —8:06 a.m., October 1

Weekend picks The Leadlights ensemble plays a sidewalk concert this afternoon accompanying the reading of a children’s story in Lower WaHi. Bicyclists will finish a fund-raising ride tomorrow afternoon to support cancer research at Columbia Medical Center in Lower WaHi. And Sunday is the big party: the Medieval Festival, right, this year featuring Ukrainian acrobats in addition to jousting and a kids’ costume parade. —7:52 a.m., September 30

Covid decrease The good news is that the rate of Covid infection in Hudson Heights and Fort George last week decreased by nearly two percentage points from the end of August. It stands at 7.51 percent, compared to 9.27 percent last month. The rate could be lower still: In Inwood last week it was 7.27 percent. —7:05 a.m., September 28


Uptown spending Do you know of a park that needs a renovation or a subway station in need of an upgrade? If the improvement would cost at least $50,000, and would last at least five years, submit your idea here. Council Member Carmen De La Rosa has $1 milltion to spend and is accepting ideas for Uptown infrastructure until October 17. —7:16 a.m., September 27


Little Amal The twelve-foot-tall puppet of a ten-year-old Syrian refugee returns to WaHi this morning. You can wait in Highbridge Park to welcome her as she crosses the High Bridge from the Bronx at 11. —7:37 a.m., September 26


Avenue closure We share a name with it, and now we’re sharing construction. Starting next Wednesday, the block of Pinehurst Avenue behind us will be closed to excavate the street to install a new tap to repair the water main and sewerage pipes. The good news is it will be closed only from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekdays, with the work ending October 12. —8:06 a.m., September 25

Weekend picks Discover how a medieval garden was a source of visual beauty and also food and medicine this afternoon in Fort Tryon Park. Two writing workshops for pre-teens and teens start their autumn sessions tomorrow in Hudson Heights: comic books, right, and poetry. Take your yoga mat for an outdoor session in a private garden in Inwood on Sunday morning. —7:11 a.m., Septmeber 23

Autumn arrives With the season changing today, take a few minutes to change the batteries in your smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector. Need help? Ask Pedro. —7:20 a.m., Setpember 22


Fixer-upper Looking for a real estate investment and don’t mind applying a little elbow grease? Pick up a 75' by 157' vacant lot in Inwood for $14.95 million. No word on an open house, but if you stroll up Broadway between Dyckman and Academy Streets you’ll see that constrcution is underway for a 12-story building. As the new owner, however, the sky’s your limit. —7:22 a.m., Septmeber 21


Fall foliage The hot summer—our third-hottest on record—stressed trees across the country and will mute the typically gorgeous colors of autumn. Leaves are already turning brown and crispy across parts of Connecticut and Rhode Island. Here’s a map of expectations. —7:17 a.m., Septmeber 19


Bark park A pet owners’ website named Sir William’s Dog Run the best in Manhattan. The Dodo points out that the run is the city’s largest, and that the dogs’ humans host a monthly coffee meet-up and a Halloween costume contest. —8:48 a.m., Septmeber 18

Weekend picks Do spirits live among us? Go ghost hunting tonight inside Manhattan’s oldest house, in Roger Morris Park. Take in Inwood history tomorrow at the Dyckman Farmhouse, right, which will offer free tours as part of a museum day sponsored by Smithsonian Magazine. The People’s Festival on Sunday afternoon welcomes Little Amal, the twelve-foot-tall puppet that represents the suffering of children in Syria. The festival takes place in the Plaza de los Americas, in Lower WaHi —7:16 a.m., Septmeber 16

Uptown Garrison Firefighters put out a blaze in an apartment above Uptown Garrison, the restaurant on 181st, this afternoon. The restaurant did not answer calls, so we don’t know if it was damaged, but it took 78 firefighters to extinguis the blaze. No one was hurt. —3:11 p.m., Septmeber 15


Mosquito spraying Keep your windows closed tonight: To fight spead of West Nile virus, the city will spray for mosquitoes, which carry the disease. The process will start after 8:30 p.m. and end by 6:30 tomorrow morning. You may hear helicopters, but they will dispense insecticide only over parks. Risks to people and pets are low, though if you have a respiratory ailment please stay inside overnight. (In case of bad weather, it will be pushed to Monday.) 7:20 a.m., Septmeber 15


Medieval volunteers Uptown’s biggest festival attracts over 60,000 visitors to the lawns around the Cloisters. The Medieval Festival imagines a celebration in Europe from near a thousand years ago, and it relies of volunteers who make the magic happen. If you’d like to perform at the event on October 2 event, apply here. —7:47 a.m., Septmeber 13


Covid boosters  The updated Covid-19 booster shot is now available and recommended for ages 12 and older at least two months after your last dose. See With the infection rate in the neighborhood still hight, don’t take a chance. —7:51 a.m., Septmeber 12


Mosquito spraying The city will spray Uptown with pesticides to fight the surge in the mosquito-borne West Nile virus starting Thursday night at 8:30 and concluding by 6 Friday morning. (In case of bad weather, it will be pushed to Sept. 19.) Risks to people and pets are low, but you may want to keep your windows closed and stay indoors Thursday night. —10:01 a.m., Septmeber 11

Weekend picks Get your hooks out and crochet today with friends in Highbridge Park. Tomorrow night you can mark the harvest moon, right, at a traditional Japanese festival, held at a Dutch farmhouse in Inwood. An exhibition of soldiers’ photographs closes on Sunday at the Morris-Jumel Mansion in Roger Morris Park. —7:36 a.m., Septmeber 9

Trash cans With the construction going on, the trash cans are a bit farther away. Please make the extra effort to carry your trash to them and place it inside a bin. When you leave it on the concrete, it’s an invitation to rats to feast. —7:02 a.m., Septmeber 8


Covid increase The bad news is that the seven-day average rate of Covid-19 infection in Hudson Heights and Fort George was at 9.42 percent as of last week, up from 8. 38 percent for the week ending August 12. The good news, if you can call it that, is that the rate is lower than in the surrounding neighborhoods. In Lower WaHi, the rate is 10.02 percent; In Sherman Creek and lower Inwood, it’s 13.79 percent. In the rest of Inwood the rate reached 13.79 percent. Keep yourself safe: If you see someone in the building without a mask, inform Pedro. —7:24 a.m., Septmeber 6


Glass shelves Anyone interested in four glass shelves? Each measures 20 3/4” by 11 1/2”. They were in Rogier’s kitchen on top of other shelves, so he’s not sure how strong they are to hang by themselves. They’re yours for the asking. —8:36 a.m., Septmeber 5


Labor Day  It’s Pedro’s first Labor Day with us, so let’s take the opportunity to thank him for all the work he does for us, around the clock. And if you see a piece of trash lying around this weekend, do him a favor and pick it up. —12:48 p.m., Septmeber 4

Weekend picks Columbia opens its field hockey season this afternoon, hosting Long Island in Inwood. Discover a medieval garden in Fort Tryon Park on Saturday, learning how plants were cultivated for food, medicine, and more. Sunday is your final chance of the summer to get on the Hudson in a kayak, right, with the Inwood Canoe Club. —7:12 a.m., Septmeber 2

Building security In the coming months we will see even more contractors entering the building. They are required to have identification, and most will be wearing vests or shirts with the name of the company they represent. In general, please try to avoid giving access to anyone who does not appear to belong here. If in doubt, suggest that they buzz the apartment the are visiting, or contact their supervisor. And if any problems arise, please call Pedro or Argo rather than attempting to manage the situation yourself.  —7:12 a.m., August 31


Emmy nominee The documentary Coogan’s Way is among six films in the running for a New York Emmy award. Debuting at the Harlem Film Festival in 2021, the documentary tells the story of the famed restaurant in Lower WaHi that became a beacon of the neighborhood until the pandemic led to its closure. There’s no date set for the award winner to be named. —7:03 a.m., August 30

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