Residents’ Information

Classroom closures An outbreak of Covid has closed the Success Academic Charter School at 700 Fort Washington Avenue through Thursday at the least. Two more schools in Fort George are closed, PS 132 through Thursday and JHS 143 all next week. Four schools in Lower WaHi are temprarily closed too. —6:43 a.m., September 18

Weekend picks When’s the last time you went to a drive-in? The New York Latino Film Festival hosts one tonight. Screenings are online, too, for those of us who’ve gone full New York and sold our cars. Mark the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month at Uptown’s hub of Hispanic culture on Saturday afternoon. Share a toast to Uptown’s outdoor jewel at the Toast to Fort Tryon, right, on Sunday evening on the Stan Michels Promenade. —6:58 a.m., September 17

Yom kippur Wishing you and your family a good and blessed year. —8:02 a.m., September 15

Pillow giveaway Care for a couple of pillows the show the color wheel? Jessica has had them at her office, where they’ve barely been used, and she’s now ready to give them away. Also on offer:

2 slanted metal paper/folder organizers
1 paper/folder metal organizer, for horizontal or vertical use
1 two-inch binder
1 one-inch binder
21 plastic pocket sleeves
Just let Jessica know if you’re interested. —7:41 a.m., September 13

Inwood housing Our northern neighbors’ lawsuits successfully limited the growth of new housing to only 2 percent from 2010 to 2020. That’s about to change. Zoning rules will let affordable housing make up a quarter of new buildings, and deals are brewing. —7:16 a.m., September 12


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  • The Pinehurst (Monday, September 06 21 10:22 am EDT)

    Any outdoor plans for the last days before autumn arrives?

Covid-19 Information

In light of the recent surge of cases of the Covid-19 Delta variant, and in response to the CDC’s July recommendation that New York County resume indoor masking, we once again require all residents and visitors to wear masks in the building’s common areas.

     That includes the lobby, elevator, gym, laundry room, basement, and all hallways.

     If it turns out you have the symptoms of Covid-19, inform John at Argo, and notify the Resident Manager before you leave the building or return, so he can isolate you in the elevator.

     Let’s all keep the building safe.

Vaccinated? Sign up for Excelsior Pass so you can show proof whenever you need it.

     Everyone aged 12 and older is eligible. Those who are 17 years old or younger must take the Pfizer vaccine.

     At the beginning of September, in Fort George and Hudson Heights only 61.87 percent of residents have one dose, with 55.98 percent fully vaccinated. In Uptown, 66 percent of residents have had at least one dose, and 77 percent of Manhattanites have.

     Infections are rising again around town, and WaHi’s numbers are growing too. The good news is that the rate of infections in Fort George and Hudson Heights at the end of July remained below the number for Manhattan: 46 per 100,000 compared to 114. Just keep in mind that as recently as June 12, the rate in 10033 was higher than Manhattan’s.

     Follow updates on the vaccine’s availability on the Twitter feed of TurboxVax. In-home vaccinations for those ages 75 years and older, and anyone with disabilitiess, are available by registering for a shot at or by calling (877) 829-4692.

     The state’s plan to distribute the vaccine is posted here.

Application Forms

Download the forms you need, posted here as pdf files. If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, please call our property manager, who can also send you any of these forms through the mail.

Automatic Payment
Never be late again with your maintenance fee. Sign up for automatic payment from your checking account. It’s ideal for travelers. There’s no cost, and with it you’ll never pay another late fee.
ACH Form Scan.PDF
PDF File [132.6 KB]
Bike Rack
Store your bicycle in the basement storage room. Please keep it locked to the rack. To get your rack, fill out this form. (It’s the same as the Storage Cage form, just check the Bike Rack box at the bottom.)
Pinehurst 447 Storage Lease.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [58.4 KB]
Decoration Agreement
If the improvement you’re planning is less extensive than a renovation but you’re still planning to use outside help to complete the job, you may be eligible to use the decoration agreement. It’s less extensive than the alteration agreement (below, under Renovations and Alterations). Before submitting a decoration agreement, please visit with the property manager.
Pinehurst 447 Decoration Agreement.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [223.3 KB]
Renovations and Alterations
Renovations fall into this category. Use this form to submit with your plans. If you believe your work is not extensive, please contact the property manager to see if you qualify to work under a decoration agreement (see above). Mail the completed form to Hedda at Argo, 50 West 17 Street, NYC 10011-5702.
Pinehurst 447 Alteration Agreement.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [19.6 KB]
Sale/Purchase of Apartment Shares
The purchaser should fill out this document to apply to transfer shares from the seller.
Pinehurst 10034_447_fwa purchase_applica[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [687.9 KB]
Storage Cage
If your apartment is too cluttered, store your overflowing belongings in a storage cage in the basement. To get your cage, fill out this document.
Pinehurst 447 Storage Lease.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [58.4 KB]
If you plan to sublet your apartment, your proposed subtenant needs to complete this document.
Pinehurst 10034_447 fwa sublease_applica[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [647.2 KB]

     The documents you will need for some other puposes are available from different web sites. Here are the most popular:


     The gym is closed during the pandemic.



      Have a new best friend? The building welcomes most pets but requires proof of their immunizations and, for dogs, a city license. The house rules outline a pet owner’s responsibilities (at Section 24). If your pet is a pup and you need a dog license, find out how to file the paperwork here. The form needs to be notarized.

Contacting Us

Have a question about the House Rules, or how to get a storage cage? Ask one of your directors. This year they are:

     Jennifer Peng, president

     Riva Hocherman, vice president

     Leslie Thrope, vice president

     Jessica Bendiner, secretary

     Rogier de Boer-Phelan, treasurer

They will be happy to help you.

     While you’re thinking of the building, help us keep your contact information current so you will receive official mail from the corporation and Argo without delay. If you have children moving out or roommates moving in, please tell us. Your information will not appear on this web site. If you do not want it to appear on our internal contact sheet, simply say so.

    The secretary is responsible for keeping our records current, so when you have updates please keep us in the loop. Email using or one of these addresses: For general questions To reach Bud Is where to send your updated contact details Reaches the webmaster
     You can also call John at
Argo at (212) 896-8600 or, if you prefer paper, send a letter to us at 447 Ft. Washington Avenue, No. 68, New York NY 10033.


Delivery Security and Package Pirates

Have you lost a box after it was delivered and before you picked it up? You’re not alone: 90,000 of them go missing in New York every day, and residents in some buildings are protecting themselves.

     It’s terribly frustrating to have a delivery go missing despite our best efforts. If it happens to you, please follow these steps:


1. Ensure delivery confirmation with the delivery service (USPS, UPS, Amazon, etc.).

2. File a police report with the 32nd Precinct at (212) 690-6311.

3. Notify management of your missing package.

4. The police will contact management to obtain surveillance video. As per the House Rules, security camera footage is not provided to residents.


     To keep your delivery from being stolen, here are some tips to protect you. There’s no guarantee they will work, but any of them will help keep your package yours.

• Once your package is delivered, pick it up! The longer you wait, the more likely it is to go missing. And when lots of residents leave their packages uncollected, the space fills up and someone’s package has to be left outside the door, where thieves can prey on it.


• Have your package held at the post office, or sign up for informed delivery from the USPS.


• If you’re going to be out of town for more than a few days, the Post Office will hold your mail if you

sign up for the free service.


• Take advantage of “Ship to Store” option when it’s available. Amazon offers a locker feature that allows you to pick up your package from a secure location, whether near home or work.


• Request signature confirmation for delivery.


• Never buzz in someone whose identity you can’t establish.


• When you see strangers in the building, a friendly “Hello” or “can I help you find someone?” will let them know the residents are paying attention to visitors.


• And if you see a package at a neighbor’s door, you could collect it and let them know you have it.


     A magazine for co-op apartments suggests being aware of restaurant delivery personnel. The Denver Police Department says one effective deterrent is simply asking a neighbor to accept a package for you.

     If you’re clever, you could try what a NASA engineer has up his sleeve for porch pirates, but it involves a lot of glitter and amassing a certain … scent.


Gas Meter Reading

ConEd bills you for the natural gas you use, typically for your range. Your gas meter is probably in your kitchen and looks like the one on the right. ConEd determines your gas bill by looking at those little dials to find out how much gas you used, and for accurate billing prefers to read your meter monthly.

     If you’re home when the gas meter reader knocks on your door, just let him in and he’ll be done in less than a minute. If you miss him more than once, you may receive a letter from ConEd asking for access to your apartment to read your meter. To schedule a visit go to

     Oh, those meters in the basement across from the elevator? They’re for electricity.


General Data Protection Regulation Info

Visitors to this website from the European Union have the protection of GDPR 2016/679 which on May 26, 2016, went into effect.

     Data collected from on are stored on the servers of Ionos, the web hosting service used by 447 Ft. Washington Owners’ Corporation doing business as The Pinehurst. The Controller is the webmaster, who may be reached at, and the Controller’s Representative is the property manager, John Caceci, who may be reached at (212) 896-8600 or at Argo Real Estate, 50 W 17 St, New York NY 10011. The Data Protection Officer is the president of the corporation, Jennifer Peng, who may be reached at

     The data we collect are those submitted voluntarily by shareholders to promote notices of sale of their apartments. There is no requirement to submit any information at any time. We store personal data for the duration that an apartment is for sale; once it is sold we delete it within four weeks of being notified of the sale. If a shareholder revokes permission for us to store personal information we shall delete it within two weeks of the shareholder’s notification.

     We use Google Analytics to review users’ visits to our site. Information from Google is available to us only in the aggragate; we have no access to any information about any individual visitor.

     An individual subject to GDPR 2016/679 has the right to request from the Controller access to and rectification or erasure of personal data or restriction of processing concerning the data subject or to object to processing as well as the right to data portability. Such an individual also has the right to make a complaint the supervising authority, which is The Board of Directors. It may be reached at or at 447 Fort Washington Ave, Apt 68, New York NY 10033.


Grilling in the Parks

Looking for a place to light up a grill? This map shows the safe spots in Fort Washington Park, Highbridge Park, and Inwood Hill Park.

     Grilling on the Pinehurst’s balconies and fire escapes is prohibited by law — not to mention common sense.


House Rules

Our building is a community, as well as our home. Residents share the responsibility to ensure a safe and pleasant quality of life at reasonable cost.  We count on each other to treat all areas of the building as our home, and to protect and respect the rights of all of the Residents to a safe and comfortable home. A set of guidelines helps us achieve these goals.

House Rules
The House Rules are available here. Return the cover sheet to Argo.
Please keep yourself familiar with the information in this document, which is part of your Proprietary Lease. The House Rules will be updated to include the Smoking Policy, which goes into effect on August 28. Until they are revised, shareholders who intend to sell or sublet must include the smoking policy in their sale or lease agreement. A copy of it is below, under “Smoking Policy.”
Pinehurst 447 House Rules with Acknowled[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [605.9 KB]

Hurricanes, Tornadoes, and Severe Weather

Severe weather is an uncommon but dangerous phenomenon. In the summer and early fall, hurricanes may threaten the northeast. If a hurricane is threatening the city, keep on top of this evacuation map.

     Hurricanes are rare but their effects are not. Have a plan in case the weather turns severe.
     The late spring and summer can produce tornadoes. Before you hear of a tornado watch (which means that weather conditions could produce a tornado) or a tornado warning (which means a funnel cloud has been spotted, though it may not have touched the ground yet), please
review these safety precautions for you and your family.
     In short, go to the lowest level of the building, stay away from windows and remain there until the all-clear sign has been given (by the
National Weather Service, typically), and have a first aid kit handy.


Laundry Room

Pay for your laundry with your smart phone. Hercules has an app that connects to the washers and dryers so you don’t have to keep track of a card anymore.

     Download the Hercules CyclePay App from the Apple Store or Google Play for your IOS or Andriod phone. Full instructions on its use are in the chart on the right, which you can doawnload in the pdf below. It’s also posted in the laundry room.

Hurcules CyclePay App
Adobe Acrobat document [1.5 MB]

     During the pandemic, the laundry room is open 24 hours a day except for cleaning between 9 and 9:30 a.m. and 3 and 3:30 p.m.

     We ask you to limit its use to one person at a time and to take your clean laundry back to your apartment to fold so the next person can get in sooner. While your laundry is washing or drying, leave your number on the white board, below, so if you forget your clothes the next person knows who to remind.

Help get the next laundry customer started sooner.
     Para mantenernos a todos sanos, implementamos algunos procedimientos nuevos ayer para usar la lavandería.
    Tengamos solo una persona en la habitación a la vez; Si sale de la habitación mientras lava o seca la ropa, escriba su número de teléfono en la pizarra para que la próxima persona que tenga ropa que limpiar pueda llamarlo cuando termine la suya.
     Cuando la ropa esté lista, llévela a su departamento para doblarla.
     Abrimos las instalaciones de lavandería las 24 horas, excepto cuando la habitación se limpia por las mañanas de 9 a 9:30 y por las tardes de 3 a 3:30.

     Hercules maintains the laundry machines, both the washers and dryers. With our dryers, to add five minutes you must do so when at least five minutes remain in the cycle. If there is less time, you will be given 30 minutes and charged for a full cycle.
     If a machine is malfunctioning, please call Hercules at (800) 526-5760 to inform them so they may repair it. Alternatively, you may send an
e-mail to, explaining the problem and asking for a refund if you lost money. Hercules will need to know:
    BUILDING NAME Pinehurst
    BUILDING ADDRESS 447 Fort Washington Avenue
    LAUNDRY ROOM LOCATION Basement; super required for access
    MACHINE MALFUNCTIONING Take note of the number on the machine, and if you’re asking for a refund, include your apartment number


Maintenance Fee Statements

We welcome you to switch to paperless billing for your monthly maintenance fee.

     If you’ve signed up and chose not to receive paper statement but they’re still arriving, we have a solution. Just send an email to John and he’ll get it straightened out.


Manhattan Maintenance Fees

Our fourth look at maintenance fees across Manhattan neighborhoods is available on the On The Market page. The previous survey, the third, compares fees to those in 2006 and 2008. Want to compare? Download a copy of the 2012 report by clicking on the link below.

     If you’re specifically interested in Hudson Heights maintenance fees, we have that data too:

Maintenance fees in Hudson Heights, 2017
Manh Maint Hudson Heigts 2017.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [47.4 KB]
Manhattan Maintenance Fees, 2012
Adobe Acrobat document [212.7 KB]


Washington Heights is known for its noise. Luckily, Hudson Heights is a bit quieter. However, if you are bothered by loud music, a party, fireworks or other terrestrial sound, please call 311.
     Other noise comes from the skies. Aircraft fly over our neighborhood en route to LaGuardia Airport or on their way to points west.  

     Helicopters also fly nearby, and sometimes seems to hover. If these sounds are bothersome, please call the Economic Development Corporation at (212) 619-5000 with your concerns about helicopters, or for airplanes call (718) 533-5615 and press 3 for LaGuardia.

     In late 2020 a group of Uptowners formed a task force on noise. In the spring of 2021, Council Member Mark Levine came out with a ten-point proposal to address it. One Uptown group, Respectful Decibels, seeks your comments.

NYC Notify

The city has a way to keep you informed of emergency information as well as less-critical topics like parking changes. Sign up to receive notifications by e-mail, text, or phone messages. To stay informed, click here:


Recycling: Electronics

     Discarded electronics make up the largest growth in household hazardous waste in NYC, but you can recycle them instead.

     We have a collection unit in the basement, where you can drop off your unusable items. They will be collected by the city and either repurposed or safely dismantled.

     Your efforts make a real difference. Since we’ve been enrolled in the city’s e-cycling program, we’ve kept 5,667 pounds of digital detritus from landfills as of this spring.

     The city will collect these electronics:

  • Televisions (including cathode ray tubes)
  • Computer peripherals, including any permanently attached cable or wiring
  • Monitors, laptops
  • Electronic keyboards
  • Electronic mice and other pointing devices
  • Fax machines, document scanners, and printers that are meant for use with a computer and weigh less than 100 lbs.
  • TV peripherals, including any permanently attached cable or wiring
  • VCRs
  • Digital video recorders
  • DVD players
  • Digital converter boxes
  • Cable or satellite receivers
  • Electronic or video game consoles
  • Small-scale servers
  • Portable devices, including any permanently attached cable or wiring
  • Portable digital music players

Recycling: Glass, Metal, Paper, Plastic

The Pinehurst is committed to recycling in accordance with New York City's goals. Most paper and plastic (but not all), glass and metal are recyclable in our bins in the garbage area.
     Compact fluorescent light bulbs require special recycling because their contents are hazardous. Also known as CFL’s, these bulbs are typically curly in shape. During the pandemic, the ctiy’s drop-off sites, including the one closest to us in Fort George, are closed and will remain so until July 10, but when they do the only one in Manhattan will be at 74 Pike Slip, between Cherry and South Streets, under the Manhattan Bridge. As an alternative, take your CFL bulbs to a retailer that accepts them, such as Home Depot.
     For more information on CFL recycling,
click here.

     As we live through the pandemic and are dealing with a substantially larger volume of garbage, we are already spending more to manage our refuse. Your assistance will help us keep a lid on costs.

  1. Flatten your boxes when you put them in the recycling area. The picture at right, from October, shows what we want to avoid.
  2. Do not put your recycling in plastic bags. That includes plastic recycling. You can throw it all directly in the bin, which contains special bags that the city accepts.
     Keep in mind: The rules are mandated by the Department of Sanitation. So if we don't do it, Bud will have to spend more of his time on your recycling. If he doesn’t, we pay fines — which come from your maintenance fee. So find the zen of breaking down your boxes. It will save you money, too.
     A medida que vivimos la pandemia y nos enfrentamos a un volumen de basura sustancialmente mayor, ya estamos gastando más para gestionar nuestra basura. Su ayuda nos ayudará a controlar los costos.
    1. Aplana tus cajas cuando las pongas en el área de reciclaje. La imagen arriba muestra lo que queremos evitar.
    2. No ponga su reciclaje en bolsas de plástico. Eso incluye el reciclaje de plástico. Puedes tirarlo todo directamente a la papelera, que contiene bolsas especiales que acepta la ciudad.
    Las reglas son impuestas por el Departamento de Saneamiento. Entonces, si no lo hacemos, Bud habrá dedicado más tiempo a tu reciclaje. Si no lo hace, pagamos multas.

Smoke Detectors

When you replace your smoke detectors, you need to upgrade to a 10-year sealed model. A 2019 state law says that all new or replacement smoke detectors must be powered by the long-lasting battery or be hardwired to your electrical system. If you want to sell your apartment, you will need to upgrade your smoke detectors before the sale goes through.


Smoking Policy

In August 2017 Mayor DeBlasio signed legislation that requires all NYC cooperatives and condominiums to adopt formal smoking policies. The Board will be amending the House Rules to include this policy and any shareholders intending to sell or lease their apartment must also include it in their sale or lease agreement.

Smoking Policy
447 smoking Policy_August2018.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [180.7 KB]

STAR Property Tax Rebate

The STAR rebate grants co-op owners (whose apartments are their primary residences) the same school tax relief that owners of real estate have received for years.
     The credit is changing again this year. Some homeowners remain eligible to receive STAR as a property tax exemption, while others will receive the STAR personal income tax credit and will be sent a check by the state. The distinctions are made based on your income, with the lines drawn at incomes over and under $250,000.   
      If you once received the benefit but no longer do, read these instructions to find out if you qualify again. The credit is not given automatically—you  must apply for it—but if you applied in the past you may not need to do so again.
     This year the deadline is March 15, both for your first application and for renewals.
     Details on eligibility are here. The numbers you may need for The Pinehurst are:
     LOT 87  
     BLOCK 2177

     BOROUGH 1


Subways and Transportation

181 Street: Busway Pilot plan
Increasing the speed of transportation along 181st Street has been a goal of everyone for years. In January, the Department of Transportation presented its plan to Community Board 12. It includes changes to parking (and double parking!) and excludes from 181st Street traffic that isn’t a bus, truck, or emergency vehicle.
You can download the plan here.    
      A previous review from Department of Transportation’s of 181st Street is here.

Interactive Subway Map

     The famous map has been revised and moved online. It shows live updates of train locations, such as the one leaving 181st Street, right.


A Train
Scheduled maintenance is posted
here by the MTA.

The Weekender

     Changes to subway service from Friday afternoon to Monday morning are posted here.

Announcement Archive

In memoriam We pause to honor the departed and those who mourn them. —7:51 a.m., September 11

Weekend picks Welcome college athletics back when Columbia hosts Long Island University for a field hockey match, right, at noon today in Inwood. It’s the Lions’ twenty-fifth anniversary season. Two commorations of 9/11 take place tomorrow afternoon, one in Fort Tryon Park and another in Inwood. Close out the weekend with an outdoor performace from the Isadora Duncan Dance Company on Sunday afternoon in Fort Tryon Park. —7:36 a.m., September 10

Lagging vaccines Know any vaccine holdouts? Some gentle encouragement would help the neighborhood. In Fort George and Hudson Heights, only 61.87 percent of residents have one dose, with 55.98 percent fully vaccinated. In Uptown, 66 percent of residents have had at least one dose, and 77 percent of Manhattanites have. —7:35 a.m., September 8


Kids’ departure Children now make up just 15 percent of Washington Heights' population, compared to 19 percent in 2010. According to Census data, the population of neighborhood kids aged 17 and younger dropped by more than 7,280—from 29,333 to 22,052—in the decade ending 2020. That decline was a bit less than WaHi's overall population loss of 7,695. —7:15 a.m., September 7

Holiday greetings We hope you enjoy your Labor Day to relax with family and friends. And if you’re celebrating Rosh Hashana tonight, our best wishes for the new year. —9:36 a.m., September 6


Grilling spots Go enjoy the holiday with some burgers, dogs, or veggie kabobs. Don’t grill at the building, though: It’s not safe (and prohibited by the FDNY). Just follow this map to a safe grilling spot in Fort Tryon Park, Fort Washington Park or Highbridge Park. —8:33 a.m., September 5

Cleaning up Nearly everything and nearly everyone is still waterlogged. A retaining wall in Inwood, right, at Park Terrace West and 218th Street, collapsed yesterday, and there’s plenty of flooding around Uptown. If you don’t have a mess to attend to, consider asking neighbors if they could use a hand, even if it’s just running an errand for groceries or to pick up a preseription.

     The sunshine is a welcome sight, and as we dry out there are plenty of activities to help clear your mind this Labor Day weekend. Take a look at Uptown events here, and activities for kids.

     And of course, if you have a request, just ask. —8:18 a.m., September 3

Ida: electricity, traffic, damage reporting What a day. Flooding continues on the streets, so avoid unnecessary travel while clean-up continues. ConEd has reduced voltage in areas of northern Manhattan, so please limit your use of washers, dryers, air conditioners, and other energy-intensive equipment. To help track the Ida’s impact, the city’s Emergency Management encourages you to report storm damage using the Damage Assessment Tool, located here. And as always, if you need help, please ask. —3:44 p.m., September 2


Storm emergency A Travel Advisory is now in effect. All non-emergency vehicles are advised to stay off of NYC streets and highways while clean-up continues. If you go out walking, avoid flowing water in the streets. Do you need any help? Please let Bud know.   —6:52 a.m., September 2


Vaccination rate The variants of Covid-19 show that even vaccinated people can be infected, and with the neighborhood’s jab rate, 60.5 percent, below both city’s, at 65 percent, and Manhattan’s, at 75.8 percent, wearing a mask remains a key to your safety.  —6:58 a.m., September 1


Screen time Skip the rain and enjoy visiting the neighborhood from home through one of several films shot in WaHi, or at least with neighborhood cameos. From directors including Alfred Hitchcock and Orson Welles, and in science fiction to documentaries, Uptown takes its place in famous Manhattan settings. We’ve compiled a list toward the bottom of the Arts, Parks, and More page. Have a favorite film to add? Let us know! —1:41 p.m., August 29

Weekend picks In a twist on Tot Shabbat, a kids’ outdoor celebration brings a ukulele and challah together in Fort Tryon Park this morning. Japanese drums, right, return to Isham Park on Saturday night. And the Higher Ground Festival concludes on Sunday night with an online performance. —7:40 a.m., August 27


Fighter jets Two F-18 Air Force jets will fly low over the Hudson River toward the Verrazzano Bridge this morning at 9:30, at an altitude of approximately 2,500 feet. —7:27 a.m., August 26

Mosquito spraying tonight To help control the spread of West Nile virus, the city will spray for mosquitos in Uptown neighborhoods overnight, from Lower WaHi to Inwood. They will use a very low concentration of Anvil, Duet, and DeltaGard pesticides. It’s scheduled to start at 8:30 p.m. and continue until 6 a.m. tomorrow. Staying indoors tonight is the best way to avoid the pesticides, and you may want to switch your a/c to recirculated air. If you come into contact with the spray, wash your skin and clothing with soap and water. —8:23 a.m., August 24

Invasive species If you see one, squish it. The spotted lanternfly, a highly invasive species whose arrival in New York City could spell doom for forests and crops, is living Uptown .They can destroy our trees, so the city asks for help get rid of them. Be especially aware in places where they’been seen::

  • Cabrini Boulevard and 190th Street
  • 349 Cabrini Boulevard
  • In Highbridge Park, near 193rd Street:
  • Fort Washington Avenue between 176th and 177th Streets, with sightings on August 9,

They’re about an inch long. If you see a spotted lanternfly, report it to the Parks Department — even if you can’t stomp on it.  —7:35 a.m., August 23

Storm preparation While we’ll likely miss the worst of it, Henri will bring high winds and more rain. Be ready to stay indoors today. If you need assistance, let us know.  —8:05 a.m., August 22


Henri approaches We could get 3 to 6 inches of rain tonight, along with a lashing that would tear limbs from trees. Make sure your phones are charged, have non-perishable groceries and batteries on hand, and check our information on Hurricanes, Tornadoes, and Severe Weather, below. Once the storm hits, stay inside if you can, and tell Bud of any damage to the building. —7:19 a.m., August 21

Weekend picks The exhibition showing how In the Heights went from Wesleyan University to a blockbuster has been extended through Labor Day weekend. Meet and eat with Uptown’s creatives at an arts cookout tomorrow in Inwood. Enjoy the sweep of jazz styles and history with Marjorie Eliot, right, over the weekend in Roger Morris Park. —7:48 a.m., August 20

Mosquito spraying To help control the spread of West Nile virus, the city will spray for mosquitos in Uptown neighborhoods on Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning. In addition to Hudson Heights, spraying will take place in Fort George, Sherman Creek, Inwood, and Lower WaHi with very low concentrations of Anvil, Duet, and DeltaGard pesticides. It’s scheduled to start at 8:30 p.m. on the 24th and continue until 6 a.m. on the 25th. Staying indoors Tuesday night is the best way to avoid the pesticides, and you may want to switch your a/c to recirculated air. If you come into contact with the spray, wash your skin and clothing with soap and water. —7:34 a.m., August 19


Population change Have you noticed smaller crowds on the A Train? More parking spaces? Probably not, but the Uptown population decreased between 2010 and 2020, according to the Census. Upper WaHi, including Fort George and Hudson Heights, lost 2,315 residents, taking our total population to 72,842. That’s a loss of 3.1 percent. At the same time, the Hispanic population declined 10.7 percent. All of Uptown, from Audubon Park to Inwood, lost 5.1 percent of its population. Last year, 180,178 people lived here. Lots more Census data here. —7:50 a.m., August 18

Mask policy In light of the recent surge of cases of the Covid-19 Delta variant, and in response to the CDC’s July recommendation that New York County resume indoor masking, we once again require all residents and visitors to wear masks in the building’s common areas. That includes the lobby, elevator, gym, laundry room, basement, and all hallways. Thanks for helping keep the building safe. —7:08 p.m., August 16


Covid mortality One out of 311 residents in Hudson Heights and Fort George has died of the new coronavirus disease. As sad as that is, the rates are worse for our neighbors. In Lower WaHi, one in 229 residents has died, and in Inwood and Sherman Creek the mortality rate jumps to one in 197. Please keep yourself safe: we aren’t out of this yet. —11:26 a.m., August 15

Electricity conservation Con Edison is asking New Yorkers to conserve energy to help keep service reliable as the intense heat and humidity continue. Please cut back using energy-intensive appliances such as washers, dryers, and microwaves, especially during the day, unless necessary, and limit unnecessary use of air conditioning. If you have two air conditioners, use only one and set it to the lowest comfortable temperature. —2:50 p.m., August 13

Weelemd picks The Omnipresent Music Festival, right, concludes its debut season with a free outdoor performance this afternoon in Roger Morris Park. Take a step toward learning dance steps from around the world tomorrow evening in Fort Tryon Park, and then stick around for a screening of a film about European refugees trying to escape World War II from Casablanca. Top if off by getting out on the Hudson on Sunday in a canoe! —7:14 a.m., August 13

Crazy layout You’ve seen railroad apartments with astoundinly long hallways and pocket rooms. Maybe you even live in one. But have you seen this WaHi gem? It has more walls than a rat’s maze, and it’s going for $2,950 a month. —7:43 a.m., August 12


Case rate Covid-19 infections are rising again around town, and WaHi’s numbers are growing too. The good news is that the rate of infections in Fort George and Hudson Heights remains below the number for Manhattan: 46 per 100,000 compared to 114. Just keep in mind that as recently as June 12, the rate in 10033 was higher than Manhattan’s. Mask up, and stay safe. —7:54 a.m., August 10


Sales help Did you know that one of the most-visited pages on our website is the one listing apartments for sale? Even when none is on the market, house-hunters find that page to take a look. So if you’re thinking of taking advantage of the recent spike in Uptown apartment prices, let us help you get the highest price by letting us post a link to your listing. —10:17 a.m., August 8

Weekend picks Your chance to view the outdoor murals showing the Latinx diaspora is coming to an end soon, so head to Audubon Terrace today for the outdoor exhibition. Cook with fresh produce from the region around the Hudson Valley and New Jersey when you buy produce at the greenmarket in Inwood on Saturday morning. The Higher Ground festival, right, opens its sixth season Sunday night. Like last year, the dance and music performances will be presented online. —8:04 a.m., August 6

Market uptick Apartment sales are increasing, and in WaHi they are booming. Sales prices jumped 17.5 percent from April to May, according to Street Easy. It’s a small sample, but a good sign for homeowners. Prices in Inwood in the same period were, by contrast, flat.  —7:57 a.m., August 4


Curbside composting The Board joined a list of buildings interested in composted. Once the Sanitation Department gets the sign-up live, which should be some time this month, we’ll be on it. Neighborhood service starts quicker when more buildings join the effort, so if you have friends in our ZIP code pass this sign-up their way. —7:05 a.m., August 3


Masking policy The Board is monitoring updates about masking policies and will share updates soon. Have a comment or suggestion? Share it with us below! —11:14 a.m., August 2


Vacation season Heading out of town this month? Let your neighbors know and Bud, too, so they can keep an eye on your apartment and watch for packages. Reach Bud here. —8:03 a.m., August 1

Weekend picks Take in a film at the Latin Film Market festival in Lower WaHi tonight. Tomorrow afternoon you can take in the Stan Michels Jazz Concert, right, in Fort Tryon Park, featuring Marjorie Eliot and dozens of other Uptown musicians. There’s more music Sunday evening, when classical and jazz performers gather in The Lounge at Hudson View Gardens. —7:26 a.m., July 30

Bed set In the market for a queen size bed? Jessica B. is converting a guest room to a home office and is offering her headboard, frame, box springs and mattress. The headboard and frame are upholstered in charcoal linen. The price is negotiable. —11:12 a.m., July 29


Infection jump The delta variant is pushing up Covid rates Uptown, with Inwood seeing the biggest increase. In the week that ended Friday, Inwood had 2.19 percent of tests come back positive, an increase of 84 percent compared to the third week of June. In Hudson Heights and Fort George, the rate last week was 1.59 percent. The Manhattan neighborhood with the highest infection rate? The Financial District, where 4.79 percent of tests were positive. Mask up! —8:23 a.m., July 28

Monarch arrives The queens of England and Spain have been Uptown visitors, but this year’s first peripatetic monarch is a butterfly. It dropped by the Riverside-Inwood Neighborhood Garden last week for a breather and a snack. The private garden is open to visitors, who this week can see the blooms of purple phlox, mustard daylillies, crocosmia, and echinacea. —10:21 a.m., July 26

Weekend picks Take your kids to a twist on Tot Shabbat, right, for music and challah this morning in Fort Tryon Park. Run the Red Hook race/walk tomorrow morning, which, despite the name, is in Manhattan: it starts at the Dyckman Marina and treads near Jeffrey’s Hook. End the weekend with a concert by the Washington Heights Chamber Orchestra, streamed from the city’s only studio built for classical music. —7:51 a.m., July 23

Dangrous street crossings An academic study confirms what you probably already suspected: crossing Broadway in Uptown can be risky. Between 2001 and 2016, seven pedestrians died while attempting to cross Broadway between 173rd and 185th Streets, according to the study. There are other streets in town dangerous to pedestrians, such as Canal between West Broadway and Bowery, where 15 people on foot died in the same period. You can monitor auto accidents on city streets at —8:05 a.m., July 20


Expecting a packge? It may be here! The package cage is nearly stuffed. If one (or more) of the boxes is yours, please claim it. There are two big packages in there that make it hard to retrieve the others. The sooner you pick it up, the smaller the chance it will go missing. Though we can share your post about that, too. —3:19 p.m., July 18


Ticketing on 181st Now that 181st is an established busway, starting today you can be ticketed $50 for driving on certain portions of it. Private cars are prohibited on 181st from Broadway to Amsterdam for eastbound drivers, and between Amsterdam and Wadsworth going west. The rule applies between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. daily. —7:41 a.m., July 17

Weekend picks Support Uptown musicians at a concert of classical and jazz performers tonight in Inwood. Stroll through Upper Manhattan’s private garden that’s open to everyone and take in Art in the Garden on Saturday, featuring singers, painters, poets, and bees, right. For more music, tune in to Marjorie Elliott’s parlour jazz sesson on Sunday afternoon. —7:41 a.m., July 16

Singaporean snacking A new(ish) restaurant in Lower WaHi continues to garner diners’ attention. Eater NY praises Native Noodles for its chili crab dip and laksa, a Southeast Asian soup. It’s on Amerstdam near 166th, but it’s not a Restaurant Week participant. —9:38 a.m., July 15


Restaurant week Just as in January, the number of Uptown eateries joining the city’s restaurant week promotion (it lasts fives weeks, actually) is tiny. There’s one in Fort George and four in Inwood. It’s up to restaurant owners to take part in the promotion, so you could ask your favorite spot to sign up. There’s still time: the “week” starts Monday and runs through August 22. Here’s a list of participants. —8:41 a.m., July 13

Kid’s easel giveaway Emily is parting with a lovingly used art toy for kids. Blackboard on one side, whiteboard on the other. If you can put it to use (or your kiddo can), let her know before she posts it outside the building. Happy drawing! —7:57 a.m., July 12


181st Street ticketing It’s been almost two months since 181st became a busway, which means faster buses and, soon, the end of ticket-free violations. Private cars are prohibited on 181st from Broadway to Amsterdam for eastbound drivers, and between Amsterdam and Wadsworth going west. The rule applies between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. daily. Starting Saturday, you can be ticketed $50 for driving there, and the fines increase to $250. —7:10 a.m., July 11

Weekend picks Pack up for a night in the forest tonight when you camp with the Urban Park Rangers. Learn about the motivations that led to the artistry in the Latinx murals on Audubon Terrace Saturday afternoon. Find out how George Washington’s sweet tooth (was it wooden too?) and ice cream paired up, and why he named his dog Sweetlips. And keep your eye on the weather. Yesterday was a mess, and more rain is on the way. —7:10 a.m., July 9

Storage area leak Last night’s storm packed a punch and left a bit of water in the storage cage room. If you have any damage, get in touch with John at Argo. —8:42 p.m., July 8


Uptown spending The budget passed by the city council last week includes funding for several nearby projects. P.S./I.S. 87 Hudson Cliffs School will recieve $364,000, and the Yeshiva Univeristy Plaza will get $1,000,000. For the Fort Washington DPR West 186th Street Basketball Court, $710,000, and Row New York’s Sherman Creek Community Dock gets $340,000. —7:38 a.m., July 8


Screening postponed Fort Tryon Park sustained considerable damage from last night’s storm, so tonight’s screening of The Wizard of Oz is postponed. On top of the hanging limbs and other hazards, we have the heat advisory and more storms forecast, so tonight's concert, yoga, and games are on hold. Roads will remain open to allow crews to clean the debris. —2:13 p.m., July 7


Infection decrease Fort George and Hudson Heights had the lowest rate of infections among new tests Uptown in the last week. Our ZIP code had only 0.6 percent of tests come back positive in the week ending Friday. In Lower WaHi it was 0.75 percent, and in Inwood it was 1.08 percent. Keep staying safe! —6:18 a.m., July 6


Holiday continues For those of you with the day off today, we hope you get to relax. And even if your job is to keep the city moving, remember that it’s a holiday for Bud, so if you see some trash around the building please pick it up and throw it away. —6:23 a.m., July 5


Fourth of July Happy Independence Day! We hope you enjoy the holiday. —7:17 a.m., July 4

Weekend picks It’s park weather! Looking for a place to light up a grill? This map shows the safe spots in Fort Washington Park, Highbridge Park, and Inwood Hill Park. You can also take a look at an outdoor display of murals, right, honoring Latin emmigration at the Hispanic Society on Audubon Terrace. While you’re there, take a look at photographs of how Uptown has changed in the last twenty years, on exhibit at Boricua College. —8:22 a.m., July 2

ConEd request Please try to conserve energy and help keep electricity service reliable as the intense heat and humidity continue. Con Edison urges you to postpone using energy-intensive appliances such as washers, dryers, and microwaves unless necessary. If you have two air conditioners, use only one and set it to the highest comfortable temperature. —7:42 a.m., July 1


Delta variant A half-dozen variants of the new coronavirus are circulating among New Yorkers. The delta variant is the most worrisome. It was present in 22.7 percent of people tested for Covid-19 in the week ending June 12 (the most recent data). Stay safe. —8:05 a.m., June 30


Rockets’ red glare More like bombs bursting in air, aren’t they? In the Heights romanticizes Uptown fireworks but they’re outlawed because they’re a nuisance, not to mention dangerous. Call 311 when you hear them. So far this summer, five of the seven ZIP codes with the most fireworks complaints are from Uptown, but ours doesn’t make the top ten. —11:43 a.m., June 28


High heat The summer’s first heat wave is upon us. Check in on elderly neighbors to see if you can help by running an errand. Anyone without a/c can drop into a cooling center today through Tuesday. The closest is Hudson Cliffs School, and others are on the Events page. —6:39 a.m., June 27

Extension Cooling centers will be open through Wednesday evening. —3:56 p.m., June 29

Weekend picks The Daniel Gwirtzman Dance Company, right, premieres three dances in a virtual showcase this weekend, starting tonight. Practice your drawing in a Zoom session tomorrow at the Cloisters. A kids’ baseball league finale takes place Sunday morning in Inwood. —7:48 a.m., June 25

Fort George construction A Brooklyn firm filed permits last week to demolish a parking garage at Broadway and Sherman Avenue. Once they’re approved, plans can go forward to replace the structure with a 20-story building with 272 apartments, at a cost of $190 million. It’s going to look pretty snazzy! —7:11 a.m., June 24


Rabies bait A reminder that on Tuesday the city placed bait try to lure raccoons to take a rabies vaccine. They’re brown packets, resembling ketchup packets, in Fort Tryon Park and Inwood Hill Park. If a pet eats one—the bait smells like fish—it may vomit, but the vaccine won’t otherwise harm it. You should avoid touching the stuff, which can cause a rash. More info here. —3:06 p.m., June 23


Plumbing problem Residents of the 5 line and those using the laundry today experienced an emergency shut-off of their water. The plumbers made the repair so service should be back to normal. Please let Bud know if you’re still having a problem. —6:22 p.m., June 22


Election day Our polling place is Holyrood Church, our the front door and just a block to the right at Fort Washington and 179th. Polls are open until 9 tonight. Get out and vote! —7:39 a.m., June 22


Smoke detectors With summer starting today, take a few minutes to change the batteries in your smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector. Need help? Ask Bud. —6:45 a.m., June 21


Father’s Day All the best to all the dads in the Pinehurst! —10:42 a.m., June 20


Juneteenth Mark the first federal holiday celebrating President Lincoln’s signing of the Emancipation Proclamation at a house that was on the undeground railroad. It’s on Riverside Drive in Lower WaHi, where a historian will share the house’s story while you’re enjoying refreshments. Details on the Events page. —8:14 a.m., June 19

Covid decline More good news: the rate of Covid-19 infections in Fort George and Hudson Heights continues its downward path. Only 1.25 percent of our neighbors in 10033 were infected in the week ending Friday. Compare that to mid-December, when the rate was 7.98 percent. Of all Uptown, only Lower WaHi beats us, with its 0.87 rate. —7:32 a.m., May 11

Infection jump After weeks of decreasing infections in our Zip code, the rate nearly doubled last week to 8.14 percent, from the previous week’s rate, 4.53 percent. Don’t let your guard down! The vaccine will help but we’re not out of the woods yet. —8:20 a.m., March 24

Covid infections The rate is getting worse. Here in Zip code 10033, including Fort George and part of Lower WaHi, 7.98 percent of people are infected, more than the rate for the city, which is 7 percent. In Inwood, it’s even higher: 8.53 percent. Scroll down to find out how to get tested for free and how to find out if you have coronavirus antibodies. —9:11 a.m., December 29

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